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362 Stories To Learn About Content Marketing

by Learn RepoJune 23rd, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Content Marketing via these 362 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Content Marketing via these 362 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

Content marketing is the process of creating targeted, strategic content for businesses.

1. Growth Marketing Vs Performance Marketing

Each company has the right to choose growth marketing vs performance marketing for their company and customer. Check this article to know more!

2. Everything That Startups Do Wrong: A Content Marketer’s Perspective

I have around a decade of experience in content and marketing. My first job was in the editorial department of a print publication around ten years ago in Bucharest, Romania, when the digital landscape the way we know it today was almost non-existing. Today, I work as a content marketer for a tech start-up in Singapore, which is often referred to as the Silicon Valley hub of APAC.

3. 12-step Process I Use to Make $5,000 Monthly From Writing

Here's my simple 12-step process I use to make $5,000 every month (you can have it for free).

4. Are Long Blog Posts The Key To An Unfair SEO Advantage?

Are long blog posts the key to an unfair SEO advantage? In 2011 Google released an algorithm update called Panda to filter thin and low-quality content. The Panda update changed the search results, probably doing more good than harm. But algorithms are still lackluster at deciphering content at anything near-human level. Case in point, Google News is terrible at spotting the original or most in-depth stories.

5. Decentralized Platforms: An Answer to EU Digital Markets and the DSA

EU targets digital markets and services with new restrictive legislation, could it be that decentralized digital markets and services are compliant by default?

6. Making Money Online: Turning Content Creation into Career

With the dawn of the digital revolution, came a flood of gateways to work online, and finding niches in the digital sphere.

7. How You Can Take Your Business To New Heights With Digital Marketing

The COVID-19 Times – A Year Dedicated to the Internet!

8. How to Write a Press Release for Your Business

Press releases are important tools for communicating information about your business, product, or event to the media and the general public.

9. Content Is King: 5 Content Creation Tips for Marketing Professionals

Follow these five steps to create content for digital marketing of product and services. Spearhead your digital marketing campaigns with high quality content

10. AI Is Coming for Content Writing. Here Is Why It's a Good Thing

Already, AI writing tools can write better than many humans who do content writing for a living. So is it just a matter of time before the machines come for my

11. EdTech: 7 Ways to Be Better at Stock Photography in Online Education

Stop using bad stock photos in edtech with these 7 tips on how to get the most out of your imagery choices.

12. How to Perform a 5-Step Content Audit of Your Nonprofit's Site

Improve your nonprofit website with these quick and easy steps.

13. 10 Tips B2B SaaS Companies Can't Ignore in Content Marketing Strategy

Check out the 10 best tips to ace your content marketing strategy and learn how and why they're great for customer retention.

14. How to Tell a Product Story (and Get an Enthusiastic Response)

Product storytelling is the buzzword most marketers are chasing, as a good product story has the potential to bring more sales and users and never fade away.

15. Inbound, Outbound, Hellbound. What’s your direction? A Founder’s Guide to Marketing

Add intention and science to your marketing strategies. Rapidly tell stories, and improvise. Make your ideas sprout and get unstuck.

16. Web3 Content Marketing Trends: Community, Autonomy, Semantic Web and Creators

Choosing to be in the dark has never helped anyone. We are in the making of a new internet. Let's be the early adopters and take a lead!

17. Are Referral Programs Good For Your Business?

Businesses rely on referrals to market their products. But the success of a campaign depends on human relationships. Read on to know if it’s right for you.

18. SEO Campaign Tips To Earn More eCommerce Traffic

This article describes SEO techniques to help your website rank for specific keywords on search engines.

19. 4 Facts You Should Know About Republishing Content on Hacker Noon

Common Question: Can I republish content on Hacker Noon if I've already published it elsewhere?

20. A Brief SEO Checklist for 1-Person Teams

Don't have hours to do SEO? Try to at least do everything on this checklist.

21. What is Mobile-First Design and Why You Should Care About It

With an ever-increasing variety of mobile devices quickly overtaking desktop browsing in overall traffic, mobile support is no longer a matter of deciding whether or not you should do it but how you should do it. Like almost everything in software development trends, there is always more than one way to do it. But from all the trends out there I believe mobile-first will fit the bill best for most people and I’ll explain why.

22. Our Secret Recipe for Product Hunt 👀

Hey Folks, we recently launched on Product Hunt and are proud to announce that we won Product of the Day!

23. The Ultimate Instagram SEO Guide for Photographers

Why does Instagram SEO matter? Doesn’t SEO only apply to websites? All these questions are valid and have a proper answer. Instagram SEO is necessary for photographers to display their portfolios on the web. It is mission-critical for those that don’t have a website...yet.

24. Newsletter Launch: Where To Post and Promote Your Side-Project or App

Marketing is a challenge. Everyone who has built anything on the web knows that. This is especially true for us developers. I've watched many great projects go under due to their makers and founders not knowing the basics of getting it noticed. I've spent much of last year learning content marketing and am still on it. I'm not claiming to have the ultimate recipe for overnight success, but I know that putting yourself and your idea out there regularly helps.

25. 10 Ways To Market Your Online Course

How does one decide on the best marketing channel for their specific business? How does one know the measure for success related to the marketing efforts? Whether you have created the game plan for marketing or still wondering where you should begin with, here we shall cover some of the helpful strategies for your business.

26. A True Story About Fake Social Media Followers

The great lengths all wannabe influencers are willing to go to make their fake dreams come true are surreal. Sadly, that's just the tip of the fake iceberg.

27. Importance of Keyword Research in Digital Marketing

Read on to find out why keyword research is such an important part of digital marketing and how good research will help you rank high on search engines.

28. 4 Link Building Techniques to Follow in 2021 [Round-Up Story]

Testimonials, blogs, and networking are among the most popular link building techniques that have stood the test of time. The rules of link building have been changing at a rapid pace, and businesses have little choice but to keep up with the transformation. Websites and online businesses that seek to enjoy popularity and high rankings need to amass a refined skillset, perseverance, and the required tools to adapt to the rapidly changing trends.

29. Case Studies, Digests, Open-source? How Should IT Companies Promote Themselves?

How do you write a case study in a language understandable to the client — without losing expertise?

30. Content Isn't King, Linkbacks Are

Yes, you read it right.

31. How to Write Unique Content: A Detailed Guide

Facing issues regarding How to write unique content is this information age? Let me help you with it!

32. How Publishing 200+ Interviews Changed My Approach To Interview-Based Content

Lessons from publishing 200+ interviews and tactics on cold outreach, having meaningful conversations, writing great content, and building brands

33. How to Tell Your Product’s Story in Compelling Visuals: Advice for Startups on a Budget

A great video can be worth a thousand words – particularly for showcasing your product. Learn how to make engaging videos for your startup on a budget!

34. Increase your Web Copy Conversions with better Messaging

Clear messaging helps your copy stand out and drive desire for your solution. This article shows two ways to use messaging to drive more conversions.

35. Google Analytics 4: How To Use It To Track Your SEO Efforts?

Want to know how to use only Google Analytics to track your SEO efforts? Here can share their best hacks for using the free tool to track SEO.

36. 13 Tips for Writing Better Content Than Others

Learn about how to improve as a content writer and produce good copy with these 11 tips that cover how to find practice and the skill to focus improving.

37. How I Hit the Front Page of Hacker News 5 Times

First, let me turn off your warning bells.

38. 5 Content Strategies That Drive Your Readers to Act

Great content—blog posts, case studies, newsletters, etc.—is a valuable tool for engaging your audience while providing value. Before ever asking for a sale you’re able to give them something, which drives a makes a great impression on anyone who comes across your content.

39. Seven of the Best Online Marketing Books to Read in 2020

Image credit: Unsplash

40. Beyond ChatGPT: How Else Are Content Marketers Using AI Today?

To truly understand ChatGPT’s potential, look at the ways marketers are using AI throughout the content process already.

41. 6 Surprising Blogging Secrets (in 2022)

Using these 6 blogging secrets and focusing on providing value to your readers will help you become a thought leader in your industry and grow your blog.

42. Racial Discrimination in Facial Recognition is a Challenge - With Noonies Nominee Alesia Traichuk

2021 Noonies Nominee General Interview with Alesia Traichuk

43. 7 Ways to Get Into Digital Marketing

With the rise of the internet, digital marketing has paved the way for countless business owners. It continues to grow, expand, and develop rapidly.

44. How to Rank for Multiple Keywords

When you rank for multiple keywords, it becomes easier for you to show up in the top search results of Google.

45. The Noonification: Aptos Fumbles and Why a Killer App Wins Versus L1 (10/21/2022)

10/21/2022: Top 5 stories on the Hackernoon homepage!

46. Seven Resources for Engineers To Become Better Technical Writers

Writing plays a crucial role in the work of an engineer. Young specialists first encounter the need to boost their writing skills while still being in college. No matter if you are studying history or engineering, you will inevitably face tons of written academic assignments. However, when it comes to the field of engineering, coping with college tasks is even harder as it requires having solid technical writing skills.

47. ZigiWave's Emilia Petkova on Learning New Technologies, Work, and Noonies Nomination

Read the story of Emilia, a Tech Marketing Specialist @ZigiWave. See what tech is most exciting to her, and what are her biggest challenges in writing.

48. 5 Easy Ways to Collect Customer Mobile Numbers

Businesses that want to experience the power of SMS marketing must know about five (5) easy ways to collect customers’ mobile numbers.

49. What Web3 Websites Can Learn from Web2 and Its UX

Website user experience is the key to standing out in a crowded web3 ecosystem.

50. An Introduction to Guest Posting and Guest Blogging

Guest posting is not just relevant to writing articles; it is for a higher website authority, qualified traffic, targeted leads, and sales in your business

51. Why Tropicalization Often Fails in LatAm and What Needs to be Done for Success in Digital Products

Tropicalization is a process by which a company adds local flavor to its product, giving it a more regional feel. Here we will discuss costly mistakes

52. "AI Will Take Your Marketing Job Soon Enough": A Response

AI won't take my job as a content writer. Yet, it will improve it. Wanna know how? Check out a content writer's response.

53. Your Digital Presence is More Important Than Ever for Your Business' Success

In 2021, establishing a digital presence is a necessity. It helps you maximize reach, built trust with your target audience, and boost sales.

54. From Chemical Engineering to Content Marketing: Black-in-Tech Interview with Emmanuel Nwaka

The Black in Tech Interview with Emmanuel Nwaka.

55. What are Outbound Links and Why are They Important for SEO?

Many just ignore outbound links while designing strategy lay out for their SEO campaign. But they have to believe Outbound links plays a major role in seo

56. How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Long-Tailed Keyword Strategy

Get better visibility and ranking on SERPs by making long tail keywords an integral part of your SEO

57. If Growth Marketing Is So Terrible, Why Don't Statistics Show It?

Growth marketing is a data-driven approach that focuses on acquiring, retaining, and growing a customer base, though there are those who argue that it is flawed

58. 100+ Companies in Hacker Noon's Brand as Author Program

A running alphabetical list of all brands that enter Hacker Noon's brand-as-author program is below. Read more about how good companies are using accreditation as advertisement by publishing here.

59. The Future of Digital Marketing: 4 Trends to Watch

As marketing in the digital sphere continues to evolve; so do the ways in which we market to consumers.

60. Developing Your TikTok Messaging for Your Marketing Strategy in the "New Normal"

For those, who want to try this trendy business app, remember that you will be creating video content in a different format than Instagram or Facebook.

61. How Venture Capital Firms are Becoming Content Marketing Companies

VC Marketing: A highly competitive market, vague KPIs, and the road less traveled

62. CEO Danielle Dafni on Peech, AI, Content Creation, and More

On today’s episode of Startups On Demand, I am joined by Danielle Dafni, CEO, and Co-Founder of Peech

63. Create a Killer Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business in 9 Minutes

How to create a killer content strategy in 9 minutes

64. How To Build Your Kickstarter Email List With A Lead Magnet Funnel

Want to launch a Kickstarter campaign? Learn how to use a lead magnet to build an email list of potential backers that will fund your project.

65. AI in Marketing Ensures the Survival of Artists Who ‘Think Different’

AI in marketing is tricky as marketing is inherently art. While some see it as a revolutionary step forward, others think otherwise.

66. 6 Ways to Create Social Media Content for Web3 Brands

We begin with a Web3 expert who got arrested by the cops. Then, we proceed with 6 tactics to creating Web3 social media content

67. How to Increase Your People Also Search For (PASF) SERP Visibility

People Also Search for (or PASF) is an immediate organic search feature based on Google's understanding of how people search for a topic.

68. Basic Online Tools You Can Use To Help Kickstart Your Blogging Gig

Blogging is like a whirlwind, and it has gotten everyone caught up in it. For people all over the world, the online world has opened up avenues in terms of technology, careers, and more.

69. 5 Tips to Create an Effective Content Strategy

Want to connect with the right audience and increase your website traffic? Here are 5 useful tips to create an effective content strategy.

70. Meet the Writer: HackerNoon's Contributor Emmanuel Nwaka, Content Marketing Professional

Shared my thoughts about writing on blockchain technology and my experience with Hackernoon

71. Interactive Content Is Changing Customer Experience (CX) For Good

Forget the metaverse: Interactive content is already here, and it's creating a better Internet.

72. Product-Led Content Should Not Feel Like Marketing

Most founders are afraid to sell through their content because it feels too much like marketing. Here's how to promote your product without sounding salesy.

73. Stop Writing Documentation That No One Reads - Know Your Audience

Learn how to write technical documentation that engineers actually read.

74. How I Made My First $10k As An Affiliate Marketer

A case study on how to make $1000+ from an affiliate marketing website. See my successes, failures and lessons.

75. Marketing's New Frontier and The Future of Media

A conversation with Hillel Fuld, on marketing, the future of media, and his personal and professional endgame.

76. 7 Content Marketing Hacks to Gain More Followers on Social Media

Content marketing is an essential part of your overall digital marketing strategy. It helps build awareness and communicates your knowledge to the audience of the subject matter.

77. Content Marketing: A Quick Guide for Beginners

Creating effective content is a big challenge for many businesses. Discover how you can create an effective content marketing strategy.

78. Miki Agrawal on Meaningful Branding and Leveraging Humor in Marketing - ABC Money

Miki Agrawal, Founder of TUSHY, talks about tech, digital marketing, and leveraging the power of humor in today's marketing.

79. How to Create a Successful DOOH Advertising Campaign

We live in a world dominated by smartphones and online media. So why should advertisers choose DOOH in the first place?

80. 5 Key Benefits of Using Videos In Emails as A Marketing Strategy

Video email marketing is a more effective technique of communicating with your customers. Videos are personal, engaging, & are great for improving conversions

81. 6 Marketing Strategies to Win Back Abandoned Cart Users

Practical marketing techniques to bring back abandoned cart users

82. Should We Have the Right to Write What We Want Even When It's Technically Incorrect?

Do we have the 'right' to 'write' what we want, even if it is technically incorrect? Read about an experience I had and decide for yourself.

83. Will Machine Learning Algorithms Encroach on Content Marketers?

Since its inception, the field of online content marketing has been in a constant state of flux. This tendency is built into it — since it operates in an ever changing online world, all it can ever do is change along with the internet. For better or for worse, the rapid advent of machine learning algorithms in online processes will only lead to more change in the field of content marketing.

84. AI and Chatbots in Content Marketing: 4 Applications to Try in 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots continue to grow in popularity.

85. Growth Strategy During the Bear Market: How to Keep Attracting New Users in 2023

Before developing your plan, it is important to understand the different types of crypto users and how to effectively target and attract each group.

86. SEO for Content: How to Get Your Blog Content Found

How to use SEO to make your blog content visible

87. How Top Tech Marketers Receive Quality Traffic: 7 Tips Proven to Reap Recurring Revenue for Years

How Top Tech Marketers Receive Quality Traffic: Proven To Reap Recurring Revenue For Years. 7 lessons in 5 years

88. 10 PR Tips I Use Daily at My Marketing Agency

Sowa Marketing Agency founder Aidan Sowa shares his top ten PR tips to help you nail your next campaign.

89. WTF is A Headless CMS? [Explained]

Key Takeaways (TL;DR)

90. 💵 The Cost of a Bad Website

A realistic overview of the importance of having a good website if you’re a small business.

91. B2B Tech Content Marketing Strategy + 8 Actionable Tactics

Python is the text-based programming language used by millions of professional coders at places like Google, IBM, and even NASA.

92. How to Combat Reader Fatigue to your Content Marketing Campaigns

Does your content generate more yawns than leads? Is your content just another copy of 100 similar articles clogging up the search engines? Hopefully not, but even if you think your content has an impact, there is always room for improvement.

93. 5 Ways Startups Can Grow Content to Rank Quicker

One of the biggest barriers for startup founders is their ability to compete with other businesses. Because of this, ranking on the first page of Google is often an important part of the process.

94. Google May Not Be Able to Crack Down on AI Generated Words

Google will fail to crack down on AI Generated content, but not for the reasons you think. In this blog post, I explored why and how I arrived at my conclusion.

95. Infographics for SEO: Most Underrated Google Ranking Factor

Infographics have been a popular online marketing tool for several years. Not only do they create a visually appealing, consumable piece of content, they can also boost engagement on social media and help improve your website’s search engine optimization.

96. How Airbnb Hacked Craigslist for Viral Growth

Not only did they completely revolutionize and redefine travel as we know it, but Airbnb was also one of the first-ever true “Unicorns”.

97. Accreditation as Advertisement

Authored by David Smooke.

98. COVID-19: An Alarming but Ideal Time for Real Corporate Leadership

Many leaders of corporations and entrepreneurs know that a leadership blog from their personal POV is a useful way to build a brand’s relationship with its audience. But in a time of crisis, having a leadership blog takes on a new level of importance -- one that you should consider.

99. Practical Guide to Jobs-to-be-Done Framework for Building a B2B Content Strategy

The Jobs To be Done framework is an effective tool for mapping out a content strategy that is focused on the buyer’s needs

100. Open Source Founders' Advice on Marketing that You Should not Ignore

Learn from the experience of other open-source founders who have gone through the process of marketing their projects.

101. On Interactive Content and How it Can be Used to Build Brand Loyalty

In the world of marketing, brand loyalty is invaluable. As anyone in the industry will tell you, getting traction in marketing is no small feat.

102. 3 AI and Analytics Solutions Startups and SMEs Should Use Right Now

The recent rapid pace of development in artificial intelligence (AI) technology and data analytics has changed the ways that many of today's biggest companies do business. From Amazon's mastery of consumer preferences to Netflix's uncanny ability to know what users will want to watch even before they know it themselves, there's virtually no market that's been left untouched by the growth of those technologies. For startups and SMEs, however, the pace of adoption of AI and analytics has been slower than many would've hoped (except, of course, within AI-centric startups themselves).

103. The Complete Guide to Social Media for Small Business

The business world is a lot different from the way that it used to be. One thing has however not changed and that is the fact that the business world is a competitive one and for this reason, when a new business or business idea is initiated, the business person must bear it in mind that he or she would be competing against those that have been in the business line for so many years. s

104. How to Apply Web Scraping in Marketing

Both large and small businesses rely more and more on web crawling to boost their marketing efforts.

105. Why Startups Should Focus on Revenue And Innovation, Not at SEO

The success-killer for most startups is not running out of cash. It’s running out of time.

106. How Website Personalization Makes Account-Based Marketing More Effective

In this blog post, we’ll explore the basics of account-based marketing personalization and discuss some of the benefits you can expect from using it.

107. Why You Need an Email List and 3 Ways to Get Your First Subscribers

Having an email list you regularly communicate with is plain smart, and it’s never too late to start.

108. Influencer Marketing can Generate up to 700% RoI But Comes with Risks!

A well-planned influencer campaign can yield much better returns than traditional banner ads. For a fintech project, collaborating with influencers can be a key to success – but only if you manage to negotiate all the stumbling blocks.

109. The Nuts and Bolts of Crafting Quality Content

Discover all you must do to write a content of high-quality, starting from the headline, body, and the conclusion.

110. Four Ways to Improve Your Search Presence on Google

Do you want to improve your search presence on Google? If you said yes, you’re in the right place!

111. How to Embed Content in HTML

Embedding refers to integrating external content on your webpage like images, videos, etc. Learn the history of embedding and how to embed content on a website

112. 4 Tips SaaS Founders can use to Optimize their Sales Funnel

This article will show you 4 tactics for optimizing your SaaS sales funnel

113. How Infographics Can Positively Impact your SEO Rankings[Case-Study]

This content was originally published at

You might have heard this several times before — Content is King! Yes, it is. But today visuals materials like infographics are outperforming.

114. How To Acquire Early Users Through Content Marketing

As the cost of paid acquisition strategies continually rise, it’s more important than ever for brands to leverage content marketing within their digital strategy.

115. A Pessimistic Take on the Future of Content Marketing

Fast food content marketing is cheap, easy to process, and it comes in unlimited quantities.

116. How To Build An Explosive In-House Marketing Team

You need an explosive in-house team with exceptional expertise and killer skills to skyrocket you at an unprecedented speed.

117. WTF is Latent Semantic Indexing?

Have you heard about Latent Semantic Indexing? We can define Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) as the analysis process used by Google to establish semantic relationships inside a website in order to determine its position in the search rankings for certain keywords.

118. 7 Pro Writing Tips for Devs, Founders and Other Non-Writers

When I started my business of making SEO packages and helping businesses rank, I didn’t know that an unpleasant scenario will come knocking at my door only to leave me feeling crippled.

119. PR Support: How Do You Make the Media Talk About You?

How can a business remain in the spotlight when there's nothing newsworthy happening? And what can a small company do to attract attention from the media?

120. How Product-led Content is Revolutionizing SaaS Marketing

Product-led content has changed the way that subscription as a service business models function online, opening new opportunities in the online field.

121. Understanding Search Intent & the Key to Writing for SEO

How to use search intent to create better-ranking content

122. Understanding The Importance of Regular Content Updates For SEO

In this piece, we’ll discuss content decay and how to spot it in its early stages. Then, I'll review the best practices for keeping older posts fresh.


In this article, I’m going to share some tips on how to become a LinkedIn influencer and create viral content. So, let’s get started.

124. Six Blockchain Marketing Trends for 2020

Marketing in the blockchain industry is not for the faint of heart.

125. 4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Planning A Social Media Strategy

What should you know before planning your social media strategy? Build a solid foundation on which to grow your presence online by asking these four questions.

126. 7 Inbound Marketing Terms You Should Know Before Creating an Inbound Marketing Strategy

The Internet has enabled businesses to develop many ways to connect with customers. While many companies recognize the need to invest in digital opportunities with consumers, they don't know how to go about it. As a result, 46% of brands struggle to come up with a defined digital marketing strategy.

127. Growth Hacks to Attract More Visitors to Your Website

In this digital world, having a business website is no longer an option but a necessity. However, there is a huge difference between creating a website and driving traffic towards it, and this difference turns out to play a vital role in the success of different businesses.

128. Six Free Editing Tools to Improve Writing for Bloggers

Reading your article over and over, scrutinizing for even a minor mistake and then sending it to the editor, is what writers find the most tedious part of writing. And, this long process can make you hate your writing skills.

129. Don't Sell Solutions: How Your Scrappy Startup Can Tell Stories That Resonate

by Anne Szustek Talbot, VP of Content, BX3

130. Will AI Replace Copywriters?

Nowadays, everyone knows that the universal implementation of AI is drawing nearer and nearer. With the advancements of technology, and the growing demand for automated processes, in due time our world will change before our eyes. Especially with the current pandemic, people have realized how powerful the internet can be, primarily because they have the capacity to work 24/7.

131. How to Improve Your Internal Linking Strategy (4 Ways)

Do you want to learn how to effectively add internal links to your site? If so, you're in the right place!

132. SEO Woes: Don't Make these 3 Common SEO Mistakes

In this post, we'll discuss the three most common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them.

133. 5 Types of Online Marketing that You Should Know

Are you still exploring online marketing tactics best suited to your needs? Here are the 5 types of online marketing that you should know.

134. How I Drove My First Thousand Monthly Organic Visitors

About four months ago, I wrote my second article ever on my website, Followchain with little to no prior knowledge on SEO.

135. Design Thinking: The Key to Effective Marketing Campaign

Do you know brands like Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola…...why these brands are so successful in their respective fields?

136. AI Vs. Copywriters: Exploring Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

How does artificial intelligence affect future content creation, and why do you need to be a part of the process?

137. How to Know Your Audience

Learn how to harness the power of social media and Internet searches to help your nonprofit's growth.

138. Hack Your Next Hacker Noon Top Story with these Writing Prompts

Stuck on your next big tech story idea?

139. "Go Big or Go Home" - Michael Hummel, Founder Marketing Agency

Welcome to the new episode of Mondays with Entrepreneurs. Our today's guest is Michael Hummel, Founder of Establish PR. He shares his marketing journey.

140. How to Securely Manage User-Generated Content

User generated content has grown in importance, but there are key security challenges that must be considered for brands and devs managing UGC at scale.

141. 6 Actionable Tactics to Improve Content Performance and Ace Content Metrics

For content to be great, it should hit home with your readers, hook them in so they don’t leave your page, make a positive impact on them, and rank higher.

142. Headless CMS and SEO Best Practices

Key Takeaways

143. How to Write Things People Want to Read

A checklist for writing good human-first content

144. Essential Tips for Hacking SEO Backlinks

A look at how to make your site more powerful on the web by focusing on getting more links to it.

145. Strategic Ways to Leverage Content Marketing

Although it has been around for a while, the purpose of content marketing still seems to elude many entrepreneurs.

146. Customer Education: How to Educate Customers Profitable for Business

Customer education is a powerful growth marketing tool for online businesses. I discuss how to create a customer education strategy for your company in 2023.

147. Content Atomization: Your Content Strategy for 2022

Content atomization is breaking down your content or a major theme into smaller, more manageable pieces.

148. 6 Ways to Use Numbers in Titles to Get More Views

Instantly improve your post readership by 112%

149. How to Drive Organic Traffic from Google Discover

Marketers have been catching up with updates and tweaks made by Google over the years.

150. 6 Marketing Problems Of 2021 And How To Fix Them

The internet has changed the world. Most would say for the better, especially those of us running an online business. When it comes to business, marketing has never been so easy as it is today - with access to a plethora of digital marketing channels.

151. 5 Ways To Conquer The Content Game As a SaaS Startup

As a Software-as-a-Service business, building awareness is imperative for your endeavour. Content marketing has established itself as one of the most powerful tools a SaaS company can use to attract, educate and convert customers.

152. Augmented Reality Marketing: It's Now or Never

The catalyst for virtual and augmented reality: that is how the majority of tech analysts describe Covid -19.

153. An Intro to Local Keyword Research in 2022 to Improve Local Visibility

It's important to do local keyword research if you want your business to grow. So, you need to know your target audience so you can choose the right keywords.

154. Demand Generation is the Real Moat!

Demand generation and what it means to create a long-term competitive advantage for a digital, tech business model

155. The Essential SEO KPIs Every Marketer Should Track

One powerful indicator of a successful marketer is the ability to define KPIs, track them and report them. But it is so easy to get lost in the cesspool of SEO analytics data, given the number of reports marketers have to comb through.

156. Is SEO One Giant Scam of a Job?

Those claiming to be an “SEO” probably provide little marketing value

157. How to Write Engaging Copy That Makes Buyers Fall in Love with Your Product

When I joined a copywriting agency, the first thing we did was learn how to use trigger words in our copy. One of my first projects was writing a product description for a sex toy. I had to write a copy that encouraged the target audience to buy “sex toys for couples.”

158. I Met Brad Pitt And It Was More Than Underwhelming

Can everyone just sit down and stay quiet for a minute? You know that you don’t have to be here if you don’t want to, right?

159. Digital and Perfomance Marketing in Comparison

We have put this article together to comprehensively clarify these two phrases, their main differences, and more.

160. Authoritative Infographics Promotion Strategies to Boost Traffic

There’s no denial that visual content catch attention faster and better. Infact, Infographics tend to improve website traffic by 12% because over 40% people respond better to visual information than plain text, as reported here.

161. Conversational Marketing: An Effective Mindset To Engage Audiences

Traditional methods of marketing left customers ignored for a long time. Let's imagine a scene where you see an advertisement that evokes you to buy the product

162. The 6 Key Elements for Marketing in 2020

Digital marketing is an incredible value add for anyone who knows how to make the practice work for them, and a big mystery for those who don’t have the skills or technical knowledge.

163. Why You Should Focus on Brand Awareness Before Anything Else

There are many marketing activities to focus on when building your business. However, brand awareness is the foundation for all other marketing efforts.

164. How to Differentiate Between Article Spinning and Content Repurposing

The topic of article spinning and article spinning tools is a very controversial one — with several SEO ‘experts’ arguing in favor and others arguing against it.

165. "Small Successes Lead to the Biggest Significant Achievements."

Hey Hackers! I’m Sagar and I’m the Team Leader @ Linclogy SEO Services. Check my interview for HackerNoon Contributor of the Year!

166. 24 Content Strategy Tips From Pros For Technologists Who Want to Start Writing

New to blogging? Or wish to revisit your content plan for your long-forgotten blog? You've come to the right place.

167. How to Market on Quora Effectively in 2022

Quora is packed with high-intent users, which are a goldmine for any marketer. Find out how it works, and how you can use it as a marketing channel.

168. 18 AI Marketing Softwares Your B2B Needs to Try Today

Looking for opportunities to apply marketing AI to your B2B or SME? In this article, we cover 7 marketing categories and 20+ tools to do the heavy lifting 🦾📈

169. Uses GPT-3 to Make Content Marketing Easier for Everyone

We believe we’re building something special. And we believe humans need more than AI to create more and better stories. We need each other to grow.

170. How to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2023

Today, content marketing is integral to any brand effort. It helps achieve a wide range of goals, from tailoring brand perception and raising awareness to attracting traffic and increasing conversions, smoothly paving your company’s way towards becoming a market leader.

171. Using Data Analytics Effectively in Marketing

How to make your data work harder for you in marketing

172. How to Use Web Scraping to Empower Marketing Decisions

Learn how to leverage web scraping in marketing. In this article, we unpack use cases and tips for getting started.

173. 9 Research Sources to Generate B2B Content That Stands Out on the SERPs and Converts

Quality contents have one thing in common and that is quality research. Here are 9 places to research to generate B2B content that drives traffic and converts

174. How To Optimize B2B Content Marketing Funnel 2020?

What do you think about B2B content marketing strategy? Does your marketing strategies seem to get the desired results? Is content strategy vital?

175. 10 Underrated Skills That Will Make You an E-commerce Rockstar

Is there a trick to launching a famous Ecommerce Industry? What do famous giants like Amazon have that your business might be lacking? We are here to find out about the 10 most underrated skills that will make you a rockstar in the e-commerce industry. Outdated business structures often go through tides of highs and lows but luckily Ecommerce is thriving well. In fact, at present, it is clearly outperforming other competitive fields.

176. Dear SaaS Managers, Is Your Content Value-Driven?

Want to establish your SaaS brand as the go-to authority in your niche? Start publishing value-driven content. Here's why.

177. How to Combat Reader Fatigue to your Content Marketing Campaigns

Does your content generate more yawns than leads? Is your content just another copy of 100 similar articles clogging up the search engines? Hopefully not, but even if you think your content has an impact, there is always room for improvement.

178. Why Clickbait Is Bad For You

Clickbait helps increase click rate, but is it the best strategy for sharing content? Find out why clickbait is bad for you and how you can use it well here.

179. 3 Tips to Drive High-Quality, Pre-SEO Small Business Web Traffic

By now, there's little mystery left in the world of digital website marketing. Long gone are the days when it was still possible to find loopholes in Google's search algorithm to exploit or to rely solely on black-hat SEO techniques to drive traffic. Instead, the field of SEO has settled into a fairly predictable and stable rhythm where content creation, keyword targeting, and old-fashioned hard work now rule.

180. How to Get Over 1000 Beta Testers for Your SaaS App in 1 Week

A couple of weeks ago, we released our new SaaS app MagicFlow (2K+ MRR) to the public after a 1.5 months beta period.

181. Ignore the Internet (and 3 More Lessons Learned Between $10 and $1,100)

In July, my brother and I launched our first software product after nearly 2 years of working full-time on our business. We hit a big milestone that month and generated our first $10 in software revenue.

182. How to Turn One Twitter Thread Into So Much More Content

Creating Daily Content can be difficult at times.

183. Content Performance: 4 Ways to Optimize Content That Converts

Writing engaging content only works if it converts. Here 4 tips that will help you optimize your content and help it to convert like crazy.

184. How to Use A/B Testing for Product Design Improvement

This guide defines that approach, and how you can use A/B testing for product design improvement.

185. How Another Host's Podcast Helps Promote Yours

For many growth methods, a host can take action on their own. Working with hosts that have similar podcasts is another option. Two hosts can do a podcast to podcast promotion.

186. 5 Ways to Avoid Cliches While Depicting Cybersecurity In Your Images

In this article, we will tell you how to portray cybersecurity so that it turns out to be close and understandable to people, without stamps and standard method

187. The Step-by-step Process to Creating Effective Corporate Explainer Videos

Let’s talk today about "How to Create Effective Explainer Videos". What are the types of explainer videos and how to make them for video marketing

188. Digital Marketing and Web Design with Noonies Nominee, Elizabeth

An interview with Elizabeth, Chief Editor at, a web design and development company.

189. Social Media Strategy: How to Increase LTV by Turning Your Customers Into Your Followers

If you want to increase Lifetime Value (LTV), consider these social media tips that will help you turn your customers into long-term social media followers.

190. The 5 Big Disruptions to Marketing in 2020

Marketing has evolved a lot over the centuries, and it will keep on changing. There are various factors, such as fashion, culture, and technology, that contribute to the changes. It will not be a wise decision to sit back and relax, particularly if you own a business or if you are working in a marketing field. If you do not update yourself, you will cease to be relevant.

191. AI Is the Future of Content Marketing: An Interview With Kate Bradley

Kate Bradley | AI: the Future of Content Marketing

192. Why is Everybody so Confused: What Content Managers Actually Do?

If you run a search for a "content manager" on the Internet, you will not get a clear understanding of what they do and what skills they are expected to have.

193. How Blogging is the Best Way to Build Audience and Grow Your Startup

Find out how blogging can help founders quickly solve many marketing challenges and acquisitions by effectively creating content that can solve common problems.

194. How To Create Marketing Plans That Don't Suck

Welcome to Push ROI’s series on how to create a marketing plan. In part one we will define goals and budgets. Defining budgets and goals are the first steps to being able to plan.

195. How To Make Your Case Study More Effective

In marketing, a case study is a detailed document that shows your users how they can use your brand in specific situations to achieve enormous results.

196. How to Translate Tons of Content Simultaneously Using Google Sheets

This is a generic guide to using Google Sheets to translate large volumes of content into multiple languages.

197. The Ultimate AHREFs Guide: Keyword Research and Beating Your Competition

Want to defeat the competition in a clever yet effective way? Get to know how to take advantage of Ahrefs and take the first spot in SERP!

198. Which Blogging Platform is Right For You?

If you’re thinking about starting a blog need to choose a blogging platform. There are other options aside from WordPress available to chose from like Wix, etc.

199. Promoting Your B2B Content with Purpose: Best Practices for Driving Traffic and Engagement

Content promotion is key to boosting your B2B SaaS Content Strategy, increasing traffic, and driving sales. Get things right and attract your desired audience.

200. Why Should Crypto Projects Model Themselves After Red Bull?

Have you heard about the credibility crisis towards large institutions, media sources, and even financial giants?

201. How You Can Prepare Customer-Engaging Content For Your Website

In 2019, relevant and engaging content is an absolute must for any website. If you wish to attract visitors, you should provide your visitors with a highly personalized and unique experience. Also, you should make sure that the content is easily accessible.

202. Your New HackerNoon Profile Shines Bright Like a Diamond

203. Use These 15 Cognitive Biases to Smoothen Your Marketing and Increase Revenue

Cognitive biases are repetitive mental errors resulting from how our brains function. Due to them, we often act impulsively and that's what marketers can use.

204. 15 Marketing Tools That You Need in 2020

In marketing, as with anything else, without the proper tools, no matter how much effort you put in, the results will never be up to the mark.

205. Deconstructing Content Marketing [Deep Dive]

Before the SaaS revolution started booming, software companies used to be incredibly sales-driven, and the processes they focused on were plain old-school — aggressive engagement with customers and persuasive discussions centered around the product were known to be the norm.

206. Product Marketer vs. Growth Marketer vs. Content Marketer: How to Choose Your First Marketing Hire

Product, growth, and content marketers all have unique roles to play in your tech startup, but which should you prioritize? This article answers that question.

207. How To Do Brand Journalism Right: Insights and Ideas

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 96% of the most successful B2B content marketers state that readers regard companies as a trusted resource before making decisions. Well, that’s a heavy number if you ask me.

208. Email Marketing and How to Curate an Effective Business Newsletter

Email marketing is the most effective channel available to marketers today. It can help you keep your business the center of attention.

209. Six Types of Video Content Startups Can Leverage to Boost Growth

82% of users love to watch video content on Twitter, more than 500 million hours of video content is viewed on YouTube daily, and people spend their one-third of online time on watching videos, according to video marketing statistics.

210. Why You Should Use an Instagram Widget on Your Website

Social media is the necessity of the present time and Instagram is among the most captivating social networking platforms. This ever-evolving platform helps you display all your images and videos in the most lively way.

211. How to Create B2B Content That Doesn’t Suck

Marketers have a bad habit of ruining everything. From SEO to content marketing, we have a tendency to focus on vanity metrics and ignore what's important. It's

212. The Social Media Marketer's Toolkit

Here are the tools you’ll need in 2021 as a Social Media Manager to make your business generate a buzz on social media.

213. Using Social Media to Boost Your SEO ROI

Dig deeper into social media’s role in SEO to see the benefits and nuances of using social media to enhance your SEO campaign ROI.

214. Is Content Syndication an SEO Ranking Factor?

Is content syndication important for Google ranking? if so, how does content syndication help in ranking a page?

215. 6 Interesting Email Marketing Facts to Quiz your Coworkers On

Do you know any of these email marketing facts? I believe everyone in online business and marketing should know these.

216. 7 Reasons Content Marketing Is The Lifeboat Of Startups

Today we are living in a generation where talent and ideas are being valued more than anything else (fortunately!). There was a time when businesses were only for the people who either have a legacy or a bag full of money.

217. Like Software, Great Content Is Not Just Written, It Is Developed

Content development is a process of creating content through sequential phases. We will show how the process is similar to the software development process.

218. Content Marketer Deb on Writing, Impostor Syndrome, and #Noonies Nomination

Content marketer Debashri M Dutta speaks to HackerNoon about her nomination to #Noonies 2022.

219. 23 Free Digital Tools That Will Save You Thousands Of Hours

23 Digital Tools That Will Save You Thousands Of Hours

220. 10 Free Ways to Promote Your Content on the Web

How to promote content on the Web? Why content is important in marketing? How to promote content on the blog? Answers to these questions are in this article!

221. Why Visual Marketing is Still the Best Way to Get 69% of Customers

Recommendations from global search engines that work with our clients in 7 out of 10 cases and help activate more than 93% of users.

222. Why Does Your Website Need a Content Audit and Consolidation?

These days, most businesses have a website, and most businesses with websites have a content marketing strategy. By developing onsite and offsite content, you can improve your company’s reputation, increase its visibility in search engines and other platforms, and ultimately generate more traffic to your site (while improving conversion rates).

223. Squeeze Pages Are The Key To Efficiently Grow Your Email List

As a digital marketer, you all hope to see “mail” in your audience inbox.

224. Copywriting vs Content Writing

If you believed that content writing and copywriting were the same thing, then you'd be wrong.

225. Becoming An Entrepreneur In 2021: Challenges And Strategy

Let us examine the challenges that an entrepreneur might face in 2021, including what they can do to overcome them.

226. How to Use Emotional Marketing When Creating Content

Emotional marketing is key if you want to use content to nurture a connection with your audience. Appealing to them in this way allows them to relate to your brand in a personal, genuine, and human way and helps you differentiate yourself in a crowded space.

227. 6 Trust Signals You Can Implement Today to Increase Your Google Traffic

Scandals like Cambridge Analytica and fake news became all the rage in the past years.

228. 5 Reasons Why Newsletters Should Be Part Of Your Business Strategy

‘Newsletters? Let’s flock to social media instead.’

229. 5 Ways Content Marketing Benefits SaaS Companies

About 70 startups fail within a few years, despite funds. In this article, you'll learn how content marketing can help your SaaS company grow and profit.

230. Instagram Marketing: 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Learn some of the mistakes that you can avoid in Instagram marketing.

231. 4 Tips for a Killer SaaS Content Marketing Strategy

Creating consistent and relevant content is crucial. But all of it will be in vain if you do not have a well-laid content marketing strategy.

232. The Hi-Five Formula: 5 Simple Tips to Boost Conversions on Your Website

Earning trust is a privilege. It’s only when we have trust, that can we ask someone to buy, subscribe, or call.

233. 4 Ways How Entrepreneurs Make A Mess of Their Public Relations

I recently spoke to a Malaysian CEO with over 20 years of experience in technology and running multinational brands. We spoke at length about public relations and he felt that it was not a smart decision at the moment, since his new startup was only 18 months old.

234. 6 Tips on How to Be a Whiz at Searching Stock Images

A comprehensive guide on how to find great stock images: be specific, step out of familiar concepts, portray your target audience, and train visual expertise

235. 5 Ideas To Promote The Launch Of Your Startup

As the launch date approaches, you want to do everything you can to promote your business, especially online. Here is how!

236. How to Ensure Brand Consistency Throughout Various Social Media Platforms

Here are some strategies to ensure consistent brand projection across all platforms including developing marketing personas, visual branding, and more.

237. How Press Releases Can Boost Your Branding Efforts

Globalization and digitalization have transformed the way we perceive the world. People now have access to every information right from their phones. As a result, more and more companies have started investing in the online approach where a person can learn about any new product or service right at their homes. We live in a very fast and competitive world, where every market is trying to expand limitlessly and be at par with the international market. To do that, reaching a wide audience base is of foremost importance. The success of any marketing strategy only comes to play with the involvement of people. Any company that wants to grow needs a proper plan and strategy that would boost its brand awareness. So what is that one best fitting way in which your brand can generate huge publicity by getting the attention of both the audience and the media outlet?

238. The Effect of Blockchain Technology on Content Creation

The blockchain gives content creators all over the world to gain full control over their income. Everyone from artists to photographers can earn at all levels

239. Entice Clients and Increase Revenue via Basic Marketing Fundamentals

Understanding and applying fundamental marketing concepts will broaden your customer base and strengthen your client-relationships

240. Social Sampaigns and ROIs: a Closer Look at the Stats

There is simply no point in making an investment unless that investment delivers a measurable return - is that not the truth? One wouldn’t buy a house or company unless they felt confident it would make them money, in the same way a company wouldn’t choose to invest in an advertising or marketing campaign unless they felt confident it would increase their profits as a result.

241. Digital Marketing: Best Social Media Platform for Business

The platforms where you may discover the majority of your target audience should be the focus of your initial marketing efforts.

242. 6 Content Ideas to Boost Your Business Growth

Learn how you can boost your business growth through 6 content marketing hacks. Explore types of content ideas you should develop to win people over.

243. 10 Tips to Help You Become a Digital Marketing Professional Without a Degree

Are you looking to become a digital marketer but don't want to get a degree? Here are ten ways that you can become one without having it!

244. Social Network Big Data Will Boost Website Traffic

The importance of social media in business marketing cannot be overlooked. All you have to do is find the best ways to make the best use of it. One such important way to boost your website traffic easily through your social networks is by transport planning and using big data.

245. Attribution for Doubting Marketers

Attribution is the scariest beast to wake up in the world of marketing analytics. Only about half of companies in the US with more than 100 employees are using attribution modeling, but this number is expected to rise to 88% in 2020 according to eMarketer estimates.

246. Content Marketing Is Crucial For Your Business - Here’s Why

Today people are looking for content that helps them make smart choices, they don't want to be sold. That's the reason why content marketing strategy is crucial

247. 11 Ways to Find Inspiration for New Content Ideas

A helpful post to find inspiration for your next piece of content

248. Overcome Developer Burnout - Here Are 6 Ways How

We all know how it feels to be tired from work. You’ve had a few late nights, you’re feeling the pressure of a deadline, or you’re a little under the weather. You can’t wait for the weekend to arrive so you can unwind before doing it all over again.

249. 5 Ways a Musician Can Monetize Their Skills During a Pandemic

Photo by Sincerely Media

250. How Algorithms Respond To Video Content

Algorithms on different social platforms rank your content and recommend users across the board if it’s something the algorithm thinks that users want to see.

251. How to Build a Strong Local SEO Strategy (5 Expert Tips)

Driving more local search traffic to your site can help you increase sales and engagement. I'm going to show you how to get started.

252. Why You Should Use YouTube in Your Content Strategy

YouTube is the number-two search engine and the largest video hosting platform on the Web.  What’s number one?  Google.

253. Content Plan as an Instrument To Success

The goal of all marketing efforts of any business is to create a customer data and interact with it to create brand loyalty and stimulate sales. One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to do this in today's multi-channel environment is content marketing.

254. 8 Tactics for Crafting Unique Content That Grabs Attention and Builds Authority

Learn to craft content pieces that give you an edge in the SERP and become the standard everyone wants to match.

255. Animated Videos Are So Darned Cool in Content Marketing

In this article, you'll find 7 great reasons to start using animated explainer videos in your product marketing or content marketing strategy.

256. What Are Some Common Blogging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Making mistakes is part of human nature. After mistakes are made, you figure out what you did wrong and adjust yourself so you don’t repeat the mistake in the future. Am I right? When it comes to online blogging, we have made the mistakes for you so you don’t have to.  With the information provided bellow, you can go straight to making those much needed adjustments that will create a much better reader experience.

257. Lessons in Content Marketing from Netflix Shows

How to make your customers fall head over heels in love with your brand by following in the footsteps of the Tiner Swindler. No, really, we're serious.

258. The role of the crypto community for the success of marketing promotions

Unlike the process of writing code, the creation of a crypto community is difficult to imagine as an algorithm. The community is a living phenomenon, the construction of which requires an understanding of human desires rather than formulas and codes.

259. 5 Real Benefits of Investing in Digital Marketing

What is a digital marketing and why it is an essential option in the company's formation? In the modern world, adults spend hours a day online. The so-called Internet population is continuously growing year by year. More and more people prefer to sell, buy and lease things online, as well as order services, and search for relevant information.

260. How to Optimize Your Workflow : Time is Money

One of the major obstacles every engineer needs to overcome is how to meet deadlines while working with a limited amount of resources, especially for design.

261. What are Internal Links and How do they Help Your SEO?

Get to know about internal links and how they help you with your SEO! A detailed guide on the internal link for SEO!

262. The Importance of Customer Testimonials to Inspire Future Customers

Customer testimonials can be a great marketing asset, if you learn how to use them properly.

263. How We Used an E-mail Campaign to Bring Traffic to our Website

Sometimes you just have to switch things up and break user habits to be successful. If everything is going steady, try this simple campaign switch.

264. An Intro to Keyword Gaps and How to Do a Keyword Gap Analysis

This article discusses what a keyword gap is along with how and why a person should bridge this gap

265. 6 Effective Tips For Content Creation in eCommerce Businesses

Any e-commerce business has lately realized the importance of building a robust social media presence. And that is achieved primarily by creating quality content. However, other avenues such as e-commerce business websites or video platforms can thrive through creative and engaging content.

266. Putting Up One Piece of Content a Day on Social

So many people struggle to post consistent content every day on their social media. So, I decided to put these content ideas that anyone can use.

267. Disney Doubles Down on Content to Save Its Future

It's often said that content is king. For Disney, content is a savior. That’s the takeaway from Disney’s earnings report for the fiscal year and fourth quarter of 2020.

268. Influencer Marketing Trends for 2023: What the Industry Experts Are Saying

What will be happening in the influencer marketing field? What should brands consider to build successful strategies? Experts share their thoughts.

269. Your Website Might Be Preventing Conversions: Here's Why

You have just spent so much time and money on a brand new website, and you are now expecting the traffic to come flooding in, right?

270. 5 Ways to Put Your Content Promotion on Autopilot

Have you been sending out newsletters, launching social media campaigns, and doing content promotion work with age-old manual labor?

271. Three Trends that Will Define the Future of Marketing

If you were old enough to understand the internet in the late 90s, you might remember the Y2K scare; a small glitch in the internet matrix that experts said was going to mess things over temporarily. Similarly, technophiles have also been predicting the death of newspapers and magazines since the emergence of computers. But the print media — despite significant decline in readership — have stunned their critics by adapting to the taste of today’s digirati.

272. Map Customer Journeys with Content Marketing

Let your content be the guiding light on the pathway of your customer journey

273. Marketing Project Management: An Essential Guide

Marketing project management refers to the process of planning, leading, and monitoring the execution of marketing projects to make sure they’re delivered on time and within budget. At least, that’s the gist of it.

274. Here's What It Takes to Become a LinkedIn Influencer in 2022

Being a public figure on LinkedIn increases the engagement on your LinkedIn posts and engages a more relevant audience for you to network with.

275. The Save Feature: Instagram’s New Favorite Ranking Signal

Instagram has evolved and so have the algorithms that define user experience on the platform. The renewed importance of the save feature is a testament to this.

276. Getting Started with Customer Testimonials: A Beginner's Guide

Including testimonials in your content makes your company more authoritative because your readers will perceive your product as valuable.

277. How to Improve Every Blog Post You Write In 7 Proven Steps

(Photo by Dan Counsell on Unsplash)

How can you improve every blog post you publish? That is a puzzle many bloggers are trying to solve. And frankly, if you cannot upgrade the quality of your blogs, you put your business blog at risk of failure.

278. 4 Marketing Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

To an aspiring marketer, the profession looks bright and sunny. Everybody starts with a dream of creating viral posts, but seldom it works. Hence a lot of disappointments and frustrations.

279. Lessons in Authentic Content From Thunberg, TED, Sprout, and Basecamp

Most of the exceptional and remarkable content pieces throughout the history of content marketing seem to have a few things in common: they are the result of mastery, collaboration, strong ideas, and are data-informed – plus they are always created with the purpose of educating and inspiring.

280. How to Use Different Headline Structures to Boost Your Google SEO Rankings

You've heard that keywords are important to your SEO rankings. This is true to a large degree but probably not in the way you expect.

281. 40+ Sources For Maximizing Media Coverage For Your App's Launch

How can you make your app popular? I’ve collected 30+ sources for the app reviewing (text media, Youtube channels, and podcasts), a checklist for a submission letter, and an example of the perfect press kit. You’re totally armed from now on.

282. How to Perfect Your Startup's Content Marketing Strategy

You have started your new business, and you are ready to fly over the walls of your competitors. But wait, have you examined your content marketing strategy?

283. Video CTAs: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

I recently came across an interesting analogy from Neil Patel between CTAs in marketing and the theory of classical conditioning.

284. Providing Kids in Need With Access to Games: An Interview w/Samantha Robertell from Gamers Outreach

In this Slogging AMA, the team at Hackernoon talks to Samantha Robertell, a marketing manager at Gamers Outreach.

285. 7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing with AI Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has numerous business use cases and can be applied to customer service, sales, lead generation, and marketing.

286. 10 Quora Growth Marketing Commandments

Top 10 Tips How To Use Quora For Growth Marketing

287. 5 Proven B2B Content Marketing Tactics You Can Implement Today

Content Marketing plays an important role in any B2B Marketing Strategy. B2B marketers are beginning to depend less on traditional marketing tactics. They are replacing these with content marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of B2B Marketers use it, and Demand Metric says that it costs 62% less than traditional marketing.

288. What Makes a Good Blog Post that’ll Convert Leads to Customers

Online marketing brands planning to leverage tech SEO wouldn't convert their leads to buyers without building each of their blog posts this way:

289. Learn How to Build an Airtable Content Calendar For Free

Whether you’re a creator planning upcoming blog posts or a small business that’s focusing on publishing content to improve your SEO, your creative process will be enhanced by utilizing an intuitive content calendar.

290. 8 Social Media Scheduler Tools to Grow Your Online Audience

Social media marketing: this term has certainly become one of the most important for everyone who wishes to have a digital presence. Especially when you are a blogger, influencer, artist, coach, a new startup, or a solo entrepreneur - social media is the place when you can get the maximum attention from your target audience. But, for that, you need to be active on all your social media platforms. You need to post consistently and interact with your followers. This can be a little overwhelming as there are a lot of social platforms to manage at the same time. However, this task can be made easy by using a social media scheduler!

291. How to Get Organic Traffic to a New Niche Blog

When it comes to creating a niche blog from scratch it can be challenging to attract visitors to visit your content and scale your content output alongside you

292. A Conversation With AI: Will It Take Over Content Marketing and Copywriting?

Through my conversation with AI, the aim was to provide a more balanced perspective on the 'AI vs Marketers' dilemma. Here is what it had to say.

293. Influencer Marketing Trends for 2020

Influencer marketing shows no signs of slowing down in 2020, having evolved into a core marketing strategy that is practiced by over 90% of marketers. Predicted to be a $10 billion industry by the end of 2020, the role of influencers will clearly continue to help brands connect with their consumers in highly relevant ways.

294. Has SEO stopped being relevant in 2022

Has SEO stopped being relevant in 2022? If you are unsure whether or not to invest in SEO for your business, read on to understand why SEO is not dying.

295. Top 7 Social Media Marketing Approaches: 2020 Edition

According to smart insights report, the number of social media users worldwide has increased to 3.484 billion. Undoubtedly social media has grown into a great marketing tool for both startups and enterprises. This is why it’s important for you to stay updated with these latest industry trends and keep tweaking your social media marketing strategy. So, here I have collected some insights on social media trends from market leaders, let’s dig in to see what works best for you and your team.

296. 7 Tips for Scaling a Digital Business post-COVID19

Without wanting to sound like an alarmist, the current pandemic has forced businesses to depend more than ever on a digital strategy. Overnight, the offline channels of live-events, conferences, trade fairs, and face to face interactions disappeared. The solution to the enormous challenge of social distancing is to mitigate this loss.

297. Expanding Your Content Skills to Get Closer to Tech

So, you work on the non-technical side of the website, and you’re moving towards programming.

298. A Step-by-Step Content Marketing Guide for IT Companies

Wondering how content marketing looks in 2021? Check out this article and learn more about content strategy, best distribution channels, and practical hacks.

299. 5 Marketing Strategies for SaaS Companies In 2021

During this pandemic, SaaS companies are still those with the strongest chance of survival. Let's talk about which SaaS startup marketing strategies work best.

300. What Does Google’s ‘Helpful Content’ Update Mean for Content?

Google’s Helpful Content is an algorithmic update from that will analyze content and shadow-ban the ones riddled with SEO-influenced text and not relevant info.

301. 13 Must-Have Tools for Content Marketing in 2020

Hey there! If you’re looking for the best Content Marketing tool for your Business, stick here! Because I’ve made a list of tools for you that you need for your Content Marketing in 2020. I’ve used a lot of tools for my Content Marketing and shortlisted a few that are a must-have if you are to market your business through social media and Content Marketing.

302. How to Develop Marketing Resilience in Uncertain Economic Times

This article is about how to make your marketing efforts an achievable goal during times of uncertainty and how strategic marketing visions can help brands.

303. Content is Only King When it Sells

4 Tips for creating content that sells in 2020.

304. Top 6 Linktree Alternatives

The top Linktree alternatives. Study their pros and cons, learn about prices, and figure out which one is the best service for your account.

305. Beginners can make Money from Video Content Creation- Here's How

Master how to make money with videos online with this practical guide for beginners! Monetize your video creation skills and earn extra income for your business

306. How to Build A Content Marketing Flywheel for Your VC Firm

A content marketing flywheel can help your VC firm stand out and win competitive rounds easily like OpenView Partners and First Round Capital. Here is how.

307. How I Feel About ChatGPT As A Content Marketer

While great as an all-purpose chatbot, ChatGPT has limitations that prevent it from becoming the go-to content marketing tool for serious copywriters like me.

308. How Big Data Can Help to Analyze Social Media Performance

During the last decade, social networking sites/apps have become the most important channels of communication.

309. How to Pitch Like a Pro: Grab a Journalist's Attention

In the past two posts, you learned about what piques a reporter's interest and how to make it newsworthy. It's time to take the knowledge and create a pitch for journalists.

310. How to Build a Content Marketing Funnel on Instagram

Content funnel is intended to incite interest among your old followers, attract new ones and convert them into customers.

311. How to Create Irresistible Lead Magnets with Content Marketing

How to create and leverage lead magnets to grow your business

312. 5 Tips from CMOs for a Successful Virtual Event

My marketing team conducted a session about virtual events with some CMO’s we’ve worked with, to try and understand the most useful tips they’ve discovered.

313. What is B2B Content Marketing and How It Can Help Your Business

Marketing to other businesses is no easy task. There are a lot of complexity, nuances, and processes that you need to follow to gain value for your efforts. Getting the attention of other businesses as a vendor in a crowded market place is getting harder every day — the reason why is that more companies have been adopting content marketing to gain visibility with their prospects. If companies do not innovate their marketing efforts, then they will be left behind. We will be doing a deep dive today into B2B content marketing. We want you to understand the basics of using this tactic to make your company more competitive in the B2B space.

314. 8 SEO Mistakes (Almost) Everybody Makes... And How to Fix Them

As you take steps to grow search engine traffic to your website, there are dumb SEO mistakes you need to avoid.

315. 7 Ways to Improve the Internet with Well Written Content

In this article, I will be writing about those things that should be remembered when writing content. This article is basically about what I do when writing content. However, this is my third article on my website. But, I have been working as a content writer in Truemark Technology. You can check out my articles on Truemark Blog.

316. Does YouTube’s Algorithm Discriminate Against Minority Creators? 

YouTube's algorithm seems to be discriminating against BIPOC and LGBTQ content. A Supreme Court case might now end YouTube's protection against lawsuits.

317. Replacing Content Marketing with Knowledge Marketing

Content Marketing and its Downside

318. The “Big 6” Activities in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing activities are the things you do to reach potential customers on their computer devices. Almost every digital marketing activity falls into one of the “big 6” types.

319. Covid-19's Silver Lining for Digital Content Marketers

The Coronavirus Pandemic is not an opportunity, I know. But I personally believe in looking for the "better" sides, even in the worst-case scenarios (Thanks in large part to The Alchemist Quotes, I guess.)

320. How CTV Changes Brand Advertising 

Successful branding is among the most crucial elements that set great companies apart from mediocre ones. But in the information age, where millions of voices compete for our attention across a myriad of channels, businesses struggle with executing an effective brand strategy. Not only do they have to make their brand clear and relatable, but also it’s important to make sure desired audiences notice it.

321. 22 Best Tools to Use for Marketing Startups in 2022

Good advice on the useful tools in different marketing niches. Short description of tools that can be really useful for marketing startups

322. Tips To Get Your Guest Posts Published On Top Sites

Guest Publications. It’s a way of posting your content on other people's websites to dramatically increase your website traffic and brand visibility.

323. Every Career Starts with a Leap of Faith: Navigating a Career in Content Creation

After being diagnosed with a chronic illness at the age of 14, she worked diligently to bring positivity to the world through her art, personality, and content.

324. How to Become a Successful Freelance Copywriter

Making the shift from full-time employment to freelance can be frustrating. Our handy guide will help you ace the transition and earn 6-figure income in no time

325. How to Command Attention with Your Writing

You already know there are a variety of theories on how to seize people's attention.

326. How To Create A Winning YouTube Marketing Strategy

13 Powerful Tips To Improve Your YouTube Channel

327. 6 Customer Retention Strategies Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Generating leads and attracting new customers are keys to ensure initial business success.

328. 8 People You Need on Your Link Building Team

Defining link building is easy. It’s getting other websites to link back to your site. It sounds easy, right?

329. 5 Blogging Tools to Ramp Up Your Site Visits

To blog effectively, you need to use the right tools and grow your business. Here are the critical tools that will help you leverage blogging to meet your goals

330. Sustainable Marketing for Tech Companies: The 4 Pillars of a Successful Marketing Campaign

Tech Companies need to Build a Solid Marketing Plan that will make them stand out and increase their number of conversions.

331. 9 Hacks to Rank YouTube Videos in Google

Do you have a few videos uploaded on your YouTube channel but got only 18 views? Don’t worry; it’s the story of every other YouTuber. The views on your YouTube video determine your success on the platform. That is why we see highly creative content over there. Not only for individuals, but YouTube is the best marketing platform for business owners. You can use YouTube as a part of a marketing strategy to reach masses.

332. 11 Basic SEO Mistakes That Have Devastating Consequences For Your Website

Here you will learn about 11 basic, but critical SEO mistakes that leave your site in shambles and unable to rank.

333. The Components of a Successful Developer Marketing Strategy for Software

This article goes over the importance of having a marketing strategy and the nuances involved in developer marketing in the software space.

334. 3 Lessons Your Tech Company Can Learn From a Copywriter

What can you do as a tech company to further your message? Here are some valuable lessons you can learn from a tech copywriter.

335. 12 Actionable SEO Tips Guaranteed To Boost Your Organic Traffic

I agree, most lists of SEO tips are overwhelming.

336. How These 4 Ecommerce Companies Creatively Tackle Content Marketing

Many of us have heard the phrase "content is king" when discussing online marketing. Although the expression was originally coined back in 1996 by Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, it has never been more relevant than it is today. The phrase is rooted in the idea that valuable, engaging, and exciting material is essential for success in the Ecommerce space.

337. You Shouldn't Avoid Page Management for Headless CMS

Headless CMS is the future of content management, with a clear shift away from traditional CMS and toward Jamstack API-based design.

338. 5 Webinar Mistakes and Ways to Avoid Them

Webinars have been a popular way of attracting audiences and promoting your business for a long time. Research shows that more than half of marketers use webinars for promotion purposes.  Now they have gained even greater importance, since holding offline events became dangerous due to the pandemic.

339. Engaging Visual Content for Every Stage of Your Customer Journey

As marketers, we wish we had the intent of the customer sorted upfront. However, it’s challenging to have customer intent fully figured out - given the number of distractions consumers face on their path to purchase.

340. Business Promotion with Thin Budget: The Content Way

Gazing at the audience there I was standing on the podium pitching to the auditorium full of investors. 1500 people (mostly investors and founders) were present in the stadium listening to startup founders like me. I needed just one of them to turn towards me and utter -

341. The Automotive Industry Shifts Online With Digital Marketing Tactics

To generate more leads in this digital era for your automotive business, you need to devise a killer yet smart marketing plan for a win-win situation.

342. Our Storytelling Platform Built On ‘Kokorozashi’

Dear reader,

Even though we do not want to believe that you do not know yet about HeadUP, we kind of understand this eventuality and the reason(s) why; and it is all fine, no hurt feelings (not like these guys below)...

343. 8 Reasons Your Company Needs Content Marketing Strategy

Most people still argue whether content marketing is still relevant in 2020. The truth is that content marketing isn’t going anywhere.

344. Internet Marketing: 5 Ways to Snowball Your Sales in Days

Every business is hooked on internet marketing. And rightfully so, because customers these days ask Google before buying anything and everything. From purchasing a yoga mat to buying a house, people like to take their time on the internet and do their research. That just proves that digital marketing matters now more than ever.

345. Properly Fueling Your Sales Funnel with Content Marketing

Whenever my team discusses B2B content marketing, we split into two opposing camps:  the “Just SEO” camp and the “Content Strategy” camp.

346. 5 Proven Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Improve your LinkedIn marketing strategy with these powerful tips.

347. How to Digitally Market your Content with Khamisi Hamisi

Khamisi Hamisi is the founder and social media strategist at Khamisi Digital, a platform that connects brands to social media.

348. 5 of the Best eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Explode Your Sales

It might sound crazy, but there isn’t a marketing strategy that would work best for everyone at every time. The efficacy of any marketing tactic (be it traditional or modern strategies) varies from time to time and business to business.

349. AI and the Future of Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly have an influence on the future of digital marketing.

350. Podcasting for Beginners: A Complete Guide For 2020 and Beyond [Step-by-Step Guide]

If you are in search of the next ‘big thing’ in your life, consider yourself to be a creative storyteller. And if you're passionate enough about something, put yourself out there and share it with the world...

351. How to Become a Content Hacker: Top Tools for Hands-On Marketers

I've been working as a single-person marketing department for the past two years with a primary focus on content hacking for the generation of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and brand awareness. It's needless to say that I wouldn't be able to punch above my own weight and be effective without using freelancers, interns, and online tools that help automate and facilitate inbound marketing efforts and reach crucial KPIs.

352. Divide et Impera: Tips On Content Creation From a Full-Stack Founder

When I'm working on any single project, I'm becoming bored pretty quickly. I'm sure that a lot of people will empathize with this feeling. When a project is fresh and new everything is interesting about it. However, when the newness is gone, and you're actually doing the day-to-day routine of just hardcore work, it can become pretty dull.

353. Why IT Companies Should Do Content Mapping

IT companies can and do generate huge quantities of content. It can be a crucial marketing tool, but only if it helps them achieve broader business goals, like driving high-quality traffic to their website, getting more leads, and increasing customer loyalty.

354. 10 Commandments for AI-Assisted Social Media Marketers

Marketers have readily adopted various tech-enabled means and tools to increase brand awareness and find the right target audiences for their clients.

355. 5 Tips For Creating A Powerful Content Plan

How do you create a content plan that converts, sells, and grows your traffic? 1. Determine Your Target Audience 2. Do A Content Audit 3. Use Keywords and more

356. 7 Secrets to Enhance Your Brands Customer Engagement on Social Media

In today's world, many businesses rely on social media to level up their game of marketing and brand awareness. With 3.8 billion social media users worldwide, there's a vast field of opportunities to interact with your target audience as a  brand.

357. 5 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing works. It’s much more effective than paid search and generates 3x times more leads compared to outbound marketing while costing 62 percent less.

358. The Best List of Free Blogging Tools for SEO

Blogging Tools can help you think of questions and keywords to target, understand trends, organise your strategies and research how users search the internet.

359. 7 B2B Storytelling Marketing Strategies, with Examples

Are you looking for the right quality and quantity content to help you grow effectively in your area of business?

360. 10 Best Keyword Research Tools for Content Strategists

Whether you want to develop a content strategy or want to optimize your site content; good keywords research is one of the most efficient ways to attract consistent, quality traffic to your site and gain a better ranking on google.

361. Templates I Used To Validate Ideas and Get Paying Customers in 2021

My reflection notes, processes, and frameworks — how I rapidly test new ideas, generate paying customers, and optimize daily performance.

362. How to Create “engagement loops” to Dominate Social Media Reach

It's easy to get likes on social media, but how do you turn likes and shares into something that contributes to your key business metrics? By doing this...

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