3 Ways AI is Changing the World Around Us

Artificial intelligence(A.I) is transforming the world around us. It has already made an impact on multiple fronts. Not only that, it will change how we work and enjoy our daily life.

Just like you, we are also following the impact of AI. By no means, it will go away. From here on, AI will only improve, and we need to adapt to the changes or perish.

In this article, we will focus on how AI is changing the world around us. Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science. Artificial intelligence lets computer learn and solve problems on their own with minimum or no human interference. The first wave of artificial intelligence research started way back in 1956. However, rapid development and research only started in last decade or so. Right now, artificial intelligence(A.I) is used in almost every industry out there including finance, agriculture, online shopping and much more!

Self driving cars

Artificial intelligence is changing how we drive cars around us. Road accidents have always been a major concern for governments. Self-driving cars can truly change how we drive cars or let machine drive cars on the road. With a lot of trials for self-driving cars successful, self-driving cars are on roads in many countries including the USA. With time, they will become more ubiquitous and improve the road conditions and decrease road accidents considerably.

Improve love relationship around us

Well, it is kind of odd to associate artificial intelligence with love. However, its impact just cannot be ignored. Artificial intelligence can change how we date, manage our relationship and create new entities such as sex robots in the near future. Tinder has already shown interest in using AI in their app. Another significant player is Viola.AI, a blockchain and artificial intelligence-driven platform that aims to solve the problems of single and couples.

Apart from them, A.I chatbots are already making a presence on the scene where an individual can get trained on basic interactions. OKCupid has also been successful in using A.I to help a good number of ladies.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest concern for many companies out there. With increasing complexity and new technologies, it becomes hard for cybersecurity experts to manage or secure the system from hackers. There is just not enough cybersecurity experts in the market to keep the systems secure all the time. However, all of this can be changed by artificial intelligence. Right now, there are plenty of AI-based solutions working in tandem to proactively block the attempts of hacks and resolve issues within the system. Some examples that are working towards securing the cyber world using A.I are Secureworks, Deep Instinct, Cylance, and Sift Science.


Artificial intelligence is truly revolutionary. Its impact can be heard almost every section of our society. However, many experts think that it can lead to many job losses, increasing unemployment. Many prominent experts also believe that A.I. driven machines can be a threat to the whole human kind. For now, we can only focus on the positive aspects of A.I, and its role in changing our daily lives.

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