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IoT is not a term which has eased down the daily work schedule of our routine, but it is more of the creativity which would help us to experience the technology through the hands of IoT.

In this post, some of the essentials which have helped the different businesses, are discussed herewith, which can help them to improve their efficiency, productivity and product reach.

It is predicted that by 2020, the Internet of Things IoT solutions will consume more than $6 trillion

IoT technologies would help the businesses to improve functions and allow the consumers to share their feedback and other opinions through this new technology, letting the business owners monitor shortcomings, bugs and any other hurdles in the path of successful business path effortlessly.

The IoT shall help the business owners to increase the accessibility of the manufacturer to serve the consumers efficiently. With IoT, the overall organizational productivity would get an immense boost. The IoT enabled smarter cities would decrease the traffic and consequently would cause better and faster commuting.

If your business picks the IoT services within its business mechanism early, then ultimately you receive the edge over your competitors, which would help your products to get the attention of the users. It goes without saying but the very integration of efficient IoT enabled mobile app solution, you would help your business to cross the odds of competition and can help your business to reach the pinnacle of success.

But this can only be feasible once you decide to give a shot of latest technologies to your business through a leading app development company in the USA, which would have the required exposure and the experience to merge your business services with the IoT enabled services.

5 cool examples of Internet Of Things applications:

The very mention of the technology to us sparks the chord within the brain, and there is a breakthrough of creativity and innovation in our mind, which only speaks that technology has brought the relief in our lives, which is inexplicable and enigmatic.

In this run, the effect of IoT technology only makes the experience much better and it turns out to be satisfactory enough to know that with the help of IoT technology, we can access, manage and control the devices, gadgets and other objects sitting miles away from the destination.

What is IoT???

Just to commence with IoT is the abbreviation of the internet of things, which is referred to the network of objects, which has a unique IP address & is connected to the internet. On being connected these objects are further connected to the internet and help the objects to communicate with each other through the internet.

The benefit of IoT technology is expanded to a new level of accessibility which reduces the unpleasant gap between the physical and digital world and helps to improve our quality of life.

Worth to mention that IoT technology has affected the number of industries, which in return has captured the larger number of audience, and this usage is going to build up in numbers in the near future.

Let’s take a look at some of the prominent industries that are getting
the IoT applications in their business model, and attaining the huge benefits:

1.) IoT Enabled Healthcare system:

With the IoT enabled system and equipment, it is much easier to monitor and capture the patient’s health data. This leads to offer the required medical services to the users or patients without any delay.

So now you can analyze how the IoT enabled services to bring a change in our lives through the services we receive from different industries. Undeniably by using the IoT applications, it is exciting to access the smart parking, traffic congestion, intelligent transportation systems, smart roads, and there is a lot more which is included in to make our lives perfect.

2.) IoT and Wearable:

The wearable technology comprises of the wearable device, which can be worn on the body and it includes powerful sensor technologies, which provide information about their surroundings.

3.) IoT enabled Smart Homes:

Indeed IoT has affected the residential and commercial space to a large extent. With IoT, users can access the smart home facilities such as smart heating system, refrigerators, connected security cameras, and lighting.

It helps the users to conserve the energy and energy can be secured, controlled and monitored in different ways.

4.) IoT in Manufacturing:

The Industrial Internet of Things or IoT allows the users to take the benefits from the machine learning, big data technology, sensor data, machine to machine communication and automation technologies for seamless manufacturing services.

Worth to mention the IoT lets the manufacturing companies understand the problem and find out the solution through the business intelligence efforts.

5.) IoT Makes Smart Cities:

The term technology stands for comfort, convenience, and more productivity in less time, since the inception of IoT the dream of smart cities is able to be conceptualized effortlessly.

The common day-to-day issues faced by the laymen can be reduced to the least workload with the help of IoT. For instance: users can access the smart surveillance, smarter energy management system, automated transportation, water distribution, and the security and safety can be resolved which is in highest demand.

Although it is also equally important that you get developed the IoT enabled mobile apps through a leading mobile app development company like Techugo, which has every required technical experience and the exposure to help your IoT enabled the mobile app to grow and your business to receive more revenue.

How IoT would Transform the App World?


Indeed the number of the changes technology has brought in our lives is beyond imagination and can never be replaced by any other technology-related benefits offered to us. But as we know the technology is in constant up-gradation mode, in order to serve us better with the best possible services, so expecting a lot from the technology is nothing uncommon.

The latest or let’s say most popular technology app technology has also helped us to shape and view our requirements in a unique way, which no other technology has ever done before, but as suggested that  technology is in the constant update mode, which would be bringing the most never expected technologies to come along with the mobile app technology.

IoT or Internet of Things is gradually turning into a household name and is gaining a larger number of users to stay attached to it. Surprisingly one of the biggest transformations brought by the IoT technology is the way it shaping up the future of the mobile app industry.

Undeniably the number of changes IoT technology is going to bring to the mobile app industry is worth to be noticed and has crafted an ecosystem, wherein a series of new opportunities are created for the humans, such as: Enhanced connectivity, through which a user can operate any device from anywhere with just a tap on his/her Smartphone. Crafting smart cities, where the user can simply tap on a Smartphone app to handle those objects, which earlier required the physical touch to operate.

Undeniably the integration of IoT technology would bring the immense comfort to us, where we can operate, manage and handle the different devices of our daily usage with just a tap on our Smartphone, but this is very much possible with a mobile app only. But no prize for guessing, if your mobile app is not developed by one of the top mobile app development companies, then even if you have the best-of-the-world features in your app, it can never gain popularity.

How to get an IoT app?


It all starts with the product discovery phase, which is the very first step to help you lay a solid foundation for app development. Here you must include the functional specification, UX/UI design, and a visual prototype, to attain the much clearer vision of the end product. Although, on the other hand,  an average, IoT app consumes around 4-5 months to develop, depending upon the number of features and functionalities included.

Essentials you need to consider before development:

1.) Get a full scope of work and create the project road-map    

2.) Set a realistic budget as per the MVP     

3.) Understand the users’ acceptance using a visual prototype

4.) Hire a team of experts

If you’ve decided to craft a reliable and powerful IoT product, then you must know that it never comes into existence with a random team, but you need a team of professionals, who hold the prior experience of developing a successful training technological solution.

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by Harshit Ameta @harshit-ameta.Digital Marketing Head at WebCluesInfotech.com | Helping many companies to rank higher in Search Eng
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