4 AI Side Hustles in 2024: Earn Big from Homeby@lynnxyz
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4 AI Side Hustles in 2024: Earn Big from Home

by LynnFebruary 2nd, 2024
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Can you make money from AI? Yes, you can! Here are some side hustles to look into today!
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Can you make money from AI? Yes, you can! AI (Artificial Intelligence) came in and swept the world off its ankles. It went from a phenomenon to a tool that most people use to expedite their tasks in today’s world. In doing so, comes opportunity; we’re talking side hustles from the comfort of your home to earn extra funds. How? Let’s get into it.

Faceless YouTube Channels

Have you ever stumbled across those YouTube channels where the creator remains a mystery, never revealing their face? There’s a good reason some creators might prefer to stay behind the scenes: profitability with minimal effort.

Today I’ll let you in on a secret: these faceless channels are racking in tens of thousands of dollars per month in a nearly automated fashion.

Brightside is a great example. This channel is banking over $10,000 monthly, excluding the extra cash from sponsorships and more. But they aren’t the only ones.

The Bright Side YouTube Channel, making over $10,000 monthly.

Channels across YouTube are thriving financially with seemingly little work. The kicker? AI now serves as the ultimate sidekick, converting simple text prompts into fully fleshed-out videos ready for upload.

That’s right, any individual can initiate a steady stream of what’s referred to as recurring income, an eloquent term for passive income, from almost any corner of the globe with just around $20 and a slice of their time using InvideoAI:

Invideo AI

Here’s how the magic happens: begin by inputting a text prompt into a facility known as ChatGPT, which then colludes with a tool called InvideoAI. It transforms your prompt into a comprehensive video you can spice up with your personal touch. Be creative with your packaging, which in YouTube speak, is crafting an enticing title and thumbnail. Post your masterpiece, and soon you’ll witness both views and earnings soar.

Resume Writing

Now this is one that I’m very familiar with because I help people make their resumes all the time! And the thing about resume writing is, it’s not so much about helping you get a job but making sure you don’t lose out on one! So you just need to make sure that it’s decent.

There’s a story of a 35-year-old teacher who brought in 2 million from his resume writing side hustle and with the power of AI you can do this much more quickly.

Now there are a ton of different AI resume websites out there in my opinion, the best one is going to be Rezi AI.


Rezi AI is great and you can also combine it with Anakin AI’s plethora of AI writing tools just to make things a little bit better. Now typically, it’s not going to perfectly write anyone’s resume right off the bat, but it’ll get about 80% of it right? And then you go in and you fix things using Anakin AI and your brain.

Now I’m going to be honest with you, again, like many other types of freelancing or making money online, it’s going to be best if you specialize; not only will it be best for you, but it’ll also be best for the client. So, you want to pick a particular type of career to write resumes and you want to familiarize yourself with that career and that industry.

Overall, I think Resume Writing is a phenomenal opportunity. I’ve known people who’ve started seven-figure businesses in certain places like finance or management consulting, and it was all from writing resumes. So I’m gonna give this one an eight out of 10 opportunity score. I’ve met people who have started seven-figure businesses in certain places like finance or management consulting, and it was all from writing resumes.

Creating Stock Images

AI is getting so good that it’s almost indistinguishable from real-life images. And so, what you want to do as someone who creates AI-generated images, you want to see what type of images people are often searching for, and then see what types of images are already offered on these different platforms. For instance, Adobe Stock does allow AI-generated images on their platform.

Adobe Stock

So, if you know the supply and you know the demand, then you’re going to be able to see that there are certain gaps in the market and that’s where you want to go ahead and fill those gaps by making a bunch of AI-generated images and on Adobe Stock, you’ll get up to 33% royalties. So, let’s say you sell an image for $1, you will get 33 cents out of that, and that probably doesn’t sound like much but if you think about the fact that you create an image one time and then it earns you royalties for the rest of your life, that can add up over time. So, each time you create an image and put it on a website like that, it’s almost like a little worker that’s out there making money for you 24/7.

Creating AI Clothing Models

There’s an artwork that was created using AI. Everyone knows that it was created using AI and has sold for $432,000 at an auction. Imagine that! A portrait by an AI program! There’s a lot of money, a lot of opportunities out there for this type of side hustle and it’s called AI Clothing Models.

Clothing brands often need photos of models wearing their products. If you think I’m going to tell you to pull out a camera or unleash your inner Zoolander, no. With Al, there’s no need because you’ve got an entire army of models at your fingertips. With the Capcut for Business Al model tool, you can upload a photo of a piece of clothing and choose a model. Click, generate, and in seconds Al will ply your clothing onto the model.



It is magic. You can offer the service on Fiver or directly to small clothing brands. Typically, a photo shoot with a model can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Realistically, will people pay the same amount for Al models versus real models? Probably not. Will they pay $20, $50, $100 maybe? I would guess most clients have a limited budget, so you’ll earn less, but with volume, the work could be worthwhile.


Now we have so many ideas for AI side hustles. To build the perfect AI side hustle project, you’re gonna need the perfect AI Tools. So keep on exploring!