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368 Stories To Learn About Debugging

by Learn RepoApril 24th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Debugging via these 368 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Debugging via these 368 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

It’s not a bug – it’s an undocumented feature.

The Debugging Writing Contest is sponsored by our good friends at Sentry. Share your debugging stories and win from $1000 monthly prize pool!

1. Creating a Grouped Bar Graph using Jetpack Compose

How to create a grouped bar chart with Jetpack Compose

2. Compiling CUDA File in VS Code [A How-To Guide]

Trying to compile a .cu file is not supported in the VS Code natively. This can be a issue if you want to compile and debug (atleast the CPU part of the file as kernel debugging is not supported in VS Code at the moment).

3. Using a NestJS Application with DynamoDB and Serverless Framework on AWS

NestJS is a progressive Node. js framework that helps build server-side applications.

4. Using Next.js + Playwright + GitHub Actions to Make a To-Do App

A comprehensive Todo app with APIs and E2E tests with GitHub Actions enabled.

5. Declutter Your Code!

The reason why you should regularly declutter your code is that doing so saves you from having confusing bugs that are caused by unwanted pieces of code.

6. Recommended Websites to Practice Selenium and Test Automation

Here's a list of websites to practice test automation using Selenium.

7. A Simple Introduction to Software Development

Software development is a very lengthy process. It includes a lot of research and design, which is necessary for the project's success

8. How to Use binding.pry to Debug a Rails Application in a Docker Container

Debugging in a docker container isn't that straightforward. At least it is not in the way my team set everything up. I will describe my methods for debugging.

9. How HotelTonight Prioritizes Finding and Fixing Critical Bugs While Maintaining a 1% Error Budget

The stability score in particular has made it possible for their team to measure their application’s stability & maintain their team’s error budget of 1% error.

10. Making Your Code Look Pretty

When you are new to programming, you’re focused on making your code work—not on making it look pretty.

11. 2 Quick and Easy Ways to Fix 'Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module'

In this quick guide we'll look at how you can solve the very common error, "Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module".

12. What is Next.JS and How to Debug it

Next.JS allows the developers to create Server-side, Client-side or Static websites. Unlike the other frameworks, the rendering in Next JS is per page. That means, the "about" page can be static, while the "home" page can be server-side.

13. What happened After I Scanned 2.6 Million Domains for Exposed .DS_Store Files

14. Doing API Monitoring the Right Way: Metrics and Best Practices

In this post, we'll go through the best practices for API monitoring, such as which metrics to prioritize and how to troubleshoot when an issue arises.

15. Debug your AWS Lambda in Production in just 5 steps

By using AWS Lambda Debugger VS Code Extension, you can debug your serverless applications natively with their permissions.

16. 7 Ways to Optimize Your Agile Testing Strategy

In this article, you will find some tips to streamline and improve your Agile testing strategy.

17. How to Correctly Review Pull Requests

Reviewing pull requests can and should be easy. But are your pull requests reviewed properly?

18. When Should I Use an HTTP/HTTPS Sniffer?

In this article, I will tell you what role the HTTP/HTTPS sniffer plays in data parsing and why it is very important.

19. Code like You're Building a Lego Castle

The article compares coding to building a castle with Legos and emphasizes the importance of following best practices to avoid mistakes and build a sturdy code.

20. Five Guidelines for Robust Logging

This article describes best practices for standardized logging from the point of view of performance, debuggability, and security.

21. The #Debugging Writing Contest

Hey Hackers! Sentry & HackerNoon are super excited to host a Debugging Writing Contest! Here’s your chance to win money from a $1000 monthly prize pool.

22. Debugging Rust Cargo Issues in Gitlab

Straightforward moral of the story: always first check environment variables in CI settings. They can overwrite your configs and cause unexpected issues.

23. Introductory Guide to Debug Node.js Apps with Built-in or VS Code Debugger

If you ask me on which task I've spent most of my time as a software developer, it would probably be bug fixing. Working with JavaScript apps, I've used console.log when debugging surely more than I should have. Learning how to become efficient at finding bugs in programs is a very important skill that can save you a lot of time. Debuggers help you with that task by providing tools to analyze your programs and run control execution flow.

24. Adding Test Coverage Badge on GitHub Without Using Third-party Services

It’s easy to add test coverage on GitLab using the built-in feature.

25. A Guide to API Versioning Best Practices

In this article, we will be discussing some of the best practices for API versioning for ease of user consumption and flexibility.

26. How to Help the Dev Community by Solving your Own Problems

How to continue to use Open Source developments in 30 years - a brief instruction for use.

27. Introduction to Python Debugging with Pdb

The Python Debugger (pdb) is an interactive source code debugger for Python programs. It provides added functionality like setting conditional breakpoints

28. Access API Running on Localhost From The Internet without Tunneling

Tunnels allow a dev to easily bypass NAT and firewall restrictions... but what is the tradeoff? Anything behind the firewall is now exposed to the internet

29. Debugging: Using PDB in Dockerized Environment

Docker, along with Docker Compose are the most used tools under the DevOps category, according to The State of Developer Ecosystem 2019 survey by JetBrains. Chances are if you're using Docker/Docker Compose for deployment, you'll most likely be using them for local development as well. If you only use Docker for deployment but a virtual environment for local development, you may want to look into using Docker for development to reduce the parity between dev/prod environments, as suggested in the Twelve-Factor Methodology.

30. How to Solve the Python Memory Error

A memory error occurs when an operation runs out of memory. It’s most likely because you’re using a 32-bit Python version.

31. How to Start Your Friendship with Selenide

I've talked about why you should use Selenide previously. Now, it's time to teach you how it works first-hand.

32. Fail-Fast vs. Fail-Safe: What is the Most Reliable Software Strategy?

A broken kitchen appliance leads me down the path of intelligent failure, downside risk, exponential growth and cloud computing

33. How Quake III Helped Me Debug Strawberry Filled Kiełbasa

The famous story about Quake, kiełbasa, pierogi, debugging and the birth of a new career in a small city in the middle of Poland that you were looking for

34. Optimizing SQL Queries With JPA Repositories

Today I would like to talk about how you can optimize work with JPA repositories and improve performance by avoiding native SQL queries in the code.

35. ChatGPT for Debugging: 10 Practical Use Cases

Say goodbye to endlessly scrolling on Stack Overflow. Discover how ChatGPT can help developers debug their code efficiently with 10 practical use cases.

36. An Introduction to DevOps

In this post, we take a surface-level look at the parts that make up DevOps. We explore the concepts, tools, and unique roles that make it work as it does.

37. Professional Debugging in Rails

Debugging is as important as writing code, it can cause your program to crash or behave unexpectedly. Most of the time, debugging can be very stressful, especially when one doesn’t use the right tools to debug.

38. How to Create Executable Files and Produce Debug Information

In this short article I will show you how to create an executable file as well as produce debug information but in a completely separate file.

39. Things to Think About When Debugging [Part 1]

Learn the methodological way to debug your application as well as some lesser known debugging tricks to narrow down those pesky bugs.

40. React 18 Suspense fetch data from a headless CMS

React 18 Suspense fetch data from a headless CMS

41. What Causes Malformed Lambda Proxy Response and How to Fix it

Malformed Lambda proxy response is a common configuration error in a serverless architecture. Learn what causes this error and how to fix it.

42. Why Your Monitoring Dashboard May Be Feeding You Phantom Metrics

We trust our metrics to show us the status of our system and where it misbehaves. But do our metrics show us what really happened?

43. How To Debug JSON Web Tokens (JWTs)

So many modern web applications, both client-side and server-side, use JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) for authentication, and this is an excellent approach. However when things don't work, it can be tricky to work out why. This post aims to give you some tactics for understanding and correcting problems with JWTs. If you're just getting started, check out the documentation on working with JWTs and our APIs first.

44. APK Decompilation: A Beginner's Guide for Reverse Engineers

APK decompilation is the process of reverse engineering an APK file to retrieve its source code. It is useful for understanding how an Android app works.

45. Why I Don't Think TDD Is Essential

Test Driven Development puts emphasis on unit over integration tests. The result can be lower quality featuring bugs that are baked into the product.

46. Top Debugging Methods for Quicker Deployment in Python

In this article, I will cover most debugging methods, basic and modern ones, introduce some hands-on tools and show some basic configurations and instructions.

47. Creating a Python Discord Bot - How to Get Data for Analysis

From this article you’ll learn how tо create Discord bot and add it to the Server; get the full list of channels from the server; get a snapshot of Discord memb

48. How to Find the Stinky Parts of Your Code [Part XXII]

Most of these smells are just hints of something that might be wrong. They are not required fixed per se… (You should look into it though.)

49. 3 Sharpest Instruments for Debugging: Using the Old-School Mind Mapping Strategy

I found a bug in one of the open-source GitHub repositories and fixed it using the three sharpest instruments: pen, paper, and brain.

50. Top 6 Golang Logging Best Practices

Let’s discuss a few rules of thumb for logging in Go, as well as some features you may not have heard of that can make debugging easier.

51. Debug Like a Senior Dev: Debugging Program Control Flow

Control flow is much more than step over. You can "jump" to arbitrary code offsets while debugging to reproduce elaborate states and behaviors!

52. Scanning 2.6 Million Domains for Exposed .Env Files

A software developer scanned 2.6 million domains for exposed.env files.

53. Risk Management in QA Teams: A Detailed Overview

From preventing negative outcome to streamlining the entire development cycle, risk management play significant role. Read the blog to learn more.

54. Debugging Like a Senior Developer: Watch And Evaluate

The debugger watch area is a powerful tool, it's worthy of two lessons in the course. If you don't know about Object Marking you need to see this!

55. Microsoft's DAPR (Distributed Application Runtime): An Overview

Discover the powerful capabilities of Dapr by implementing a sample application with microservices leveraging the actor model to foster its strengths.

56. Learn How to Make Java Classes More Consistent with Minimal Effort

Learn how to make Java classes more consistent with a minimal effort.

57. Insomnia & Rest Can Go Together: 6 Amazing Insomnia REST Features

How to use Insomnia REST to speed up API development and testing? Environment variables, Requests Chaining, Requests History and other features to the rescue!

58. Reducing Bugs in React Codebase by understanding anti-patterns

This article is a deep dive into some of the unexpected behaviors in a React codebase and the anti-patterns that cause them.

59. Understanding APIs and How to Test Them

API (an abbreviation of Application Programming Interface) is a special interface (a set of commands/controls) that is designed for the interaction of different

60. How to Fix iOS 16 Bugs

How to Fix iOS 16 Problems, Bugs and Issues - A Simple Guide.

61. Comparing XML and Compose Rendering Speed at Deep and Wide Nesting

There are many benchmarks that compare the performance and rendering speed of XML and compose.

62. Time to Rewrite your Git History Effectively with git reflog

In this article, you'll learn how to utilize git reflog to re-organize and rewrite your Git commit history effectively and easily.

63. Solving the Dreadful Certificate Issues in Python Requests Module

Solve the dreadful certificate issues in Python requests module.

64. What is Property-based Testing (Part 1)

Introduction to property-based testing by way of an illustrative example.

65. The Case of the Missing Money: How I Used Detective Skills to Track Down a Bug in an App 🔍

Join in as we solve a mysterious bug in a remittance app using detective skills inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Follow along as we share insights and best practice

66. How to Become a Pro Debugger

Debugging is not something that is taught to anyone at any point in their careers, which leads to the belief that it is very difficult.

67. There is No Continuous Delivery Without Continuous Testing

Three Ways Automated Testing Closes the Gap Between Development and Delivery

68. Debug Your React App, But Don't Die Trying: A How-To Guide

Debugging is a daily part of every developer's life. I usually go through a process when I encounter a bug that helps me move pretty quickly through issues.

69. The Evolution of DevOps: Lessons for Organizations of all Sizes

Having someone to lead the DevOps space early and instill the culture will reduce overall release cycles friction and shorten the time to market.

70. A Simple Guide to Log JavaScript Events to the Console for Debugging

Let's look at how to debug all JavaScript events and log them to the console with a nifty trick.

71. How Observability and Monitoring Produces Better Software

An article focused on deep diving into observability and its significance in software. Its history, goals, the importance of observability, and the issues that

72. Low Code Programming: Understanding the Future of Software Development with Zenity

Michael Bargury spent years working on cloud security at Microsoft, bootstrapping security products that tackle emerging threats like IoT, APIs and IaC.

73. Automating Node.js Unit Testing With DroneCI Using Jest Framework

Unit testing is a crucial part of software development that has grown in popularity over the past few years.

74. CI/CD/CF — The "Missing-Link" in the DevOps Toolchain?

Everyone is familiar with CI and CD processes, but whatever happened to Continuous Feedback? Leveraging observability in dev creates a new type of dev process

75. Java Algorithms: Copying List with Random Pointer (LeetCode)

A linked list of length n is given such that each node contains an additional random pointer, which could point to any node in the list, or null.

76. Object Validator for PHP 8

Attribute validator for PHP Models and Value Objects, based on the new feature in PHP 8

77. Using Cerbos to Navigate User Permissions

Cerbos is an open-source decoupled access control for your software making user permissions and authorization simple to implement and manage.

78. The Story of How I Almost Became a Developer

The story of how I almost became a developer. Featuring confusion, frustration! Triumph! Coming soon to Netfli.... just kidding.

79. Purpose-Driven Microservice Design

Creating purpose-driven microservices should always be a goal. Find out how Render Blueprints can offer a reproducible microservices strategy.

80. Debugging Angular Application in Production mode

Debugging Angular Application in Production mode

81. 7 Chrome Plugins You Must Install Today

Before you start reading this article, hit ALT+CONTROL+DELETE, then click on your task manager, and make a note of the CPU and Memory usage of Google Chrome.

82. Everything You Need to Know About Multithreading: Sequential Consistency Concept [Part 1]

You probably have heard of the idea of out-of-order execution, and that it breaks some common-sense assumptions about writing programs, and software has to insert barriers to make things right. That was a baffling concept to me at least when I heard of it. At the very least, why would the hardware want to execute out of order only to have the software correct the behavior back? What's the point? Is the software taking care of all the quirks for me? And if not, where's the catch?

83. Debugging My Love Life

Tinder's "Top Spotify Artists" feature is relatively shallow, but could be fixed easily. Here is a demonstration of how it works currently and what can change.

84. Data Testing for Machine Learning Pipelines Using Deepchecks, DagsHub, and GitHub Actions

A complete setup of a ML project using version control (also for data with DVC), experiment tracking, data checks with deepchecks and GitHub Action

85. How to Run and Debug C / C++ Code via VSCode

By the end of this short guide, you’d be able to run, debug, and get IntelliSense for C/C++ files in VSCode

86. Logging Without Tears

Learn standard practices you should take advantage of when dealing with logging. Make the logging great again.

87. How to Fix Flaky End-to-End Tests with Playwright and Reflow

A software engineer codes for 18 months and builds a SaaS. He thinks he knows how to improve end-to-end testing.

88. The 10 Best Node.js Logging Libraries

10 of the best Node.js logging libraries + how to get up and running with them. 1. Pino, 2. Winston, 3. Bunyan...

89. Frigidaire Freezer Error Codes

Frigidaire is the most reliable freezer brand due to its highest quality and excellent performance. Most people prefer this brand to others because of its attractive features, including a cooling system, a light that shows that the power is on, a temperature alarm, leveled stands, and numerous shelves for storage. Another added advantage to the Frigidaire freezer is the presence of a reversible door, which makes placement more flexible, thus more superb.

90. The Chromecast Protocol - A Brief Look

A brief description of the Chromecast protocol

91. Quality Assurance in Scrum Projects

Scrum is a set of rules for organizing a flexible workflow, which consists of a team approach, working in iterations, focusing on the goal of each iteration.

92. How to Create and Publish Your First Private NPM Package

In this article, I will show how we can easily create our first private npm package.

93. Web Automation with Python and Selenium

Web automation is one of the best ways companies can test a product in development, especially the app's functionalities, such as clicking, scrolling...

94. Clickhouse vs Elasticsearch vs Manticore Search Query Times With a 1.7B NYC Taxi Rides Benchmark

New York City (NYC) taxi rides are probably the most commonly used benchmark in the area of data analytics.

95. Ask Better Questions, Get Smarter Answers: A Practical Guide for Devs

Learning is a journey that never ends. At every point in your career, you will keep learning, re-learning, and un-learning.

96. Secure Microservices with Kong and Ory

Microservice architecture is nowadays almost a standard for backend development. An API gateway is an excellent way to connect a group of microservices

97. Content Retrieval & Peer to Peer Storage: A Practical Explainer for IPFS Gateways

The Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is a peer-to-peer protocol for storing and accessing files and websites.

98. CI CD Pipeline: How to Setup a CI CD Pipeline From Scratch with GitHub Actions.

Setup your CI CD Pipeline with GitHub Actions.

99. Make Your Way Out Of Developer’s Block 👨‍💻

100. How to Use Chrome to Debug JavaScript - Stop Console.Logging! NOW

If you console.log() when you debug, you’re doing it wrong. There’s an easier way and it’s right in the palm of your browser.

101. Debugging Has_Many, Through Relationships in Ruby on Rails

Working with model associations can be difficult.

102. How to Debug AWS Lambda Code with PyCharm

Debug AWS lambda code locally without SAM or Docker.

103. Observability vs Monitoring: What's the Difference?

Monitoring has been a basic system to track the health of servers for years. Now it is not enough.

104. 7 Easy Steps to Set Up Google Analytics on Your Next.JS Website

A guide to help you set up Google Analytics 4 on your Next.js website.

105. Common Mistakes to Avoid When Migrating

Licensing fees and risk are the main drivers for migrating to Open Source Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes...

106. 4 Common NFT Contract Design Anti-Patterns

Etherscan has a handy search utility which, along with its handy verification and decompiling features, lets you peek at the code of many ERC721 to compare.

107. How To Extend and Customize Auto-Configuration Classes Provided by Spring Boot

How to dynamically exclude selected Spring Boot auto-configuration classes using profile groups.

108. Expect the Unexpected With Angular & RxJS

Let’s create a simple Angular application that will load the data of a github user, and then (not) beautifully crash when trying to load a non-existent one.

109. The Role of Continuous Monitoring in DevOps Pipeline

Continuous monitoring gives organizations near-instantaneous feedback and insights into performance, environments, and interactions across the DevOps pipeline.

110. #Debugging Writing Contest 2022: Round 2 Results Announced

The wait is over. The Round 2 results for Debugging Writing Contest held with Sentry are here!!

111. How To Debug React Native Debugger

React Native Debugger is a powerful tool that helps developers debug React Native applications more quickly. It provides a suite of impressive features, such as UI inspector, redux inspector, breakpoints and networking inspector. In this article, we are going to learn how to install and use the React Native Debugger, which will boost your development productivity by an order of magnitude.

112. Setting up a Debugging Environment for Azure Functions 2.x using VS Code


113. The Debugger Checklist [Part 2]

The systemic process for debugging and finding issues in your application. In part 2 we delve into the nuts and bolts of the debugging process.

114. Did VOLD-emort Just Kill My App?

I have been playing around Android OS for a while and this post is one of the learnings I wanted to share. The misleading yet catchy title still points to the essence of this post - yes, we are going to talk about the VOLD demon. Sorry *daemon.

115. How to Route Traffic Between Microservices During Development

Route traffic between microservices during development with this one simple trick that will save you setup time and, well, headache.

116. How to Reduce Your Crash Rate

Hand-in-hand with this decision was the need to find an error monitoring solution that could handle RN apps.

117. How Am I Dealing With My Ever-Improving Debugging Techniques

How much time do you spend in debugging? Well, I know that the question is bit vague and the answer would vary. After spending close to 15 years in Computer Programming, I still can't say confidently how much time I really spend in debugging things. There could be multiple factors that influence it and make it uncertain to answer:

118. N/A

please delete this

119. A Step-By-Step Guide to Unit Testing for Express API

A detailed step-by-step guide to writing unit tests for your node express API using mocha, chai, sinon, supertest, rewire, and nyc.

120. A Beginner's Guide to Debugging With Google Chrome Dev Tools

Learning about Dev Tools for techies is more like a need to stay a cut above. With the advent of advance technology, chasing behind new trends, learning and more importantly implementing those trends has now become an inevitable task. And since we don’t have much time, I would like to get straight to the point, i.e. how to debug with chrome dev tools. Also, you will learn how to fix bugs faster.

121. Postgres: Idle queries and pg_locks

Getting postgres unstuck when it seems to “hang” or be super slow on queries

122. Coding is Similar to The Lord of The Rings Book : I will prove that

YOU SHALL NOT PARSE! Syntax error on line 1

123. 7 Tips to Making Your Puppeteer Scripts More Bulletproof

How these 7 tips and tricks can help your puppeteer code stand out and work more reliably.

124. 🤩 24 Coolest VSCode Extensions That Will Rock Your World 🛠

Are you looking for the amazing VS Code extensions for your web app? Then Here is the amazing collection of the best vs code extensions of 2020.

125. Debugging Gson, Moshi and Jackson JSON Frameworks in Production

Parsing is a major source of production failures. Some are easy to track but some are insidious. Here's how you can debug them on the fly!

126. Use Database Transaction Logs to Implement Observer Pattern

The best way to implement the observer pattern - using transaction logs of databases.

127. How I Detected Bugs in a Wallet App

Detecting app bugs play a crucial role in fixing the performance of different applications before or after releasing them in the market.

128. Reducing Rails Memory Use on Amazon Linux with Jemalloc

A dive into jemalloc, the memory allocator which can massively reduce memory consumption of Ruby workloads

129. How to Find the Stinky Parts of Your Code [Part XX]: We have Reached 100!

We reached the 100th code smell!

130. Top 7 Python Extensions For IntelliJ IDEA

It's so lonely at the top of Olympus.

131. The Difference Between Unit Testing and Integration Testing

Read the article to know the definition, key characteristics & benefits of two of the most common types of tests - unit and integration testing.

132. What should Automated Testing Look like for Kubernetes Apps?

Microservices exponentially increase the number of connections and remote work is the norm - how do we ensure tightly integrated components play well together?

133. How We Automated our End-to-End Testing from the First Line of Code

Unit tests are at the bottom of the pyramid, as they’re just what they sound like, the smallest self-contained unit of testing.

134. 4 AWS Lambda Debug Methods To Troubleshoot Function Issues

Experiencing issues with AWS Lambda? Explore these four popular AWS Lambda debug methods to quickly rid yourself of troublesome bugs.

135. API Downtimes and Errors, How You Can Recover

APIs are stable until they aren’t. We talk about that often at Bearer. If you control the APIs, it gets easier, but with third-party APIs and integrations, it can be more difficult to predict when an outage or incident is about to happen.

136. 14 Steps to Debugging a Node.js Application Running in a Docker Container

This blog post shows how you can debug a simple Node.js application running in a Docker container. The tutorial is laid out in a fashion that allows you to use it as a reference while you’re building your own Node.js application and is intended for readers who have prior exposure to JavaScript programming and Docker.

137. Bypassing SSL Pinning with LLDB on AppStore iOS apps [A Step by Step Guide]

Imagine that you want to inspect the app to see what’s information exchange between mobile app and server, you can think about using simple proxy tools to sniff requests and responses or more advanced techniques such as a reverse binary file to see what are endpoints, parameters, and response payloads…

138. How to Temporarily Resolve CORS Error in the Console

You may have exhausted all solutions to make your site render on the browser but nothing seems to work. Then, you’ve checked the developer tools console only to get an error saying that CORS is blocking your API requests.

139. How to Perform Data Augmentation in NLP Projects

In machine learning, it is crucial to have a large amount of data in order to achieve strong model performance. Using a method known as data augmentation, you can create more data for your machine learning project. Data augmentation is a collection of techniques that manage the process of automatically generating high-quality data on top of existing data.

[140. How to Become a Great

Developer in 2022]( Google Cloud’s DevOps Research and Assessment team (DORA) have released the State of DevOps report 2021. It’s of no surprise that the most successful teams are

141. The Most Important Programming Lesson I Ever Learned

The most important lesson in programming is learning to debug code. Here is a list of my favorite debugging tips and tricks in JavaScript, Python, and more.

142. Little Dev Tools in Your Pockets

Every web developer has, at a point in their development journey used one of the various dev tools available in the browser. I am talking about the console object which provides access to the web debugging console.

143. You're Not Using HTTP Status Codes Right

In this article, we will be discussing some of the common mistakes that developers do when using HTTP status codes.

144. Creating a Wordle with TDD in Javascript

We keep practicing this amazing Kata and learning. You can follow the steps!

145. How I Fixed My Stupid JavaScript Mistake

The first time I wrote a code that contained an import statement, I made a stupid mistake even though I had 8 months of experience working with JavaScript.

146. How to Debug JavaScript Right Inside Your Chrome Browser

Chrome dev tools are a must have tools for modern day developers. Take your first step learning chrome dev tools by learning source debugger.

147. Let's Stop Calling them 'Bugs' - Software Quality is Our Responsibility

The term Bug sounds like an excuse out of our scope infecting our systems. It is not. Software quality is under our control. It is our responsibility to deliver

148. Application Monitoring: Closing Observability Gaps with Custom Metrics

Which application metrics should you collect for your microservices?

149. Debugging RAM: Detect/Fix Memory Leaks in Managed Languages - Heap Deep Dive, Part 2

Java & JavaScript are garbage collected languages. But memory leaks can still plague them. Avoid, detect and fix these heap problems using this guide

150. How to Use the Scientific Method to Debug Containerized Applications

Ah yes—“It works fine on my machine!” Perhaps the most famous saying in our industry. Even with the advent of containers that provide consistent environments across the SDLC, we still hear developers fall back to this claim when a defect is found. But in the end, if the code doesn't work in test or production, it doesn't work—even if it works locally. So as a developer, being able to deep dive into your containerized application to fix the problem—regardless of the environment—is a critical skill we must all learn.

151. Instrumention and Monitoring API in Node.js

The concept of instrumentation often refers to tracing where events happen in an application. Many application performance monitoring (APM) tools use it to provide metrics on the inner workings of your application. But sometimes, all you really need are details about API calls.

152. Building a Design System for Email Templates (React)

Arthur Tkachenko is releasing a React component-based design system for email templates.

153. The Noonification: The Ray of Madness (9/18/2022)

9/18/2022: Top 5 stories on the Hackernoon homepage!

154. The Art of Debugging

How to debug your code

155. The Mobile Debugging Writing Contest by Sentry

Here’s the Mobile Debugging Writing Contest by Sentry and HackerNoon for y’all!

156. The Mighty App Developer vs a Pesky Bug

A year ago, I, the almighty mobile application developer, was brought down by a pesky bug that was causing my precious creation to crash frequently for users.

157. 4 Ways to Fix Quickbooks Install Error Code 1712

Here are 4 Ways to fix Quickbooks Install Error Code 1712.

158. How to Upload Source Maps to Sentry with Next.js

Troubleshooting with source maps uploading to Sentry with Next.js

159. How to Debug Microservices Swiftly and Efficiently with KubeOrbit

KubeOrbit, a cloud-native platform, has made deploying environments and debugging easier than before.

160. Here's the Quick Guide You Need to Solve All Your Git Issues!

The best way to become a better developer is to make contributions easy. What better way to do that then mastering git and Github

161. On Dynamic Observability and Team Culture with Liran Haimovitch, Rookout CTO

Rookout Co-Founder and CTO, Liran Haimovitch, shares the origin story of their debugging tool, what excites him about the startup life, PLG, and more.

162. 9 Points to Remember When Designing a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Template

Designing a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) template will play a pivotal role in carrying out the UAT process in a streamlined and efficient manner.

163. Simplify Custom User Models by Open-Sourcing Django-Swap-User

if you are tired of copying a custom user model from one project to other ones—use this package. It will do it all for you!

164. The Noonification: Can Mankind Survive as an Interplanetary Species? (10/20/2022)

10/20/2022: Top 5 stories on the Hackernoon homepage!

165. Charging Up Your Debugging Skills

After struggling with a finicky laptop charger, I learned some valuable lessons in software debugging

166. Using Playwright Test for VSCode to Debug Your Code

Playwright Test for VSCode allows you to install Playwright in your projects or add new browsers configuration, but today the goal is the debug.

167. How to Use ROP Vulnerability in PicoCTF Ropfu Challenge

This is a write up for solving the picoCTF challenge 'ropfu' in binary exploitation category.

168. How to Write Your First Unit Test With Jasmine

Let’s take a more practical look at a simple case for testing.

169. Bugsnag's Diagnostics Tools Benefits Eventbrite

As Eventbrite neared the release of their rewritten platform in React.js, they knew observability on the frontend was a problem they needed to solve.

170. A Deep Insight on Memory Debugging

This isn't just about memory leaks. Understanding how RAM is used and its content provides insight into the app you can't get in any other way!

171. How to Build a DevOps Culture Within Engineering Teams

172. A Deep Dive into How Typescript Enums Work

Enums, short for Enumerations, are preset constants that can be defined by a developer for use elsewhere in the code.

173. Debugging Tips Capsule For Beginners

The ZIP file contains bugreport-BUILD_ID-DATE.txt file, which is the most important to inspect the error.

174. How To Use Common Sense, HTML, CSS, and JS. To Make An Analogue Clock

Simple steps to create an Analogue Clock project with HTML, CSS, and JS and what the project can teach you about the development process and documentation.

175. The #MobileDebugging Writing Contest: Round 2 Results Announced!

Here are the results of the #MobileDebugging Writing Contest, Round 2!

176. 7 Most Common Google Chrome Problems and How to Fix Them

This is a post on 7 common Google Chrome problems. Learn how to fix them in this in-depth post.

177. Bugsnag Beginners Series: Part 2 - Error Details

In part 2 of the Bugsnag Beginners Series we will cover the error details page and how it can be used to maximize error debugging in your Bugsnag Dashboard.

178. Using Lightrun to Debug the Java Message Service (JMS) API

Due to their asynchronous nature and production complexities debugging messaging systems is remarkably hard... WAS remarkably hard...

179. Fullmetal Alchemist and The Philosophy of Debugging

Finally got through all the content around the much-hyped Fullmetal Alchemist in 2020, and I was not disappointed; quite the opposite. It evokes philosophical questions on the things we do and how we do them. So naturally, with software engineering for me.

180. How to Write Tests with the Playwright Testing Framework

In this post, you will learn how to write tests with Playwright, using assertions, locators and more.

181. Software Testing as a Job to Enter the Tech Space

Software testing is a tech job that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves.

182. Blockchain App Debugging: Bugs You Need to Be Aware Of

If bugs are discovered, all devices must update to the latest version of the app.

183. The Browser in the Browser (BITB) Attack: Lies, Deceit, and CSS

“Beware the Ides of March”, they say; and we should for good reason.

184. The Ultimate C# .Net Testing Setup

Basically, we need to ability to write test classes and methods and have the base infrastructure for them.

185. Improving the Code One Line at a Time

In previous episodes, we showed some heuristics to find not-so-good code.

186. Why it's Time to Stop Using Meaningless Test Values

Did you ever find a test where the mock data was a bunch of meaningless "test" strings and 123 integer values? Yeah, me too — and it sucks.

187. The Dangers and Pitfalls of Remote Debugging: What You Need to Be Careful Of

Debugging over the network using a protocol like JDWP isn't hard. However, there are risks that aren't immediately intuitive and some subtle solutions

188. A Hacker Tried to Steal $566M by Exploiting a Code Smell, Here's How

Yesterday, 2022 Oct 7th one of the larger blockchains had to be halted. This news was shocking since most blockchains are decentralized by definition.

189. Using Stability as a Barometer of Quality and Quantity

Users have high expectations for performance and demand consistent updates with new features and content.

190. Production Troubleshooting - What to do When Disaster Strikes

Production is failing and everything is lost? That used to be the case. Fail whale, hysteria and panic. Developer observability fixes this!

191. Learn How to Live with Immutable and Reliable Objects in Java

Create immutable object java. The best way to create Immutable object. Reliable Objects Java

192. Was it Smart to Switch from Linux to ChromeOS Flex?

My personal experience with switching my computer's OS from Linux to ChromeOS flex.

193. Top Penetration Testing Providers: What You Need to Know Before Opting for One

In this blog post, we will take a look at the best penetration testing companies and explain what you need to know before opting for one.

194. Applications of DistSQL: Build a Dynamic Distributed Database

Taking data sharding as an example, we illustrate DistSQL's application scenarios to create a distributed database.

195. Small-scale Logs Processing and Analysis

Occasionally you need to process some HTTP server logs and extract analytical data from them.

196. What is Production Blindness?

Cloud rose to fame on the banner of cutting costs but with its tremendous growth the spend is rocketing. Learn how you can cut down overspend.

197. Enter the Cloud Native Dojo: Blackbelt-Level Debugging

In this article I want to go over three big challenges we face when debugging modern applications: polyglot debugging, unreproducible and data pollution

198. Vue Amsterdam 2022 - Part VI: It’s a (Testing) Trap!

Common testing pitfalls and how to solve them.

199. Scraping Google Shopping Using Puppeteer and Browserless

An easy tutorial showcasing the power of puppeteer and browserless. Scrape Google Shopping to gather prices of specific items automatically!

200. Making Debugging Easy With Console Wrangling

Here we talk about two of the functions available on the console object: console.table() and console.trace().

201. Node Version Manager (NVM): How to Install and Use (Step-by-Step Guide)

In this article, I will tell you how to install Node Version Manager (NVM) on your computer step by step in a more optimal way.

202. How to Understand Source Code and Delve Deep into the Codebase

Learn a new codebase by diving into it with debuggers to understand the full extent of internal semantics & interactions within the project.

203. #Debugging Writing Contest: April 2022 Results Announced!

April's winners of the Debugging Writing Contest, held by HackerNoon and Sentry! Take part to win money from a US$1000 prize pool with 4 winners each month!

204. How to Find the Stinky Parts of Your Code [Part XXVI]

How to debug your code the easy way

205. Mobile App Debugging: Localizing Defects and Making Bug Reports

Mobile app debugging requires the creation of bug reporting. In this article, I'll describe how to localize mobile app defects and create mobile app bug reports

206. Contest Prompt Questions: Debugging [Sample 2]

Bugs, like code, can be baffling and intricate. Why is there a random part of the screen glitching for no apparent reason? Is it the Matrix, your code, both?

207. Domixity Reaches 99.99% Stability on Android App with Bugsnag

208. The #MobileDebugging Writing Contest: Share Your Story and Win from $6000

Write about a time when you struggled (and later, triumphed) to identify a bug or performance issue in your mobile application and win from $6000!

209. Why Use the Pressable Component Over the Touchable Components

A definitive guide on when you should use the Pressable component and when you should (or shouldn't) use the Touchable components.

210. What Fixing a Bug Looks Like

It’s impossible to write code without bugs— you always start with something, test it, and repair whatever is wrong.

211. Solved a Software Performance Issue? Share Your Story and Win $$$!

Hey Hackers! Do you have a kick-ass software performance story to share? Here’s your chance to win money from a $1000 monthly prize pool.

212. Memory Debugging and Watch Annotations

RAM profiling has its strengths and weaknesses. The debugger is the perfect complementary tool that translates obtuse statistics to actionable changes

213. Error Handling Test for Web Applications Without Coding

Writing code that works when everything works as expected can be termed as Happy Path coding. It is a very good start. An experienced developer actually thinks all possible use cases and corner cases and make sure his code informs the users of the application even when an unexpected error happens. This level of coding is brilliant and the most wanted way to operate in Software Engineering.

214. Watch Area and Renderers: Everything You Need to Know

Stop digging through variables in the watch to find nuggets of gold, or rerunning the expression evaluation. Use entity renderers instead.

215. Nested Changes in Vue: How to Watch Out for them

In Vue, we sometimes want to watch for changes of properties within properties. In this guide, let's look at how to watch for nested changes in Vue.

216. How Bugsnag Helped 99designs Standardize Debugging and Create Efficiencies

99designs’ engineering team now uses Bugsnag to troubleshoot errors in more than 25 projects, written in multiple coding languages.

217. Let’s Understand Chrome V8 — Chapter 6: Bytecode Generation

Bytecode is the output of the parse, which is an architecture-independent abstract machine code.

218. Importance of VAPT in Software Product Development

Vulnerability Assessment helps identify the key susceptibility and configuration issues by evaluating servers, systems, and network devices.

219. The Debugging Writing Contest 2022: Round 4 Results Announced!

Heyo! Here we are with the Round 4 of the Debugging Writing Contest powered by Sentry and HackerNoon!

220. How to Find the Stinky Parts of Your Code [Part XXIX]

Many more code smells and refactorings

221. Book Review: Why Programs Fail

First in a long series of book reviews focusing on production, debugging and developer relations

222. An Intro to the Playwright Testing Framework

Playwright is a testing framework to handle e2e testing. With Playwright we can write e2e tests and run them in different browsers, like Chrome, Firefox and Web

223. Contest Prompt Questions: Debugging [Sample 1]

Write about a time when you struggled (and later, triumphed!) to identify a bug or performance issue.

224. 10 Must Have Chrome Extensions for a Web Developer

A list of browser extensions made for web developers to help them debug, test, and make their applications reliable.

225. Migrating Appium Tests to Sauce Labs

Scale your Appium tests with moving to cloud.

226. How to Make an Unforgettable Code Review? Guide for Authors

Code review is an integral part of any software development process. Here are a couple of rules for making great code review.

227. How to Find the Stinky Parts of Your Code [Part XXXI]

Beginners are afraid to remove code. And many seniors too.

228. A Look into Remote Debugging and Developer Observability

Connect to remote processes to solve bugs using remote debugging and observability. Learn how you can securely scale your debugging to match growth.

229. The Myriad Benefits of Contributing to Open Source Projects with Piyush Badkul

Piyush Badkul's work involves designing, deploying, scaling, and optimizing the core IMS network for the Indian Government's Telecom Technology Centre.

230. The Noonification: Web Automation with Python and Selenium (9/10/2022)

9/10/2022: Top 5 stories on the Hackernoon homepage!

231. How I Debugged a Mobile Development Tutorial App

My experience with correcting code for a mobile app from a tutorial material.

232. 5 Ways to Overcome CI/CD Challenges

5 Challenges of CI/CD - how you can solve them!

233. Comparing Perfetto With Android Profiler

Perfetto integrates with ftrace Linux, so it can trace Android, Linux as well as Chromium.

234. Doubt is Essential in Debugging

If you don't have doubt then you're probably a bad dev. Doubt is good. It means self inspection and elasticity in a field where things always change.

235. Spring Boot Performance Workshop with Vlad Mihalcea

Learn how to improve the performance of a Spring application and diagnose problems in production. Lessons from our live workshop covering JPA!

236. ShardingSphere-Proxy Front-End Protocol Troubleshooting Guide and Examples

Case study: introducing the tools used in database protocol development with a troubleshooting guide for ShardingSphere-Proxy MySQL protocol issues.

237. Bugged: A Thrilling Tale of Tech Troubles and Triumph

When a strange bug starts causing problems in her mobile app, a determined developer sets out to fix it at all costs.

238. Don't Choose Between Creating Automated Tests or Implementing New Features: Try This Tool Instead

How to create integration tests for an API server with 90% Code Coverage in 1 hour without writing any code.

239. Follow These Tips If Your Android Apps Keep Crashing

There are several factors to cause apps to crash on your Android smartphones. Sometimes one or several bugs are responsible for crashing the apps.

240. Dirty Jobs: Debugging Till the Last Minute

Debugging in practice means getting lost on tangents, trying to look good in front of your subordinates and doing just a little bit of debugging on the side.

241. Shrinking Choices, Shrinking Values - Property-based Testing (Part 5)

Explaining how property-based testing libraries like hypothesis shrink random values to make them easier to understand and debug.

242. Get Started With Sidekick Open Source Live Debugger in 5 Mins

Sidekick is a live application debugger that lets you troubleshoot your applications while they keep on running. Here is how you can start using it in 5 minutes

243. 7 Common Errors in Magento Online Shops and How to Fix Them

There are many common challenges that come with having a store built on Magento. Find out what they are, and how to solve them.

244. NEW Gaming and Debugging Contests Announced With Awesome Cash Prizes

Check out these two NEW writing contests ON NOW!

245. Detecting, Investigating, Verifying Fixes for Security Incidents, Zero Day Issues Using Lightrun

Cover major milestones in app security: finding the issue, evaluating a breach, proving it and validating the fix. Lightrun rises to the challenge.

246. How to Debug Like a Senior Developer

My new online course is launching with the first video ready to view. Many more are coming in the coming months, also my book is ready for preorder!

247. Debugging jsoup Java Code in Production

Scraping is a fragile discipline. As a workaround we often use a server. Debugging these issues is remarkably difficult. Or at least it was.

248. Singleton Beans and Debugging Nightmares 😲

A Spring bean. Sounds relatively harmless, doesn't it? What if I told you that this could be the source of many headaches in web servers, especially if you are

249. The Effect of Multiple Switching to and From Compose on Application Performance

In this article I want to evaluate the impact on performance of multiple switching from xml to compose and back.

250. Get Started with Sylver - Part1 : Build a JSON Parser in 49 lines of Code

Building a JSON parser in 49 lines of code

251. Best Practices to Write Unit Tests the Right Way

In this article we will review some best practices and must-have libraries which will get your unit tests to the next level.

252. What Should I Do After the Data Observability Tool Alerts Me

We need to start building the best practices across the ecosystem to maximize the value of data observability.

253. 3 Golang Pitfalls Every Developer Needs to Know

Over-viewing common coding pitfalls we've encountered when we started to use GoLang for production systems

254. The Commonalities Between Locating Bugs and Crime Solving

A year ago, I got an offer for the role of QA Manual Engineer at inDriver. But before that, I spent seven years investigating criminal cases.

255. A Quick Tutorial to Hashcode and Equals Debugging

Standard Java methods hashcode and equals are crucial to performance but this is very hard to detect as they're often too small for profilers

256. The 1990's Called, They Want Their Bug Reporting Process Back

Software development has improved 100x since the internet was invented, but how people report bugs has not changed since the 1990s.

257. Challenges of Test Automation (Before vs Now)

This blog will walk you through some of the most common challenges faced by the testers and we can help you to overcome those.

258. Using the Software Testing Maturity Model to Refine Your Testing Strategy

Want to improve your software quality engineering processes but don't know where to start? This software testing maturity model and assessment may help!

259. Debunking the Myths Around No-Code Technology

No-code tools have become a key enabler of the digital transformation age, allowing people without specialized skills to create apps and websites.

260. The Myths and Realities of Bug-Free Code

261. Git Bisect for Understanding the Root Cause of Regressions

Your git fairy godmother will test and locate the bugs for you with a swish of her magic wand. All you need to know are the magic words: git bisect...

262. Explore the Origins of Debugging

Computer code was originally written by hand, and recorded in physical notebooks.

263. Three Amigos Teach Us a Lot About Writing Better Agile User Stories

Do you use the “Three Amigos” Agile strategy?

264. The #MobileDebugging Writing Contest: Round 3 Results Announced!

The results of round 3 of the #MobileDebugging Writing Contest by Sentry and HackerNoon are here!

265. Use Automation to Streamline Debugging in Multi-Team Apps

Use Automation to Streamline Debugging in Multi-Team Apps

266. Strategies For Mobile App Performance Testing

A good app is one that can perform better and these performances are tested through some performance matrices which are highlighted here.

267. Using the Kubernetes Controller for Envoy

Creating Kubernetes controller for Envoyproxy with xDS protocol and Custom Resource Definition

268. Beyond A/B Testing — Switchbacks and Synthetic Control Group

Experimentation designing in the marketplace without AB-Testing using Synthetic Control Groups and Switchbacks.

269. Why Every Software Development Project Needs a QA

If you have a team of programmers, but there is still no QA specialist, read the article to learn about why building a successful startup needs a QA specialist.

270. How to Save Hundreds of Hours on Lambda Debugging

Lambda debugging can take hours to resolve. Learn these time-saving methods to quickly scan logs and errors in your Lambda functions

271. What’s in Store for the Future With GraalVM?

The big release of Spring and official support for spring native resurfaced my thoughts on migrating to GraalVM native image. Is it SubstrateVM time?

272. Logging in Observability - Part 1

rsyslog vs journald vs filebeat

273. Unit Testing Made Easier With Pure Functions

By getting used to unit tests, they can start to familiarize themselves with the codebase and make significant progress while facing no risk or stress.

274. Reactime, Time Traveling State Debugger: Now Supporting Concurrent Mode, Routers, and more

Chrome dev tool for tracking and visualizing state changes in React applications

275. Leviathan Level 2 → Level 3 | Learn Basic Exploitation Techniques

Learn linux command by playing Leviathan wargame from OverTheWire. This wargame doesn’t require any knowledge about programming - just a bit of common sense and some knowledge about basic *nix commands.

276. Understanding Debugging Using Non-breaking Breakpoints

Tracepoints (AKA Logpoints) are slowly gaining some brand name recognition. But some still don't know about the whole non-breaking breakpoints family.

277. Debugging Threading Issues - Deadlocks and Race Conditions

Threading issues are a piece of cake with these simple debugger techniques. Yes, you CAN debug threads with breakpoints, when using the right type!

278. Fine-tune Your Product In No Time

Being experts in the IT industry, we at QAWERK know about the importance of testing and want to share this knowledge as we believe high-quality software is the key to success.

279. When are Barrel Exports Harmful

Why we should be careful not to abuse barrel exports in our TypeScript code.

280. Asterisk's Unnoticed Bug: The Double Quote Bug

While powerful, Asterisk is not foolproof. One bug generates the 400 Bad Request SIP error and is caused by the incorrect use of Double Quotes in the process.

281. How to Use Insomnia to Upgrade Dependencies 

When you have a good test suite running against your codebase, you can upgrade your dependencies with confidence.

282. How to Use OpenTelemetry to Identify Database Dependencies

Tired of debugging your application to find out its database dependencies? There is a smarter way to track them with OpenTelemetry.

283. Security is at Odds With Productivity and Team Cohesion

Security is at odds with productivity and team cohesion. It doesn't have to be. There's a balance to strike that mitigates external and internal risk.

284. The Debugging Writing Contest 2022: Round 5 Results Announced!

Here are the nominees and winners for the 5th Round (August 2022) of Debugging Writing Contest by Sentry and HackerNoon.

285. Shrinking for Easier Debugging - Property-Based Testing (Part 3)

An explanation and short implementation of how shrinking works in property-based testing

286. Tips for Fixing Your Flaky Tests

Learn how to get better consistency around your automated tests by both fixing your existing flaky tests, and writing better tests going forward!

287. Building a Solar Harvesting Wi-Fi Camera

Compact and waterproof camera based on ESP32 usable for short periods of time, powered by solar energy.

288. JDWP is a Security Risk and Here's Why

Calling JDWP (Java Debug Wire Protocol) insecure doesn’t make any sense. It wasn’t designed to be secure so it isn’t... It was designed for internal use only

289. Well-Architected Microservices

This is a list of items that has helped me to build, run and scale microservices efficiently and securely.

290. How App Statistics Helped Resolve a Bug in My Mobile App

“Users cannot open the app.“ This was the message causing chaos all over. So I did a quick installation of the app again, and to my surprise, the app was workin

291. How to Debug Streams and Collections

Java 8 streams improved code readability they also provide great debugging opportunities. There are amazing tools for inspecting collections & arrays.

292. An Intro to QAOps in Continuous Delivery Systems

In the common paradigm, dedicated QA teams solely focus on product quality. QAOps enables an efficient quality assurance process.

293. API Automation: 5 Areas to Focus on

API automation goes beyond testing: here are 5 automation areas to focus on in your API program.

294. Manticore Search: Wordforms vs Exceptions

Exceptions and wordforms are two useful tools built into Manticore Search, which you can use to improve search recall and precision.

295. Change Data Capture to Accelerate Real-time Analytics

There is nothing new in saying that startups leverage Big Data and AI to develop more innovative business models.

296. You Can Build a Mobile App in Python but Packaging It Risks a Storm of Bugs

How to debug a python mobile app during packaging

297. Common Courier Troubleshooting Solutions for Developers

Read example issues around Courier’s Gmail integration and API rate limits, an incomplete data profile, and an incomplete request with Inbox and Toast.

298. Apache ShardingSphere's SPI and why it’s simpler than Dubbo’s

Compared to Dubbo, the ShardingSphere SPI is more streamlined, powerful, and easier to use. This post reviews Apache ShardingSphere’s SPI, and why it’s simple.

299. Engagement Communication

Communication is key in any project  - yet, it’s especially critical during a penetration test.  Because pentests are a point in time event with a time constraint, it becomes even more important to communicate any findings, blockers, changes to the environment, and/or any other variables that may turn into a hurdle for testers. Additionally, since pentesting can affect applications, environments and the access to them negatively, the importance of communication is amplified. Thus, the timing of communication is crucial to the success of the test.

300. Everything You Need to Know About Debugging Threads and Asynchronous Code

Track thread race conditions, figure out deadlocks, and understand the flow of asynchronous applications (even in custom code) using the debugger.

301. JMXTerm-An Open-Source Debugging Tool

Monitor your application in production or locally. Understand what's going on under the hood while debugging & change application settings on the fly.

302. Why Your Project Should Start With The Discovery Phase

Does the discovery phase a Big Thing in business?

303. Dealing with Velo Web Modules: Our Advanced Tips for Improved Function Import

Web modules are exclusive to Velo and enable you to write functions that run server-side in the backend, and easily call them in your client-side code.

304. Top 5 Tips for Securing Your GitOps Environments

Here are the top 5 Tips for securing GitOps environments.

305. What does API Gateway Encoding not Enabled mean?

In this quick debugging article, you'll learn what does the error api gateway encoding not enabled mean, and how to handle or debug it.

306. Automated Testing Guide, types, applications, & techniques.

The software industry has been seeing a substantial increase in demand for upgrading existing software & introducing new software in the market.

307. 3 Tips for Effective Kubernetes Application Troubleshooting

While debugging applications is slightly easier than solving issues with K8s clusters, it’s hardly a straightforward task. Here are three ways to simplify it.

308. Tips And Tricks For iOS Application Debugging

App debugging is an essential part of the app development lifecycle. Bugs can be insidious, and we need to find them as fast as possible to get more time for fixing. Yes, of course, it would be great to write code without any issues that work just perfect, but we are people, and it’s a normal thing to make mistakes. In this article, you will read about some useful & fun tools that I prefer to use in my day to day iOS app debugging at Uptech. We will touch a few themes like:

309. Everything Technical Project Managers Need to Know About End-to-End Testing

End-to-end testing is a technique to test a software’s workflow from start to end to ensure it works as expected.

310. Logging in Observability - Part 2

In this article, I want to describe how to work with logs, analyze them in the command line, and we will consider new modern tools to visualize logs.

311. Turning Debugging into a Life-Long Mission

Debugging is a means to tackle problems but what if it is possible to solve debugging itself?

312. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Unit Test High Code Coverage With TDD

High unit test code coverage is often viewed as a key indicator of code quality, but it's important to focus on the quality of the unit tests, not just the cod

313. How to Debug Your Production Process

Learn how Codename One debugs its production servers securely and without service disruption by leveraging Lightruns production debugger

314. Why the AWS Console Isn’t the Best for Serverless Debugging

Debugging and troubleshooting in AWS Console is hard and time-consuming. Here's a few reasons why you should stop digging around in Cloudwatch.

315. How to Find the Stinky Parts of Your Code [Part XXV]

The smell of code smells is a classic, but you should look at it more carefully if you want to improve your code smell.

316. Introductory Guide to Debugging Lambda Configuration Errors

The “Lambda configuration error” is as generic as it gets but at the end of the day, it's a pathing issue. Let's go over how to resolve this.

317. Debugging Angular Applications: The Tool You Need to Know

Angular DevTools is a great tool to make app development faster and more efficient.

318. PHP on Docker from Scratch in 2022

How to set up a repository with Docker 'from scratch' to develop PHP 8.1 applications in 2022.

319. Test Driven Development (TDD): Killing Bugs Before Day Zero

Here's why you need to know TDD craft.

320. Debugging Tutorial: Java Return Value, IntelliJ Jump to Line and more

Posted two new videos in the "140 Second Duckling" series. They cover some basic and some little known features of debuggers. Such as Object Marking

321. 8 Debugging Techniques for Dev & Ops Teams

This blog highlights eight debugging techniques that will help Software engineers adopt the DevOps approach to debugging a code.

322. Getting Started Debugging Spring Transactions in Production

We use annotations to denote transactional behavior in modern Spring so we have no code, no failure, no debugging... But is it really?

323. Applying the Test Pyramid to iOS Applications

Unit tests, which appear in the bottom layer, are cost-effective, take the least amount of time to run, and should therefore make up the majority of tests.

324. AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity WHAT?! Debugging the Github to AWS OIDC InvalidIdentityToken Failure Loop

We encountered the InvalidIdentityToken error with the AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity method - we'll dive into how to fix it.

325. The Debugging Writing Contest 2022: Round 3 Results Announced!

Round 3, here we go!! Let’s see the June winners of the Debugging Writing Contest by Sentry!

326. An Essential Guide to Polyglot Cloud Native Debugging: Beyond APM and Logging

Cloud native debugging is a tedious process of sifting through logs and analyzing dashboards. Continuous observability enables last mile investigation

327. Debugging Collections, Streams and Watch Renderers

Inspecting the data in the watch quickly is key to a fast and effective debugging session. Here's how you can see the data that's important instantly!

328. Breakpoints: What They Are and Why They're So Powerful

Learn about tracepoints (AKA logpoints) how exception breakpoints don't have to suck, watchpoints, filters & why method breakpoints are problematic.

329. How to Debug Issues with the Java Collections Framework in Production

Outside of the language itself, collections are the most basic building block for Java applications. How do we expose them for debugging?

330. The Blind Spots of Debugging in VS Code

16 missing features in the VS code debugger that are available in IntelliJ/IDEA. Are they worth switching your main IDE? Detailed lists and videos.

331. How to Find the Stinky Parts of Your Code [Part XXIV]

Most of these smells are just hints of something that might be wrong. They are not required fixed per se… (You should look into it though.)

332. Debugging Node JS Inside Docker: An Essential Guide

Ever wondered how to debug inside a Docker Container? Learn how to use remote debugging to debug remotely in a docker container.

333. Using 'Git Pull' for Force Overwriting Local Changes

Have you ever been working on a project in git and ran into an error telling you that you can't use git pull because you have local changes?

334. Dubugging Cypress Seeds: 3 Ways to Speed Up Your Seed Data

If seeding the database for your end-to-end tests is taking too long—or not finishing at all—here are three ways to speed things up.

335. An Introduction to 140 Second Ducklings: What is Debugging?

I’m launching a new twitter video series that will focus on teaching the concepts of debugging (and other concepts) in small video bites this is the first video

336. Monitor Your AppSync GraphQL APIs with Simplicity

Learn what and how to monitor AWS AppSync to manage your APIs for GraphQL, effectively log changes made in your apps and other essential features for devs.

337. Why Understanding Infrastructure-as-code is Critical to Scaling Your Technology Infrastructure

Infrastructure as code (IaC) is one of the most important trends in modern IT development. Read about the benefits of IaC and how to implement it.

338. One of These Fonts is Not Like the Other

This Slogging thread by David and richard-kubina occurred in hackernoon's official #techsupport channel, and has been edited for readability.

339. How to Efficiently Generate Test Data With SQL

There are a large number of utilities for generating test data. Here are some examples of using SQL queries to generate test data.

340. Avoiding Data Silos in Presto in Meta: From Raptor to RaptorX

Raptor is a Presto connector (presto-raptor) that is used to power some critical interactive query workloads in Meta (previously Facebook).

341. Going Beneath the GraphQL Federated API

Want to understand how GraphQL Federation works? Follow on

342. A Guide to Local Debugging with Datadog Agent

The Datadog tool is used to visualize production logs. It can be installed on a MacOSX machine.

343. Getting Started With Rego

For engineers that are used to imperative languages like Javascript or Python, Rego can look a bit foreign. Here's a few tips for getting started.

344. DevOps Vs. SRE: Similarities, Differences, and Challenges

With the global tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Netflix pioneering the adoption of DevOps and SRE, their ROI has grown in leaps and bounds.

345. Low Code Tools for Test Automation

In this article, I will share a state of the art in the test automation field, specifically with the low code approach.

346. Debugging with Exception Breakpoints in Java

Dial up your debugging skills to 11 by leveraging some of the lesser known capabilities for debugging highly complex systems such as filters & wildcards

347. How to Stop Giving Away Money to AWS by Running KubeCF with Kind on MacOS

I've reviewed how to deploy KubeCF on EKS, which gives you a nice, stable deployment of KubeCF, for cost. Now let's run KubeCF on your Mac for free(ish)!

348. Debugging with Render: Two Effective Methods

When you use Render to deploy your Node.js application with Postgres database, you can debug easily with integrated tools like Datadog and Log Streams.

349. How to Find the Stinky Parts of Your Code [Part XXIII]

It smells because there are likely many instances where it could be edited or improved.

350. The Debugging Writing Contest 2022: Final Round Results Announcement

YAAAASSSSS, it’s the Finale! Welcome to the final round results of the Debugging Writing Contest by Sentry!

351. 3 Keys to a Successful Continuous Testing Implementation

In this post, I'll be sharing some key considerations and tips from our guide in order to successfully implement continuous testing.

352. Using External Debugging Tools dtrace and strace

Track bugs within an application and its external dependencies without the source code or deep knowledge of the environment using these amazing tools!

353. Why Jetpack Compose Is Not Ready For You

The New Technology Dilemma

354. How to Become a Quality Assurance Engineer

A Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer is a professional who tests software during the entire development process.

355. A Quick Start Guide to Use ShardingSphere-Proxy in Real Production Scenarios

This post describes how to use ShardingSphere-Proxy and what's its differences with ShardingSphere-JDBC.

356. The Basics of Breakpoints you Might not Know

We work with debuggers practically every day & yet so much remains unknown. We’re operating this complex tool while using 4 or 5 basic features...

357. Removing Bugs in Git

When you are working on a huge project, you may discover bugs in the code that prevent you from proceeding any further in your development. How to fix them?

358. All Types of POST Requests With API Tester

Post requests are the most common types of requests that we perform on the internet and it is very useful in our day-to-day work life.

359. Why Project Maintenance Should Not Be Done By A Separated Team

Suppose you have to add a new major feature to an app.

360. Debugging on Mobile is Too Hard

Debugging mobile software can be a challenging task, but it is an essential part of the development process.

361. Debug User Complaints Better by Logging Errors in Support Requests

Customer support requests can be ambiguous and frustrating. Here's how to create more visibility into problems affecting your users.

362. Optimizing Database Operations With OpenTelemetry

Learn to use OpenTelemetry to monitor and identify the database issues in your application and remediate them to optimise your database operations quickly.

363. How to Apply Security at the Source Using GitOps

Discover how GitOps can improve your current methodology. Also, how to add an extra security layer to it and the tools available.

364. Random All the Way Down; Property-based Testing (Part 6)

How to make failing test cases smaller by estimating their size and randomly generating smaller test cases.

365. 5 Hot Velo Practices to Test and Debug Your Website Code

Wix provides several tools for testing and debugging the code in your site. You can start by testing your site in Preview mode before publishing. If you see errors or your site is not running as expected, there are 4 tools you can use to debug the code in your site:

366. Here are the best 11 Website Accessibility Testing Tools for 2022

Website Accessibility Tools help make sure that your website is well-equipped for users to access by testing common problems that many other sites experience.

367. React 18's Concurrent Rendering for Stress Testing: A 3D Rendering Case Study

A deep dive into React 18's concurrent features and stress test it using 3D data visualization built with three.js.

368. A Parable of Pricing, Processors, and Memory

At PEAK6 Capital Management we operate a variety of different systems in support of our trading teams. As we improve and evolve these systems, we sometimes run into hurdles along the way that are not all that easy to diagnose. This is the story of one of these hurdles our systems and core team ran into that came about while updating our pricing system.

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