5 Essential Items from the IKEAxROG Line for Your Home Office  by@kwidyadari

5 Essential Items from the IKEAxROG Line for Your Home Office

The list: The MATCHSPEL gaming chair has adjustable height, neck, and armrest to keep you sitting comfortably. The UPPSPEL desk is height adjustable and holds up to 70 kg, which is enough for a clean workspace setup. The LÅNESPELARE ring light with phone holder is the accessory to step up your video call game.The LÅNESPELARE mug holder completes the list as the perfect addition for working-from-home essentials.
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Having a good home office that supports your working-from-home productivity is almost like a chef having an excellent set of knives. One can work without, but professionals know having the right equipment enables them to be sharp at work without neglecting the long-term occupational injury (yes, pun was intended).

This year, IKEA teamed up with ROG (Republic of Gamers), a gaming brand from ASUS, to release a line of gaming furniture which targets the gamers market. The furniture ranges from gaming chairs and desks to a ring light that enhances the lighting for streaming.

The timing of the release cannot be more incidental with the new norm of working from home: with this collaboration, IKEA also targets the working-from-home workers by providing more options for furnishing their home office. In this article, I listed several pieces of furniture from the IKEAxROG collaboration line that can be an essential upgrade for your home office set-up:

1. The MATCHSPEL gaming chair,
2. The UPPSPEL adjustable gaming desk,
3. The UPPSPEL drawer unit,
4. The LÅNESPELARE ring light with phone holder,
5. The LÅNESPELARE mug holder

1.   Work and game without breaking your back (and the bank) with the MATCHSPEL gaming chair

The first item I’m going to highlight is the MATCHSPEL, the IKEA premium gaming chair. It has adjustable height, neck, and armrest to keep you sitting comfortably. It also has a mesh back for those who like keeping not only their head cool, but also their back cool even after hours of working. It comes in two colors, black and white, so you can match it with your other home office furniture.

With a price tag of $189 in the US or €149 in the Netherlands, it’s a competitive option that you can consider when you want to upgrade your home office chair.

2. Stand up for your health with the UPPSPEL height-adjustable gaming desk

To me, my workspace is a sacred place. I like to set it up in a way that is clean, simple, and efficient for me when I’m working or studying.

A good sturdy, reliable desk is an essential part of that. I can say the UPPSPEL desk is one of my favourite items from this new IKEA gaming line.

First, it’s sturdy. It holds up to 70 kg, which is enough for a clean workspace setup. It is also height adjustable. My favourite feature of this item is that you can save your preferable desk height up to 4 options. So, if you like to vary between sitting and standing up while working, you can simply click a button and it will immediately adjust its height to standing/sitting height, saving you some time to take your next coffee.

Lastly, it has one USB slot on the height control panel to charge your gadget. The UPPSPEL desk comes with a price tag of $549 (IKEA US) or €499 (IKEA NL).

3. Tidy up your gadgets with the UPPSPEL drawer unit on casters

The next item in this list is the UPPSPEL drawer unit. This drawer unit comes in black and is designed to hold all your gadgets and cables. It also comes with a hanger for your headset, so it doesn’t lie around on your table.

If you're like me who like a clean workspace, this is for you. The fact that it is on castors makes it easily one of my favourite items in this new IKEA line. I can easily move it around and lock it when I want it fixed on a certain spot. The UPPSPEL drawer unit is set at $129 (IKEA US) or €99 (IKEA NL).

4. Step up your video-calling game with LÅNESPELARE Ring light with a phone holder

Anyone who’s been in a virtual meeting knows the struggle of getting good light. These days, good lighting is one on the top list of video calls etiquette.

This makes the LÅNESPELARE ring light with phone holder one of the essential accessories for your home office set-up. It comes with a phone holder, which you can use to hold your phone when you do video calls through your smartphones or when you want to use your smartphone as a webcam (watch the tutorial here).

What I like about this accessory is that you can separate the ring light and the phone holder so that you can adjust the position of these accessories separately on your workspace.

The LÅNESPELARE ring light with phone holder is priced at $34 (IKEA US) or €29.99 (IKEA NL).


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5. Last but not least, don’t forget your coffee (or tea)! The LÅNESPELARE mug holder.

If you’re someone like me, who likes to work with a glass of coffee (or tea), the LÅNESPELARE mug holder is for you. With a clamp that you can attach to your (presumably IKEA) gaming desk, you can customise the placement of the mug holder to your liking, that is easy to reach and safely away from the keyboard and mouse.

It’s cleverly designed with a nook for your mug’s handle. In my opinion, it is the perfect add-on that completes your working-from-home productivity essentials. This mug holder comes at $10 (IKEA US) or € 7.99 (IKEA NL).


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In summary, these are the top five items from the new IKEA and ROG collaboration for gaming furniture that I think are suitable for your home office set-up. As a disclaimer, it is not a review or advertisement, but merely an informational piece so that more people are aware of these options when they’re looking to upgrade their home office set up.

There are more items in this line that I personally like, but I haven’t
mentioned, for example, the CPU stand on castors (IKEA US, IKEA NL) and the pegboard (IKEA US, IKEA NL).

For more gaming furniture from IKEA and ROG collaboration, you can check out IKEA’s official gaming furniture section here for the US audience and here for the Dutch audience.

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