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5 Easy Ways to Get Video Testimonials from Your Customers

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A video testimonial, as its name itself suggests, is a review from your customers in a video format. The customers share their experiences about your product and services in an audio-visual form. Video reviews are more engaging as they have an emotional appeal attached to them. Video testimonials act as a bridge to cross the trust gap that prospective customers have with your brand. The beauty of the beauty of a video testimonial is that they look authentic and have real stories for sharing.

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Testimonials are a strong way to build customer trust and drive potential customers to your website. However, getting your customers to offer reviews and testimonials for your products and services could be quite a daunting task, especially when you’re seeking video testimonials.

But, it’s not impossible.

If you know how to talk to your customers about testimonials, you can convince them into giving a great video testimonial that will instantly boost your conversion rates.

So, if you’re confused about it, this article has all the tips to help you know how to get video testimonials from your customers.

What is a Video Testimonial?

A video testimonial, as its name itself suggests, is a review from your customers in a video format. The customers share their experiences about your product and services in an audio-visual form thereby helping garner more trust and loyalty and assuring peers in a more effective manner about the efficacy of your services.

Why Video Testimonials Work

It’s a world where trust is rare. Prospective customers will face trust gaps with your company and would be highly unsure about your products and services. They’ll look for means that would assure them that they can expect good service from you. Video testimonials act as a bridge to cross the trust gap that prospective customers have with your brand.

Statistics reveal that 95% of customers go through reviews before making a purchase decision. Video reviews are more engaging as they have an emotional appeal attached to them.

Video testimonials work because they tend to tell a story. The prospects can see someone else having a great experience with your brand and such stories sell instantly thereby offering you the much-needed conversions that lead to boosted sales and profitability.

5 Ways to Get Video Testimonials from Your Customers

As important as customer testimonials are, it’s not easy to get them, especially video testimonials. You can come across objections like “I don’t have the time to create a video”, “I am not comfortable on a video” or “I wouldn’t know what to say” and the like. Alternatively, the customers may share a low-quality video that doesn’t really serve your purpose.

So, you can understand the work it takes to get customers to give a good quality video testimonial that you can use to appeal to your prospects and leads. However, knowing the right tactics to get video testimonials from customers helps. So, here we are, sharing five easy and quick ways to get video testimonials from your customers.

These tactics will work like a charm, and you’ll have more leads coming in no time at all.

1. Communicate with Customers Directly

Personal communication is the best way to meet your requirements. This is true with video testimonials too. Your customers will appreciate that you directly talked with them about the testimonial.

You can simply send an email about sharing a video testimonial. Make sure that you’re making the customer feel special in the email and that the email connects personally and emotionally with the customer.

A better option yet would be to send a video email. This way your customers would become more comfortable in sharing the video and your chances of response on the email and video testimonials coming in will increase.

Remember that you need to convince the customers for sharing their videos. Some people are more comfortable with the camera than others. So, you need to identify such customers and send emails accordingly.

You may also need to work on the videos you receive in terms of the quality of the videos and the stories being shared. The beauty of asking customers directly for the video testimonials is that they look more authentic and trustworthy because they’re raw and customers have shared their real stories and experiences in them without altering any details at all.

However, such raw videos may not have the desired video quality in terms of visuals and audio. You may also have to cut out and edit a few things to make sure that everything is as per your requirements.

Another important factor in resorting to this tactic for getting video testimonials is that you need to have proper staff for customer outreach and management.

Once you have all these things figured out, asking your customers directly for video testimonials works out without you having to face many objections from them.

2. Include a Video Testimonial Clause in the Contract

When you’re entering into sales agreements and contracts, businesses are always on the lookout for discounts and offers. They’ll want to make you go down on the prices as much as they can.

Now, offering discounts makes sense if you can get something in return from these businesses, especially when they’re large businesses with huge buying powers and niche positions in the marketplace.

Here, putting in the clause that the businesses would help you with your marketing activities and initiatives makes sense. However, having businesses do good on that promise is an essential thing to consider.

You can discuss your needs with them. They could talk about your business in their marketing promotions, seminars, releases, etc. At the least, getting a video testimonial is something you could do.

You can simply add a clause that the customer will share a video testimonial speaking about their experience with the company in return for some discounts that you’re offering.

Any business would never give in to anything without getting something in return. You need to follow that principle too. The least you can get is an appreciation for a service that you’re offering at a discount for the sake of better customer relationships.

3. Offer to Interview Customers

Interviewing your customers for video testimonials is a great way to get quality videos that you can use for the best leverage. When you offer to interview your customers for your service or product feedback, they get the notion that you care for their experiences.

Moreover, when you share their experiences with others, they feel special as a customer, and you instantly build a good customer relationship that is full of customer loyalty and trust.

The video testimonials you get by interviewing your customers are also more natural and engaging. As the customers talk about their experience with you, you can create a story that sells and brings conversions from other prospects as well.

You may have to edit the interviews as per your needs and spare time for taking such interviews, but everything pans out to be bringing more business and profitability. Such one-time interviews offer an opportunity to make more customers in the long term.

4. Approach Customers in Live Events

Live events are a great opportunity to get your customers to share their experiences with your company. You can simply approach the customers and ask them a few questions while taking their permission to record them.

This method particularly works if you have large businesses in your clientele that often decline to share testimonials if you approach them in any other manner. When you approach them at live events, they’d most probably agree to give a quick video and you can edit the video for later and assure them that there’s nothing wrong with posting the video.

However, how you approach the customers at these events will matter a lot. Not many people are open to sparing their free time during an event to create videos for you. So, you’ll have to approach tactfully and assure the customers that it will not consume much of their time.

The best options are to have your video set up ready, have some questions handy, and be quick with the entire process in a way that the customers are in and out before they know.

What events you choose for approaching the customers for a video testimonial is also essential. You don’t want to come out creating the impression that the event is only for the sake of testimonials. Everything must flow naturally at the event and your customers must get value from what they’re attending.

5. Create a SPIFF Program

Putting your employees up to the task of securing the testimonial videos from the customers is also a good approach. However, you need to ensure that your employees are taking the task seriously.

What you need to understand here is that there’s already a lot on your employees’ plates and they would not be up to taking on any additional responsibilities. So, when you’re handing them the task of securing testimonial videos from the customers, which is a daunting job, you need to assure them that they’ll get incentivized for it. This is where a SPIFF program comes into the picture.

A SPIFF program is mainly created for the sales team of the company where the sales reps get commissions based on the sales they make for the company. So, for video testimonials, the SPIFF program would work on the basis that the employees get an incentive of some value, whether monetary or otherwise for every customer they convince for a video testimonial.

Offering such incentives to the employees would put them more dedicatedly to the task. You simply need to ensure that you’re creating the program for the right individuals. The customers will not be open to talking to anybody. They need to be comfortable with the person who’s asking for their videos. So, how employees approach their customers needs to be kept in check.

You want to ensure that the salesperson directly connected and coordinating with the customers is approaching them for their video testimonials. This way there will already be an established customer relationship and the chances of customers agreeing to the request will be higher.

The sales reps also need to understand the correct tactics to ask for video testimonials. Being casual with the tone is essential. You don’t want to sound desperate for the testimonials nor do you want to make the customer feel uncomfortable.

Adding it as an afterthought seeking whether the customer would be comfortable sharing their experience with the company’s product or service would do the trick.

In any case, the SPIFF program works like a charm with multiple employees in your organization bringing in the desired video testimonials from the client accounts they’re handling.

Platforms that Help in Collecting Video Testimonials from Customers

We are surrounded by technology, and you’ll need it to take video testimonials from the customers. Be it camera set-up, approaching the customers for video, or anything else required for getting video testimonials from the customers, some platforms are always helpful with the process. Let us discuss some of the best platforms that you can leverage to the best of your benefit.

1. VocalVideo


Vocal Video is one of the easiest tools to get video testimonials from anyone at any time. The tool helps to collect, edit, share, and host video testimonials and increase your chances of making more conversions.

Your customers can directly make the videos on the app and share them with you. The tool also comes with multiple templates that you can use to customize and edit the videos. You can also ask questions within the templates and make it easier for your customers to record their testimonials.

There’s almost every feature that you’d need to create a good and shareable video with options to add themes, brand logo, background music, subtitles, etc., and the ability to edit and customize the testimonials as you like.


Free Plan - $0/month with limited features

Team Plan - $99/month

Pro Plan - $299/month

2. Visme

Visme is not simply a video creation tool, but it’s a complete workshop for the creation of multiple types of content. With simple usage functionalities, Visme helps you create the most amazing customer testimonial videos.

It has multiple templates to choose from and the features are such that seasoned and beginner designers and video editors, both can use the tool alike without any difficulties or hassles.


Basic - Free

Personal - $12.25/month

Business - $24.75/month

Enterprise - Custom Pricing

3. Canva’s Video Editor


Canva’s free online video editor allows you to create engaging videos (including video testimonials) on the go using thousands of fully customizable templates, with no software installation required.

You can edit videos that look awesome and professional on any platform — whether it’s on a widescreen, tablet, or mobile device.

It allows you to upload and manage your media clips, add text, transitions, and graphic elements, as well as include music, audio tracks, sound effects, and more.


Canva Free - $0/month

Canva Pro - $12.99/month

Canva for Teams - $14.99/month

Are You Ready to Boost Your Conversions with Video Testimonials?

Customer testimonials are the best way to conduct proof-based marketing. Getting video testimonials from the customers could be quite daunting, however, knowing the right tactics makes the process easier.

We hope this article was helpful in giving you the idea of getting video testimonials from your customers and that you’re all set to boost your conversions by sharing excellent video testimonials.


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