The Noonification: Dust on Crust (3/9/2023)by@hackernoonnewsletter

The Noonification: Dust on Crust (3/9/2023)

by HackerNoon NewsletterMarch 9th, 2023
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3/9/2023: Top 5 stories on the Hackernoon homepage!

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Dust on Crust

By @cryptohayes [ 22 Min read ] As concerns mount, we revisit and remind ourselves of the raison d’etre of stablecoins. Only then can we understand why they continue to exist… Read More.

How to Find the Stinky Parts of Your Code [Part XXXII]

By @mcsee [ 9 Min read ] It smells because there are likely many instances where it could be edited or improved. Most of these smells are just hints of something that might be wrong. Read More.

How I Launched Victa, a Running App for Gamers, and Got a Top Ranking in the App store

By @trueslash [ 8 Min read ] Victa is the first AI gaming walking and running app that uses content to motivate users to take up a healthier lifestyle. This is our journey. Read More.

Do Freelancers Sell Out By Getting A Full Time Job?

By @thenimblenovice [ 9 Min read ] Reflecting on selling out as a freelancer and how getting a full time job altered my perspective Read More. 🧑‍💻 What happened in your world this week?It's been said that writing can help consolidate technical knowledge, establish credibility, and contribute to emerging community standards. Feeling stuck? We got you covered ⬇️⬇️⬇️ ANSWER THESE GREATEST INTERVIEW QUESTIONS OF ALL TIME We hope you enjoy this worth of free reading material. Feel free to forward this email to a nerdy friend who'll love you for it.See you on Planet Internet! With love, The Hacker Noon Team ✌️