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These 3 Technologies Can Transform Your Workplace

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Every industry is adapting to some sort of technological progress, regardless of the higher costs and high energy consumption. Looking at it closely, facility management is staying ahead in this race.

Because of the countless responsibilities that facility managers carry, it’s essential for them to be assisted by a range of tools. Perhaps, those who stay up to the emerging technologies bring greater benefits to operations and to the overall business.

According to the recent study, technologies that every facility administration team must quickly resort to are mainly these,

  • Internet Of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Personal Analysis

Internet Of Things

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Speaking of creating a cohesive environment, every standalone entity like HVAC, refrigeration, security, heating, and ventilation are being bridged by every integrators and resellers. Also, the companies who help create seamless building operations are predominantly being asked to take over energy management and integrated approach to automation.

That the sheer idea is to save dollars on administration by implementing some of the automation systems inside buildings. Why because the managing systems with one console are far more efficient than those with multiple control panels.

Another reason why building owners are quickly adapting to this trade is to not look obsolete.

Also, the systems/computers that receive and utilize data sets to command devices shall certainly ride out vendor support — as per several surveys were done by industry experts.

Artificial Intelligence

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AI is gradually booming and its intrusion within facility management means, buildings being able to…

optimize specific aspects of building operations with the help of predictive and preventive maintenance and automated building controls.

To start with, scientists at UGR (University Of Granada, Spain) have recently produced an AI driven computer system, with the potential to detecting individuals producing guns, in real-time.

This goes to be the pioneering effort worldwide, which as a result will refine security inside office premises, airports, and moreover in every retail outlet. While on implementation, this system won’t require vast expense and can be put to use by only merging video cameras and alarm machines, instead of direct monitoring.

By implementing AI, facility managements will be capable of interacting with all of their building occupants and design preventive and predictive systems.

For example, Companies with facility management system stitched with AI may display a sensor system capable of detecting how packed a trash bin is and on which floor.

Personal Analysis

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Every company’s future lies in the hands of its employees. To do something about making their lives more easier and help them be productive, companies are introducing AI within their office spaces. This establishment could be an unbelievably rewarding panacea, it already is showing such signs.

In general, companies who track their employee’s’ health record, teamwork, engagement, and F2F interactions are seeing that their company’s growth has quadrupled.

By fetching these data, companies can use it to cogently organize teams, pave more effective lines of communication, and supervise every individual’s success. This can come as a great help for facility managers, but only if the employee’s privacy remains unviolated. Also have to be addressed through mindfully planned policies and a healthy company culture.

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With all this furtherance, facility managers must know how implementing new technologies and innovations shall/will affect their workplace and employees on a societal, financial, and technical level.

Considering this factors will in addition help FM teams to analyze and invest in smart workplace technologies that create a better work environment for everyone.

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