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46 Stories To Learn About Chatbot Development

by Learn RepoApril 11th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Chatbot Development via these 46 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Chatbot Development via these 46 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. What I learned from building a chat project with and React

Well, after some I did some search on Google, I found an article with a developer who had the same issue. One and the awarded response was to use socket.

2. 8 of the Best AI Chatbots for 2023

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, chatbots are becoming a practical tool in the business world. This is good news for many companies, as chatbots can increase engagement, revenue and ROI. The potential of artificial intelligence is there to be harnessed, and AI-powered chatbots are examples of the effective usage of the technology. However, choosing a chatbot can be overwhelming. Let's take a look at the most popular AI chatbots currently on the market.

3. My Top 4 ChatGPT/AI Chatbot Tools

This tool has replaced Google for me...

4. How we built ToDoBot for Slack in 3 days

Technically, it was four days, but we were working on it in between taking customer calls and fixing OneBar bugs so, let’s call it three ;)

5. Develop Chatbots for Learning Reinforcement

Chatbots are a powerful way to teach and learn, and this course shows you how to build them from scratch.

6. 5 Common Use Cases of a WhatsApp Chatbot

A WhatsApp bot is an automated conversational tool that you integrate on WhatsApp using WhatsApp Business API. Read our article about uses of a WhatsApp chatbot

7. 6 Chatbot Mistakes that Scare Your Customers Away

Six unforgivable mistakes that scare off your customers and prospects? The Smart Tribune team answers you.

8. Bots + Legaltech = Meet AILIRA

Ailira ( the ”artificially intelligent legal information research assistant”, is an AI chatbot that uses natural language processing. The chatbot has been designed to understand and process sophisticated technical legal questions & search quickly. Ailira was created by Adrian Cartland, the founder of Cartland Tech and the law firm without lawyers.

9. Sea of Transformation: Chatbots in The Logistics Industry

The usage of the new age customer support technology bots, popularly known as Chatbots is on the rise. Researches show that more than 80% of the customer communication that is done on websites or mobile apps are done through chatbots. Chatbots are highly valuable for the companies because they can work round the clock, are easy to use and do not make any kind of errors.

10. MLOps & Industrial AI Are Progressing Quickly and Are Unstoppable

The continuous evolution in DevOps with the combination of AI and ML for corporate application development is a solid reason for industry transformation.

11. How to Write a Perfect Chatbot Script

Writing a script for a chatbot is a challenging process that requires skills. This article discusses how to write an effective chatbot script and gives tips.

12. Top Chatbot Trends That Will Dominate Businesses in 2023

Chatbots are a type of artificial intelligence that is programmed to simulate human communication. They are able to understand the context of a conversation and provide answers in a natural-sounding way.

13. Drive Success with Conversational Marketing: The Feedback-Oriented Approach

Conversational marketing can be a solution to achieve faster response times. In this guide, we discuss how to develop effective chatbot applications.

14. Technologies Behind No-code & Low-Code Solutions and How to Build Your Own

Let’s find out how no-code / low-code platforms are built and what it takes to create your own solution. We’ll focus on the development approaches, architecture

[15. New Way for Business Optimisation is Out Now:

Rake System and Their Success Story]( The Rake system understands and manages client requests related to company services. Regardless of the requests: text, voice - Rake’s chatbots understand and process all of them using artificial intelligence. The chatbot has been designed for W5Golf, and is the company that provides customer experience optimisation solutions and helps develop customer experience strategies that deliver results. The company’s solution helps to strengthen relationships with your customers by providing a system that optimises relevant engagements and improved services.

16. Create A Voice Enabled Chatbot [A How To Guide]

The advent of AI has made voice-enabled chatbots and voice assistants part of our lives. Imagine the likes of Siris and Google Assistants for your phones, Alexa and Google Home for your house. These aforementioned systems are nothing but voice-enabled chatbots.

17. How Chatbots Are Helping The Fight Against Covid-19

With the recent surge in the number of coronavirus cases and more countries joining those already in self-imposed-quarantines and lockdowns, people have been getting understandably anxious. There has been a surge in the Google Trends for coronavirus related search terms.

18. Chatbots: Yay or Nay? Why and Why Not?

This Slack discussion by Sadia Mehmood, Alfredo de Candia, Klein, , Golda Velez, Linh Smooke, David Smooke, Shahmeer Khan and Sidra occurred in slogging's official #general channel, and has been edited for readability.

19. Mobile Application Development Trends In 2020

Technology is changing our way of life. Mobile applications have a particular impact on this. Some facilitate daily activities (reminders, calling an ambulance or simply ordering coffee), while others simply help to kill time (if there is free time at all). But without all of them, it’s hard to imagine today's existence.

20. ChatGPT: What It's Teaching to a +25 Year Senior Programmer

To be a decent software engineer, we must be experts at learning, and ChatGPT is an amazing teacher. Not just for juniors.

21. Helpful Tips and Fundamentals About Creating a Better Chatbot Strategy

Source: Pixabay

22. 6 Chatbot Builders You Can Use to Emulate Facebook's Messenger

This list also includes, Chatfuel, the IBM Watson conversation service, and more. Discover how easy it is to build your own chatbot today.

23. Where are the Chatbots and What is the Progress and Limitation of Virtual Assistants [2020 Edition]

Cat's out of the bag: it may have been a long while since you’ve last conversed with a human customer service agent. More and more companies have turned to digital assistants to address the needs of customer inquiries. With messaging being the preferred method of communication, chatbots have taken over online facing services, due to their simplicity, affordability, and accuracy.

24. Discussing The Applications of AI Chatbots in Healthcare at the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum is mostly known for its highly anticipated annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland — a scene of global intrigue and a convergence point for the planet’s most influential politicians, investors, activists, CEOs, and economists.

25. How do Chat Apps improve customer engagement in Businesses?

Collaboration and communication in the digital age have come a long way as it is not restricted to emails and messages anymore. Having a platform for the stakeholders involved in a business that enables them to communicate with each other will be a strong driving force. The flawless communication that can be switched to multiple devices without any interruption is an added convenience.

26. Exploring The World of Chatbots

What if I told you the 1st time people thought of machines replicating human conversations was almost 70 years ago!

27. The Magic of Conversational AI: 8 Ways Chatbots are Helping Businesses

Have you heard stories about chatbots failing to deliver results? Well, we created a list of the 8 most important chatbot benefits that will prove the opposite.

28. How Chatbots Can Help Improve Your Customer Experience

Chatbots or customized software can converse with humans through a chat interface. Be it a brand’s website or a mobile app, chatbots can be integrated anywhere to gather useful information and facilitate sales. Platforms like Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Whats App also use chatbots for building reputation and improving customer experience.

29. How To Build Chatbot Project Using Python

Chatbots are extremely helpful for business organizations and also the customers. The majority of people prefer to talk directly from a chatbox instead of calling service centers. Facebook released data that proved the value of bots. More than 2 billion messages are sent between people and companies monthly. The HubSpot research tells that 71% of the people want to get customer support from messaging apps. It is a quick way to get their problems solved so chatbots have a bright future in organizations.

30. The 6 Best Platforms To Create Chatbots Without Additional Programming

Today I want to share a small review of simple platforms for creating bots without any knowledge of programming languages

31. How To Create a ChatBot on Facebook Messenger Using Flask and Heroku

Basic Facebook bot (will chat with you using random phrases you set up) using Flask and Python. You can start with this bot as a basic app to build something more difficult and useful.

32. Chat API Comparison: Sendbird vs TalkJS vs Stream vs PubNub vs Cometchat

Choosing the right chat API requires a ton of research. This is a quick guide so you can compare the most well-known chat APIs.

33. Twilio: How to Connect with Existing Voice Assistant

Today's post serves the purpose of explaining Twilio's recent bidirectional streaming feature, the very feature which made it possible to receive the call audio while still being able to send audio for playback asynchronously.

34. Black Mirror's 'Be Right Back' in Real Life: Clone Yourself as a Chatbot

Replika AI has created a platform where anyone, including people with zero knowledge of machine learning, can create and train a chatbot of their own.

35. Chatbot vs Virtual Assistants: The 4 Key Differences

Chatbots vs Virtual Assistants: To know the difference between them check out this space and look for the video in it. 4 major points have discussed here.

36. Enterprise Chatbot: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide

37. Chatbots: The end of the hype era or a bright new dawn?

We live in an age of great innovation and technological marvel. Artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies are developing at an insanely fast pace, which resulted in the slightly increased performance of digital applications. A few years ago, chatbots formed a new, highly popular trend and have consistently been regarded as the best potential help for the labor market, slightly reducing the need for staff workload. The chatbot sector is now growing fast, and the total market is predicted to reach around 1.25 billion US dollars in 2025, a significant increase from the market size in 2016, which stood at $190.8 million. While becoming more sophisticated over the years, AI-driven bots are being used more often in various fields: marketing, healthcare, CRM [Customer Relationship Management]. This hypetrain resulted in more efficient solutions and brighter light at the end of the tunnel.

38. 10 Best AI Chatbot Builder for Your Business in 2022

Chatbots are on a rise and are rapidly becoming one of the most important assets for businesses these days. From SMBs to Fortune 500 companies, almost every business is investing in chatbots to establish stronger communication and offer the best customer support service.

39. How To Make A Chatbot From Scratch

How To Make A Great Chatbot From Scratch Expert tips to create a highly functional chatbot.

40. Best Chatbot Development Companies For SME's and Startups in India, USA| Hire Best Chatbot Developer

Which is the best Chatbot development company in India & the United States? This is the most confusing question for modern developers and business owners.  But, not all chatbot companies are fully perfect in terms of quality.This is what creates an uproar among people to find the best when Chatbot is already a hot topic among us.

41. How to Build Basic Chatbot Without Coding and Deploy to Websites

Build best automated AI chat bot using Google Dialog flow

42. How Chatbot Development Can Make Technology More Accessible?

Disclosure: I work at Value Coders, a company that creates Chatbot Solutions.

43. Eleven Trending AI Chatbot Platforms

The artificial intelligence of the chatbots is revolutionizing the customer experience. They can provide useful information to customers when they need it. Hence, a number of companies that use AI Chatbots have grown exponentially. It provides them with proactive assistance to their customers.

44. Create a NodeJS FAQ Chatbot - A Step-by-Step Guide

A FAQ Chatbot have the purpose of answering the most common questions asked by users. We will build one using Bard and some of its funtionalities, that will help us to build a smarter chatbot.

45. 11 Of The Best Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Chatbots in 2022

Chatbots for businesses help them engage their website visitors and convert them into potential customers.

46. How to Build a ChatOps-Bot with Slack and Kubernetes

ChatOps allows you to manage your DevOps tasks using chat based interfaces. Learn how to build a simple bot to control a Kubernetes cluster using Slack.

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