3 Announcements Have Changed Email Design and Development Forever

The world of email design and development moves notoriously slow… or at least it did before this month. In just about 30 days, three huge announcements by some of the biggest players in the space have completely changed the game and for the better:

  1. Litmus and Microsoft Outlook have announced a partnership
    The Microsoft Outlook team is no longer annoying the #emailgeek community. Litmus will now act as a liason to ensure bugs get high priority and will offer new Microsoft Outlook clients in their testing suite. The goal? Make email better.
  2. You can now use Foundation for Emails and create ready-to-send emails right in your browser
    We’ve developed a new tool called Slinky that uses the power of Foundation for Emails combined with the slick features of CodePen so you can create beautiful, responsive emails with no downloads or build environment to set up.
  3. Gmail will soon support responsive email
    The team at Google announced on a developer blog that Gmail will soon support styling and media queries. This could spell the end for inlining and opens up a ton of new possibilities.

We’re thrilled about how each of these announcements is going to push email forward! Get all of the details as well as links to resources in the latest issue of the Inky Insider: http://zurb.us/2d5ZXTm

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