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5 Cool Python Project Ideas For Inspiration

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In the past few years, the programming language that has got the highest fame across the globe is Python. The stardom Python has today in the IT industry is sky-high. And why not? Python has got everything that makes it the deserving candidate for the tag of- “Most Demanded Programming language on the Planet.” So, now it’s your time to do something innovative.


1. Colour Detection

“Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color.”

Playing with colors is always fun and this Python project is meant for the same. But this time playing with colors will teach you some of the most important concepts of Python. Knowing the colors would now be easier. Because the name of the color is just a click away. Wonder how?

This project lets you build an application using Pandas and OpenCV, that identifies colors when you click on them. A dataset that contains the color name and its values is used for the same. SOURCE CODE: Project in Python — Colour Detection

2. Chatbot

“You’ll never get caught, coz now you have a chatbot”

One of the biggest revolutions for all the customer-oriented industries is that of chatbots. Chatbots have made their life easier. But what actually a chatbot is? Theoretically, a chatbot is an intelligent piece of software that has the capability of communicating and performing actions similar to a human.

From Apple’s Siri to Amazon’s Alexa, top companies from across the globe are now bound to chatbots for differnt purposes. And what’s behind this revolution? It’s Deep Learning again. This will be implemented using the Deep Learning concept of LSTM and Python’s NLTK and Keras. SOURCE CODE: ChatBot Python Project

3. Image Caption Generator

“A picture attracts the eye but caption captures the heart.”

Soon as we see any picture, our mind can easily depict what’s there in the image. But this isn’t the case when we talk about computers. To train computers so that they can identify what’s there in the image seemed impossible back in the time. But, it is possible now.

This is made possible by a couple of advanced Deep Learning techniques of Convolutional Neural Networks(CNN) and Long Short Term Memory(LSTM), a type of Recurrent Neural Network together. This can be crucial if you aspire to have a career in the Machine Learning field. SOURCE CODE: Generate Caption for Images with the help of Python

4. Tic Tac Toe Game

‘Coz you should never let the child inside you die.

In the world full of PubG and Call of Duty, we are here to bring your childhood’s most played game, Tic Tac Toe, back to you. You will through this project get a chance to relive your childhood. Because it’s time to get nostalgic.

This Python project will take you back to the good old days and in the meantime, you will lay your hands on one of the coolest Python libraries, which is pygame. A project that excites you and will let you enhance your Python skills. SOURCE CODE: Tic Tac Toe Game Python Project

5. Driver Drowsiness Detection

“It’s time to deal with drowsiness & get rid of your carelessness.”

One of the major and probably the worst causes of human deaths is accidents on roads. It just gives you nightmares when you hear about any of such death incidents. So, what are the reasons behind such tragic incidents? Are we not concerned about it? Among the reasons, the major one is the drowsiness of the driver.

So here we are with a solution to tackle this issue. A drowsiness detection device in your vehicles that alerts you when you feel sleepy. The images for the same would be gathered by using OpenCV and then fed into the Deep Learning model for classifying whether the person’s eyes are ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’. SOURCE CODE: Drowsiness Detection System using Python


The projects we have discussed are some of the bestPython projects you can do in 2020. If you are newbie these projects will help you to boost your knowledge, skills, and confidence. If you heven't yet started with python then check out these Python Cheat Sheet to learn python for free.


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