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5 Cool React Admin Templates for Bootstrap Dashboards in 2021

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I’m a content marketer and researcher at MobyThemes with 4 years of experience in the technology universe.

This article has a list of the most powerful React Bootstrap admin templates to create quick dashboards.

In today’s competitive landscape, building, and designing a unique and attractive web app doesn’t need to start from scratch. If you get a solution that provides ready-made and pre-defined templates, why would you want to go the extra mile? 

All these tools provide flexible and extendable designs, also providing customization tweaks and other options that you’d like to use. Moreover, you don’t need to deal with all programming complications and plugins by yourself. What’s even cooler is that users will find ideal react admin templates that will fit all your web app design and development needs. 

React Admin Templates List


1. Skote

Skote is a cost-effective react admin template that gets you in the right direction if you’re looking to create an admin for your new or existing application. This template has heaps of practical pages, UI components, layouts, etc. to mix and match and go from there. 

Moreover, you’ll also find 8 different layouts, RTL, dark and light modes. The react admin template also includes Bootstrap 4, data tables, three styles of charts, firebase authentication, and more. Users will also enjoy free lifetime updates.

2. Endless

Endless, just what it means, gives you unlimited options to create attractive web apps. This React template is based on a well-liked and popular Bootstrap framework that will help you to create an admin panel that will run and operate seamlessly on all the devices. 

In addition, you can also choose from a number of dashboard designs. You’ll have dark and semi-dark modes at your disposal and more than 40 customization options including slider, search bar, file uploading feature, and many more. If you want to do a project quick and fast, Endless is the right option for you. 

3. Poco

If you on a hunt to look for a solution that provides you with something different, you must check out Poco. Among all the best React admin templates on the list, this one has the most different and catchy designs. 

Out of the box, a user can select from 3 different dashboards; crypto, eCommerce, and default. This advanced template also provides an array of goodies that you create amazing admin panels. 

4. Moby

With the right templates, you can definitely boost your workflow through the roofs.  Today, we are all about the powerful amazing, and yet simple to use React admin templates. Thanks to Moby, a spectacular tool that provides extraordinary react templates to help you kick-start something great. 


Moby brings a wide range of features and options to find the ones that resonate with your taste and interest. Some of the core features of Moby are Bootstrap, a fully-featured admin UI Kit, react UI kit, unique demos, etc.

5. Cuba

One of the powerful and all-around React admin templates that comes with multiple variations. If you are looking for solutions that have a wide range of features and customization options, Cuba will treat you right. 

With the advanced features, you can easily rock a clean and creative look. It also creates an amazing RTL version and adapts to all types of different applications without a hitch. Map, chat, gallery, React Hook, drag and drop, drop-downs, and much more – Cuba has it all for you. 

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by Ellie John @elliejohn. I’m a content marketer and researcher at MobyThemes with 4 years of experience in the technology universe. Read my stories


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