3 Best Apps To Track a Cell Phone Location for Free by@uMobix

3 Best Apps To Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

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uMobix is a cutting-edge cell phone tracker that collects data from specified devices and sends it to a user’s web-based account. SpyBubblePro is an excellent way to track a phone of your partner and determine whether they are lying to you about their location or other online activities. GeoFinder is a reliable way to track the physical location of a phone without installing any app on the target device.
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uMobix is a cell phone tracker for modern parents.

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Tracking a cell phone location has become a widespread practice in recent years. Today, many people use phone tracking apps when they need to know someone’s exact location. With these apps, you can find out where your family members are when being away from home, track physical movements of your employees, as well as easily locate your own device in case it is lost or stolen. Additionally, after installation you will get a number of other features which you can greatly benefit from.

If you need to track a cell phone location, then you are in the right place. All you need is a phone, an Internet connection, and an effective phone tracking app. In this article, we discuss 4 ways to track a device to help you choose the one which will best meet your needs.

1. uMobix

uMobix is a cutting-edge cell phone tracker that collects data from specified devices and sends it to a user’s account. Because of its extensive feature set, it is more than just a location monitoring app. After installation, you will be able to track call history, monitor social media accounts, view text messages and media files, and get access to the exact GPS coordinates of the target device. All the data is stored on your dashboard and is available to you when needed.

uMobix combines well-known features with previously unavailable functionality. With this set of tools, you can take control of the situation and keep track of all necessary activities on a target device. All you need to do is to create an account on the official website of uMobix and download the app on a target Android phone in order to collect data from it.

Alternatively, you need to have the target iOS device’s iCloud ID and password in order to manage its iCloud backup data.

The Main Tracking Feature of uMobix is GPS location

uMobix is one of the most effective apps to track target phone activity. With its help, you can monitor your children’s online activity, check your partner’s loyalty, or keep track of your employees. In any case, if you need to monitor a person’s activity on their device, a mobile phone tracker is an excellent solution. But what distinguishes uMobix among other phone tracking apps? Let us look into it.

Detecting location is one of the most desired functions when it comes to cell phone tracking, as it gives you complete control. If you want to know where exactly your child or partner is, uMobix can provide you with a clear picture of their activity. In your dashboard, you can see the current location of the target phone, as well as its history of the visited places.


2. SpyBubblePro

SpyBubblePro is an excellent app to track a phone of your partner, children, or other family members. With the collection of unique features, you can get access to your partner’s personal life. The app is 100% invisible, and once you install it, you will be on your way to uncovering the truth.


Facebook and WhatsApp Tracker

SpyBubble is a reliable spy app that will allow you to gain access to the most popular social networking platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

After installation, you will be able to track every sent, received, and removed message, as well as view shared materials. Get quick chat data on your dashboard and discover who and what they talk about. Do not miss the chance to learn which content they viewed and where they left likes or comments.

With screenshots, you may be able to gather some necessary evidence of infidelity. Every day, you will get access to all of the data on the dashboard.

Compatibility with Android and iOS

SpyBubblePro is a cell phone tracker that is completely undetectable. It is incredibly simple to set up and is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. The capabilities of both systems are extensive enough to allow you to track all actions on the target device.

To install the program on an iOS device, you need to know the target phone’s iCloud credentials (ID and password). It is a little easier with Android smartphones. You simply need to take the target phone for a few minutes to install the app, and you are ready to begin. Although you need to have physical access to an Android device, the installation process is quick and simple.

Tips for finding hidden pictures and conversations

SpyBubblePro can also detect whether the target device is using any of the apps designed to hide pictures or messages. You can find out which images are hidden from everyone by using screenshots provided to your dashboard.

3. GeoFinder

If you do not have the opportunity to install a phone tracking app on your partner’s or child’s device, you can track its location by the number.

A location tracking service GeoFinder is a reliable way to track the physical location of a phone without installing any app on the target device. It is compatible with any phone model and works with all mobile network carriers. Additionally, you should not worry about being identified, since geolocation is requested anonymously.



It is an undeniable fact that cell phone tracker is in high demand these days. People may want to track another person’s phone for a variety of reasons. Some individuals want to ensure that their children are protected from online bullying and that they know where they are when they are away.

The market for this type of app is large enough, but not all of the apps are worthwhile.

Not everyone is interested in subscribing to an app that just allows for location tracking. It is always fun to have a secret weapon with extra functions. The features of spy apps, including uMobix and SpyBubblePro, provide a more comprehensive view of what is going on in the target device.

Aside from detecting phone location, you can learn who they chat to and what they do on social media. We provided you with three great apps to track a cell phone, and now it is your turn to make a choice.

Ways to track a cell phone location if you do not have access to the target device

If you cannot install a phone tracking app on the device you want to monitor, there are other methods you can try. In this case, you will not have the same number of features at your disposal, but your primary goal will be achieved. Methods differ depending on whether the target phone is Android or iOS.

Thus, if you do not have physical access to the target device, there are two apps you can install on your device and still find its location without difficulty.

Google Find My Device App for Android

In order to locate an Android smartphone, you must have a Google account and login credentials. If your phone has been stolen, or you simply want to know where your child or partner is, simply go to android.com/find or install a Google Find My Device.

The location of the target device will be shown on the map. In case your phone is stolen, you will be able to remotely lock it or remove all the data stored on it using your Google account.

Find My Friends App for iOS

If you have an iOS phone, Apple has a fantastic app called Find
My Friends
. It is widely used by families and couples to keep track of where each family member is when needed.

To add individuals to your friend list, you will need to submit a request to the contacts that you wish to find.

Why would you need to use a phone tracking app?

When some people hear the name “cell phone tracker”, they often associate it with data leakage and mistrust. However, there is nothing bad about monitoring your child’s location or checking your family’s or employees’ digital activities if you're doing it for the right purposes.

There are many cell phone trackers on the market today and you should select the one that meets your needs as a parent or employer.

The most common reasons why people may want to monitor a particular device are described below.

With cell trackers, you can easily locate a device that is lost or stolen.

Our devices contain a lot of precious data which should never be targeted by thieves. However, if this happens, you can find out the location of your own phone by using built-in Android or IOS apps. Along with the exact location of your phone, many apps offer a remote option to lock it or delete all data. The only thing you must know is your account credentials. In addition, you may always send a message to the people who found or stole your phone.

You can track your children or employees to ensure they are safe and are not deceiving you.

Another typical purpose for tracking a phone is to keep track of your child’s whereabouts. Modern parents are aware of all the dangers that exist in the digital world. Installing a tracking app on your child’s cellphone allows you to notice any threat or abuse before it becomes a problem. Online predators and drug sellers abound on social media, so the need for a phone tracking app is obvious.

The possibility to track a cell phone’s location is provided by many apps and location tracking services, including uMobix, SpyBubblePro, and GeoFinder.

Built-in navigation will let you keep track of the distance you covered.

Modern gadgets are more than just calling and texting devices. They are your best buddies when it comes to recording your daily activities.

Your phone can measure how many steps you took, how far you traveled, and much more. With built-in navigation, you can track your steps and view weekly or monthly statistics on your physical activity.

Using your cellphone as a fitness companion is a wonderful way to track your fitness progress without the assistance of additional devices.

Cell phone trackers remember your activities to meet your exact needs.

Modern devices store a lot of information about us. They are sophisticated enough to learn your schedule, forecast your activities, and understand your routines. With all of the available features, your phone can follow your every move. While it may sound scary, yet it is so useful that many people cannot picture their life without a cell phone. You may check what you were doing a week or year ago, how many steps you took on a particular day, etc.


Phone tracking apps are among the most innovative inventions of our time. They are compatible with both Android and iOS devices and offer substantial benefits to users.

The reason why cell trackers have become so popular is that our phones collect a lot of personal information and reveal all of our secrets to anyone who has access to them. While these apps may be seen in a bad light by some, there is nothing bad about monitoring your child’s or family member's if you're doing it for the right purposes.

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