Arize AI Leads the Way in AI Observability with Prompt Variable Monitoringby@arize
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Arize AI Leads the Way in AI Observability with Prompt Variable Monitoring

by Arize AI April 14th, 2024
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Prompt variable monitoring and analysis from Arize AI is built to give AI engineers better visibility and control over complex LLM applications
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Arize AI, an AI observability and large language model (LLM) evaluation platform, launched prompt variable monitoring and analysis onstage at Google Cloud Next '24 this week.

The debut comes at a time of great need. Although enterprises are racing to deploy foundation models to stay competitive in an increasingly AI-driven world, hallucinations and accuracy of responses remain barriers to production deployments.

Arize’s new prompt variable monitoring helps AI engineers and machine learning teams automatically detect bugs in prompt variables and pinpoint problematic datasets. Through introspection and refinement of the prompts used in LLM-powered applications, teams can ensure that generated outputs align with expectations around metrics such as accuracy, relevance, and correctness. Additional context window management tools also launching today allow for further examination.

“Debugging LLM systems is far too painful today,” says Jason Lopatecki, CEO and Co-Founder of Arize AI. “By analyzing how AI systems respond to a myriad of prompts and offering deeper insights into model behavior, Arize’s new prompt variable analysis tools promise to help AI engineers have more successful outcomes in production — with training and feedback loops to inform ongoing refinement.”

What is Arize?

Arize AI is an AI observability and LLM evaluation platform that helps teams deliver and maintain more successful AI in production. Arize’s automated monitoring and observability platform allows teams to quickly detect issues when they emerge, troubleshoot why they happened, and improve overall performance across both traditional ML and generative use cases like RAG LLM and query engine for text-to-SQL. Arize is headquartered in Berkeley, CA.