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5 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies Your Business Needs in 2018

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So you have your e-commerce website live on the internet, well done, but what’s next? You need to have a strong marketing strategy that no one can compete with. You need to be visible to your potential customers in order to make a sale. Online store marketing strategy is way different than that of mortar and stone one. A right marketing strategy can make you a fortune.

Let’s have a look at 5 e-commerce marketing strategies that your business needs in 2018.

1. An attractive website which is easy to navigate

Your store is online and thus it has to look attractive to make the 1st impression on your new visitors. Create a website which speaks for itself. The website should have a constant layout for all pages. Don’t choose bright or dark colors to make certain content eye catchy as that may be eye troubling.

A very important thing is to build a website which is user-friendly and easy to navigate. When a customer visits your website, he should be able to easily find the product he is looking for.

Now, being an e-commerce website, your site may have thousands of pages and many more must be added every day. Thus, it is important to manage these product pages. Make sure you segregate products into proper categories and subcategories. Now, once the categories are decided, add links to these category pages in the menu. The menu should have access to all the main category pages and these category pages should lead to product pages.

Your website home page should have accessibility to all the product pages easily either through the menu or through tabs and banners. On the homepage, you can add banners and sliders to flaunt discounts and offers that you are offering.


2. Create Good content

As said, ‘Content is King’. Your website must have good unique content that describes your online store and products. Do hire a good content writer to write content for your website. The content has to be unique, easily readable and informative.

Since you are selling products online, every product should have a product description which specifies every small detail about the product. Add a review section where your customers can rate and reviews your products. Your customers read the product description, checks the reviews, check images of products before making a purchase decision.

Blogging is always a good idea to add content and promote it. You can have a blog on your website wherein you can write blogs related to the products you are selling. Share these blogs on various social media platforms. Blogs can even pull some buyers to your website.

3. Don’t forget SEO

You have a website but what if your customers cannot see it on Google’s 1st page because your competitors have already occupied spaces there? You must be seen in order to get traffic to your website.

If you are thinking that creating a website is enough for your e-commerce business then you are wrong. After the website is developed and live on the internet, it needs to be optimized for search engines. SEO that is search engine optimization makes your website organically visible on search engines. Make sure you identify the right keywords and make a proper use of those keywords into your content. Draft Titles with proper keywords and Meta Descriptions that attracts customers to click on your website. Your website needs both on-page and off-page optimization to make it search engine friendly.

Getting too technical?

Better to hire Ecommerce SEO Agency to work on your e-commerce website search engine optimization.


4. Brand awareness through social media

Your store is new and isn’t popular yet. Thus, you need to work on the branding of your store. Social media platforms are best to start with. Create a business page of your online store on Facebook and Instagram. Also promote your store through LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media portals. Social media is a great place to communicate with your customers and market directly.

Post regularly on your page with attractive images exhibiting your products. Interact with people who comment on your post. Join groups and discussions wherein e-commerce business owners are involved. You can even run some contests and announce giveaways to spread a word about your new online store. Giveaways are always best to increase your page likes and followers, also, your brand will be known to many.

You can even hire Social Media Marketing Experts to do marketing for you as they can bring results faster.

5. Retargeting to bring your customers back

Many customers visit your website and leaves without making a purchase. Now, retargeting will help you to bring those customers back.

Retargeting is a form of online display advertisements where Ads are displayed to your buyers after they bounce from your website. Retargeting tracks your customers to see which products they have recently viewed on your website and when they leave your website, display ads of your product is shown to them when they are browsing on the internet.

For example, if a person has been checking Nike shoes on your website and he hits back to browse something else on other websites, Nike shoe Ad will be displayed to him which on clicking leads him to your website again. Thus, you will get your customer back and this time he is more likely to make a purchase.

Isn’t this, Great?

These 5 marketing strategies are guaranteed to get more traffic to your website. An attractive and user-friendly website will be the 1st impression of your store. Make sure the 1st impression is best. Unique and relevant content can add a lot of value to your website. SEO is a must do the strategy that you shouldn’t skip as it is the only way to rank in Google organically. Make use of social media to spread a word about your new online store. Retargeting should be opted to bring back the lost customers.


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