The TechBeat: Portfolio Management: All The Ways AI Is Transforming Modern Asset Strategies (4/27/2024)by@techbeat
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The TechBeat: Portfolio Management: All The Ways AI Is Transforming Modern Asset Strategies (4/27/2024)

by TechBeatApril 27th, 2024
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Portfolio Management: All The Ways AI Is Transforming Modern Asset Strategies

By @kustarev [ 9 Min read ] The industry was highly impacted by AI in recent years, as machine learning and artificial intelligence have made predictive analytics more accurate. Read More.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Define Your Startup MVP and Save Time and Money

By @fayanastasia [ 7 Min read ] This guide will help you identify the core features of your product, enabling you to avoid wasting time and money. Read More.

Product Hypothesis Validation: Best Practices & Examples

By @fayanastasia [ 9 Min read ] Follow these simple steps to clearly formulate your product hypothesis and test it quickly and affordably. Read More.

8 Factors To Pay Attention to When Pitching a Startup to an Investor

By @fayanastasia [ 7 Min read ] The article explains 8 key factors that can help your startup get considered by investors, especially in the early stages. Read More.

Exit Strategies For Tech Entrepreneurs: Knowing When And How To Sell

By @fayanastasia [ 7 Min read ] An exit strategy is often developed at an early stage and outlined in a business plan so that investors understand how they will receive a return of investments Read More.

Tech and Tradition in Established Universes: Goldie Returns to Riverdale

By @sarahevans [ 5 Min read ] Archie Comics writer Goldie Chan's latest comic, "BETTY & VERONICA FRIENDS FOREVER: FAIRY TALES”: ‘The Frumpy Duckling," showcases this fusion. Read More.

Unlocking DePIN Potential with StorX Network: Revolutionizing Decentralized Cloud

By @pressreleases [ 3 Min read ] Unlocking DePIN Potential with StorX Network: Revolutionizing Decentralized Cloud Read More.

The #crypto-api Writing Contest by CoinGecko and HackerNoon

By @hackernooncontests [ 2 Min read ] Join the #crypto-api Writing Contest by CoinGecko and HackerNoon. Stand a chance to win the $1000 grand prize! Read More.

MIT Has Released a Bunch of Free Courses: Discover 5 To Boost Your Tech Career

By @amply [ 4 Min read ] Explore free upskilling opportunities like MIT's OpenCourseWare and find exciting tech job opportunities on the HackerNoon Job Board. Read More.

Pro Tips for Debugging MinIO: Overcoming Common Issues in Kubernetes and Bare Metal Environments

By @minio [ 8 Min read ] Learn how to debug a MinIO install running in Kubernetes, as well as some common issues, you might encounter during bare metal installation, `and their fixes. Read More.

Arize AI Leads the Way in AI Observability with Prompt Variable Monitoring

By @arize [ 2 Min read ] Arize AI premiered prompt variable monitoring and analysis onstage at Google Cloud Next '24 this week. Read More.

Profilence & RemotiveLabs Set a New Benchmark in Infotainment Quality Testing

By @pressreleases [ 3 Min read ] Profilence & RemotiveLabs set a new benchmark in infotainment quality testing: by combining user behavior with vehicle signals. Read More.

ChangeNOW Set to Enhance Web3 Payments with Upcoming USDT Listing

By @pressreleases [ 2 Min read ] ChangeNOW announces the upcoming listing of USDt on Telegram's TON Network, a collaboration with Tether that promises advancements in digital transactions. Read More.

Data Modeling in Elasticsearch: Using Nested Queries and Parent-Child Relationships

By @rocksetcloud [ 10 Min read ] Managing relationships in Elasticsearch can be challenging, but we have nested queries and parent-child relationships to work around it, and more. Read More.

The Genies Tool Kit: Everything You Need to Know

By @genies [ 9 Min read ] The Genies Tool Kit is grounded in two core pillars: the Avatar Framework and the Traits Framework Read More.

These Coding Interview Questions Will Separate the Pros From the Amateurs

By @shcheglov [ 2 Min read ] I've crafted a set of 10 tricky questions that I pose to every new candidate to go beyond merely assessing someone's technical skills. Read More.

Software Regression Testing: Enhanced Regression Strategy and Zero Defects

By @shad0wpuppet [ 6 Min read ] Learn about Zero Defects and advanced regression testing strategies to enhance software quality and testing efficiency Read More.

Outlier Detection: What You Need to Know

By @nataliaogneva [ 4 Min read ] Decisions are usually based on the sample mean, which is very sensitive to outliers and can dramatically change the value. So, it is crucial to manage outliers Read More.

Decoding GymShark's Marketing: How a Fitness Brand Navigated Sales vs. Communication Goals

By @rimaeneva [ 8 Min read ] Explore Gymshark's cutting-edge marketing strategies, delving into their communication-oriented approach, influencer collaborations, and social media prowess. Read More.

Will AI Be the End of Programmers? What Happens to the IT Industry?

By @rusanov [ 6 Min read ] It has become particularly difficult for juniors to secure positions, and the situation is further exacerbated by mass layoffs and hiring freezes. Read More. 🧑‍💻 What happened in your world this week? It's been said that writing can help consolidate technical knowledge, establish credibility, and contribute to emerging community standards. Feeling stuck? We got you covered ⬇️⬇️⬇️ ANSWER THESE GREATEST INTERVIEW QUESTIONS OF ALL TIME We hope you enjoy this worth of free reading material. Feel free to forward this email to a nerdy friend who'll love you for it. See you on Planet Internet! With love, The HackerNoon Team ✌️