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48 Stories To Learn About Android Development

by Learn RepoApril 2nd, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Android Development via these 48 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Android Development via these 48 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. How to Sign Android APKs with Apache Cordova: A Brief Guide

A short article on how to easily and correctly sign your Cordova Android APK.

2. How to Make Splash Screen in Android

Hello World, Today we are going to see how we can make a beautiful Splash Screen in your Android App.

3. How to Customize RatingBar Component in Android

Custom Rating Bar in Android

4. Launch Your Career As An Android Developer

As mobile apps connect more of the planet, and enable users around the globe to engage in more interesting and innovative ways

5. Why React Native Framework is a Preferred Hybrid Mobile App Platform

Cross-Platform Frameworks have gained popularity over Native mobile development over the years. The primary advantage in using Cross-Platform development approach is that it saves time and reduces development expenses as it uses the same code across Android and iOS platforms.

6. How to make Gradient Toolbar and Status bar in Android

Hello there, Today we are going to learn how we can make an amazing custom toolbar with gradient effect and also apply the gradient to the status bar like below

7. Developer Career Path: To Become a Team Lead or Stay a Developer?

by Oleg Sklyarov, Fullstack Developer at Skyeng company

8. Creating a Grouped Bar Graph using Jetpack Compose

How to create a grouped bar chart with Jetpack Compose

9. How to Import an Existing Project in Android Studio

In order to start configuring, you need to install the Android studio and the 'Java SE Development Kit'. First download the android studio from here: Android Studio.

10. How To Create A Simple Event Bus in Android

EventBus is the number 1 event library for android and java. EventBus uses the publisher and subscriber pattern for loose coupling which means the possibility of errors will be less. EventBus simplifies the communication between different components for example communications between different levels of activities or even services. You need very less or no setup to use EventBus in your existing project.

11. Building a Raspberry Pi + ESP32 Drone: My First Steps Into Robotics

A journey from a web developer to a drone maker, with all of the problems and solutions that come with making a drone using a Raspberry Pi and ESP32.

12. What is CardView in Android?

Hello World, Today we are going to see what is cardview in android and what it’s advantages.

13. Design Your Own Shimmering UI in 25 Lines of Code with Compose

Shimmering is present in almost all applications that have networking. Here's how to do it in Compose.

14. How to Make Big Money as an Android Developer

I’m going to give you some useful hints on how to advance your skills and get hired for your dream job as an Android app developer.

15. Android CodeView Introduction: How To Create Code Editor Application

Hi I am Amr Hesham a Software Engineer, I am interested in Android Development and Compiler Design 😎

16. Android Material Component: Toolbar vs DisplayCutout

With Android 9 (API level 28), Google officially started supporting what’s famously known as the notch, a cutout display at the top (because the last two years were the years of the notch?). I can’t claim that but with the notch support, most of the brands came out with their version of a cutout display and with that, we as developers need to think about yet another edge case, especially if we’re working with a completely immersive experience.

17. Top 10 Android Studio Tips and Tricks for Faster Development

Android Studio has some functions you probably do not know. So, I am sharing the top 10 Android Studio Tips and Tricks.

18. Did VOLD-emort Just Kill My App?

I have been playing around Android OS for a while and this post is one of the learnings I wanted to share. The misleading yet catchy title still points to the essence of this post - yes, we are going to talk about the VOLD demon. Sorry *daemon.

19. Introducing Flutter Audio

We’re big fans here at Evrone of Google’s Flutter SDK for building Android and iOS apps, but when we were building Medcorder, we ran into a problem: there wasn’t a way to record speech using the Google-provided APIs. The client who we were developing Medcorder for came up with the idea of the development of the audio recording plugin as an open source contribution. So, we built an audio recording plug-in for the project!

20. How to Create Your Own Google Call Screen Using Twilio

Google Call Screen for Android helps users to combat robocalls. Apple has its own feature in iOS 13 that allows users to send unknown callers to voicemail. While this feature is nice there is one glaring issue. The problem is that sometimes the user is expecting a callback and does not want to send the caller straight to voicemail, such as a call from a recruiter, delivery driver, Uber/Lyft driver and etc. To help solve this issue, I have created my own call screen solution using Twilio Studio and Node-Red.

21. Why You Should Build your First Android App in Java

From genomics to space exploration, from robotic controllers to reverse compilers, Java is at the nucleus of the technology juggernaut.

22. Scheduling A Periodic Background Job Using Android Work Manager

Here we explain how to use Work Manager in Android to schedule a synchronized periodic background job.

23. The Central Declaration of Dependencies for Android Developers

A version catalog is a replacement for the previous patterns, supported by Gradle, without the drawbacks of the previous approaches.

24. Understanding Android to bits and bytes [Part 1]

Often times as engineers we end up spending way more time and focus in writing high level code for our application. Write code and click the Run button - something happens and the app gets installed on the device.

25. Guide to Firebase Cloud FireStore Database in Android

Hello World, today we are going to see how we can make a todo app using a firebase cloud firestore database. The Firestore database is a very flexible and scalable NoSQL database to make our development very fast. Firestore is very easy to use in android.

26. Fundamental Coroutine Aspects in Kotlin

Coroutines are lightweight threads providing better use of apps they are operating on.

27. Understanding Fragments in Android: Part 3

In this article, we will analyze the interesting points of the animation Fragment API.

28. A New Android TreeView Implementation

The main goal is to make TreeView easy to use, customize and extend almost without limitation and to be up to date with the new android versions.

29. The Effect of Multiple Switching to and From Compose on Application Performance

In this article I want to evaluate the impact on performance of multiple switching from xml to compose and back.

30. Android CI/CD Boilerplate for Publishing via Fastlane

Stop publishing your Android apps manually and start doing this fully automated at any stage with the boilerplate for building a CI/CD pipeline for Android.

31. Understanding Fragments in Android: Part 2

In this article, we will analyze the interesting points of the Fragment API, I think that it will be of interest to all developers who develop an application.

32. Intent Mechanism in Android

The foundation of learning programming for Android is basic categories.

33. Understanding Fragments in Android: Part 1

A fragment can have its layout file, fragments have their lifecycle. A fragment exists in the context of activity and has its life cycle;

34. Overview of Android Networking Tools: Receiving, Sending, Inspecting, Mock Servers

Overview of Android Networking Tools: Receiving, Sending, Inspecting, Mock Servers

35. What to Expect in the Android 11 Update

Google with its Pixel event and launch of two new phones, started rolling out the latest Android 11 OS. Like always, the Pixel phones are the first ones in getting an update and the rest of the devices will get the updates based on their OEMs and how they optimize the new OS for their respective devices.

36. How to Cut Down the Size of Android Apps During Development

ndroid App size is one of the biggest factors that can affect your app’s install and uninstall metrics.

37. What are the Leading Android Frameworks for App Developers

To help you in selecting the right Android framework for projects, we made a list of the best Android Frameworks that you may use for Android app development.

38. Implementation of Turtle Graphics for Android

39. The Easy Way to Create Adapters for Your Next Android Project

Learn how to create any type of adapters in android easily with a lot of customization.

40. Noonie Nominee Akshay Rana is a Self-Taught Programmer

With the Noonies, we hope to highlight some of the best minds in tech, regardless of formal education levels or what company you work for.

41. Android CodeView: How To Highlight Text And Where You Can Apply It

New ideas about how to use the Android CodeView library easily to do implement features that can be used in any app not just Code Editor's or IDE's

42. Best Android Tools to Work With Databases

Here's a list of the best tools and libraries for database handling in android development.

43. Is Android Platform the Right Decision to Make a Business More Successful

Is Android a better way to step into mobile development for your business? What are real advantages it offers over iOS and are they really important?

44. 5 Great Java Courses for Android Developers

They are definitely the top notch in Android development for now. Let’s make it easy for you and review some beneficial courses for future Android developers.

45. How to Customize Buttons in Android

Hello, Today we are going to see how we can customize the button in android. We will see how we can make a rounded corner button with background color and also see how we can gradient to the button.

46. Android vs Apple: HackerNoon Debates

In this slogging thread, the HackerNoon team weighs in on the Apple vs Android mobile phone debate. We discuss the benefits of both brands and which is better.

47. A Guide to Building Custom Switches in Android

Hello World, today we are going to make a custom switch. Why? Because the default one looks so boring and ugly. Why we use a switch? As the name suggests, the switch is used to trigger the value either it is on, or it is off. Let's see, how our custom switch will look at the end of the tutorial.

48. Building Dark Mode Theme in Android

Hello World, today we are going to see how we can implement a dark theme or night mode in our android application. This tutorial is going to be very simple and easy to understand. The dark theme is attractive to users and it is comfortable for low light conditions.

Thank you for checking out the 48 most read stories about Android Development on HackerNoon.

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