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295 Stories To Learn About Cryptocurrency

by Learn RepoDecember 28th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Cryptocurrency via these 295 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Cryptocurrency via these 295 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

A digital currency that is secured by cryptography. True cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks (usually based on blockchain technology) and are not issued or controlled by a central authority.

1. Why Locking Liquidity is Important for Cryptocurrency

Let us start with understanding what is liquidity for cryptocurrency and why you may want to lock it.

2. "Ethereum will be Bigger than AWS, Azure and Google Combined" - Pekka Kelkka

This article talks about regulations and why ethereum can be the computer of the world.

3. Integrating BSC Tokens Into Your Crypto Project

Learn everything you need to know when it comes to integrating a BSC token into a cryptocurrency project that you are working on and aim to do so.

4. Dogecoin: The Value Proposition That's Worth More Than a Penny

Dogecoin started its initial coin production schedule with 100 billion coins in circulation. By mid-2015 the 100 billionth Dogecoin had been mined though.

5. How to Profit from a Trailing Stop Loss on Binance

This is part of an ongoing series where I dive deep into Binance and show you how to get the most out of the exchange.

6. Best Websites to Buy Bitcoin Directly from Your Device, Anonymously

“Aren’t cryptocurrencies anonymous by default?” I’m sorry to be the one telling this to you, but Bitcoin is not anonymous. At least, not by default. Bitcoin is known as an immutable ledger, a leger that is publicly available and keeps a record of every single transaction that happens on the network. It’s true that anybody can transact Bitcoin, but it’s also true that anyone can see all of those Bitcoin transactions.

7. Understanding The Cryptocurrency Bull Run 2021

In this article, I explain the larger pieces of the puzzle contributing to this epic 2021 cryptocurrency bull run.

8. With Yield Farming, Liquidity Mining, and Games, DeFi Truly Puts Your Tokens to Work

The whole idea of DeFi is that you can borrow tokens, place them into a pool, even gamble without even providing your name.

9. Trading Bots

What are Trading Bots in general? Are trading bots useful?

10. Top 7 Crypto Events in 2022

There are a lot of crypto events planned for 2022; so in this article I want to share my top 7 conferences for this year.

11. Are IDOs the Next Alternative to IEOs and ICOs?

There are major players as exchanges that are running in a fully controlled manner. The solution recently presented itself in IDO - Initial DEX Offering.

12. What the heck is EIP-1559?

What is EIP-1559? Will this improvement proposal makes the transaction fees lower and the transaction speeds faster? Read on to learn more!

13. DeFi Projects That Offer Top Staking Rewards in 2021

When it comes to determining the best staking rewards, a lot comes down to your strategy. DeFi is diverse, and you can earn profits in many different ways.

14. The 3 Types of Cryptocurrency Traders that are Kicking Your Ass

Illustration by John Wu

15. 6 Trading Strategies to Profit From The Turbulence in Crypto-Markets

Are you currently staying far away from the volatility and plummeting prices of the current crypto-market? It’s a natural reaction, especially in such unpredictable times. The media draws the public attention towards the negatives, but experienced investors see a downturn in any market for what it really is: a great opportunity.

16. Best Trading Apps for Europeans: 2020 Report

The most exciting part of trading is the thrill of mitigating your risks in favor of your rewards. For those who are just starting, it’s a game of knowing when to buy and knowing when to sell. Or, as most traders would say, "Buy low, sell high"! But, how do you know if the prices of stocks and securities are low or high?

17. Version 0.3.19: A Poem

18. UST/Luna Meltdown & The Lessons That I've Learned So Far

The lessons that i've learned from UST/Luna meltdown.

19. What are the differences between Bitcoin and XRP?

Bitcoin's maximum supply is 21 million and XRP's maximum supply is 100 billion. The difference is that all XRP were created on the first day...

20. Torches Finance: A Decentralized Lending Protocol Launched on KCC

Singapore, June 27, 2022 - Torches Finance, a decentralized lending protocol based on KuCoin Community Chian (KCC), announced the mainnet launch on KCC.

21. Bear Market Mental Models - Are You Ready for the Next Bull Run?

15 lessons from Crypto Bear Market to improve your investment skills. Mental Models | Strategies | Frameworks | Guides | Tutorials | Crypto Investment TIPS

22. Bybit Contributes $134 Million to BitDAO Treasury to Invest in Open Finance and Blockchain

ByBit contributes $134 million to BitDAO making it the largest DAO in the world.

23. partners with LeBron James and LeBron James Family Foundation to Bring Web 3 Education

LeBron James and the LeBron James Family Foundation (LJFF) have partnered with to offer educational and workforce development.

24. How to Invest Your First $100 in Crypto and Make a Profit

Get in there and make the most of your $100.

25. Reflection Mechanism and Crypto: A Deep Dive

The concept of the reflection mechanism was newly introduced into the cryptocurrency space a few months back. How is it now? What should you look out for?

26. Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction

I predict Terra Luna Classic will reach $0.01 by 2025. Here is why.

27. How to unlock your 888,888 KickTokens from FrozenDrop?

In December 2019, we conducted the first-ever FrozenDrop of KickTokens. The Kick Ecosystem team was the first to create and implement the frozen mechanics of frozen tokens on the blockchain.

28. If the Internet Blows up Tomorrow, What Will Become of my Crypto?

It could be the end of Bitcoin.

29. DeFi Liquidity Providers: Factors Affecting Profitability, Trade-Offs, and Risk-Return Profiles

In this article, we break down the factors affecting profitability and explore the trade-offs with different liquidity provision strategies in DeFi.

30. How To Mint Your First NFT (Non-Fungible Token) For Free

How to create and mint NFT (non-fungible token) for free at Opensea, Rariable and Mintable. How to promote and sell NFT tokens

31. Why You Should Be Careful Investing in Dogecoin

Even though there has been plenty of DOGE price momentum lately, it will come to an end sooner rather than later.

32. The Top 5 Use Cases of Blockchain Technology Beyond Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology has been instrumental in changing the way we view finance. Let's take a look at what else can be achieved using it.

33. An Introduction to Binance Margin Trading and How it Works

It is no news that the cryptocurrency space is very volatile. For instance, no one expected Bitcoin to quickly rise from less than $20,000 to over $23,000 in less than 24 hours on December 17, 2020.

34. WTF Happened to Solana's Proof of History?

A blockchain architect explains Solana (and what's wrong with it)

35. 3 Lessons I Learned while Trading on the 24/7 Crypto Market

I’m a part-time trader. I trade on stock markets, and recently, at the beginning of 2019, I've tried trading on crypto markets.

36. Why 2020's Alt Season Is Different from 2017

With Bitcoin's recent surge in price, some people in the cryptocurrency space began to wonder whether the short-lived Alt Season was coming to an end. After all, many of the astounding gains being made by alts coincided with Bitcoin's two-month uncharacteristic lack of volatility. It seemed that traders were looking elsewhere to make large profits.

37. How to Create a Cold Storage Crypto Wallet with a USB Memory Stick

This article shows you how to create a basic and secure cold wallet using a USB drive and tails OS. I will show you the differences between cold-hot wallets.

38. WTF is Proof of Transfer (and Why Should Anyone Care)?

If you’re in crypto, you know that Proof of Work or ‘PoW’ powers consensus on Bitcoin’s legendary blockchain. You probably know Proof of Stake (PoS) systems, too. Between the two, they power nearly all the major players in the world of blockchains today.

39. Top 5 Privacy Coins To Watch Out For in 2021

As 2021 arrived and the bull market began, the privacy coins are back for a new attempt to bounce off the lows marked during the bear market.

40. Play2Earn for Beginners: Where to Start

How to start playing with the new Play2Earn/GameFi games like Axie Infinity, Ember Sword and more as well as how to analyse these games for your research.

41. Converting Your Raspberry Pi Into a Crypto Trading Bot

What's not to love about your Pi? It's a serious piece of kit, and it's cheap! But… can it make you money?

42. Intro to Cryptocurrency: Resources to Make You Crypto Fluent

A Cryptocurrency Crash Course

43. How Much Will Bitcoin be Worth in the Year 2140?

How much profit will you earn in your life if you keep buying Bitcoin (DCA) or buy a lump sum of it?

44. USDT vs USDC: Which Can Earn You A Better ROI?

Do you remember when stablecoins were still just for hedging risks? In the crypto industry, just about anything can become a source of profit – including stablecoins. But which of the USD-pegged coins should you buy to maximize your earnings?

45. Subnets are Solving the Crypto Scalability Problem

The crypto industry has run into serious scalability issues. But subnets provide the best possible answer to resolve it once and for all.

46. Bitcoin Bubble 2020 - When's It Gonna Burst?

In recent weeks and days, the crypto markets have been exploding again and Bitcoin is back above the level it was at the end of 2017 with an all-time high based on the market cap.

47. "The Simpsons" May Indicate Mainstream Bitcoin Adoption by 2036

One of my colleagues recently shared an anecdote with me about ‘The Simpsons.’ During a chat about politics, her son told her, “Well, it was on ‘The Simpsons’ and then it came true.” And then he asked her, “How do they do that?”

48. Best BEP-20 Token Generators in 2021

Create BEP-20 tokens using the best token generators of 2021. A BEP-20 token is a fantastic option if you want to create your own cryptocurrency token.

49. Shiba Inu vs. Akita Inu: The Great Memecoin War

Meme-based coins have taken the world by storm lately. Two new cryptocurrency entrants are Shiba Inu and Akita Inu, inspired by Dogecoin and based on Ethereum.

50. Grayscale's (GBTC) Pump Effect Means 2021 Will Start Slow

let's look at what Grayscale is, what this 'pump effect' is, and why it might create sagging prices over the holidays.

51. Binance Vs Coinbase Pro Vs Which One is The One for You?

As a trader, it takes more than viable crypto signals to run a profitable business. For one, the efficacy of your chosen crypto exchange, or lack of it, plays a vital role in the success of your trading endeavors. As such, it is common knowledge that traders ought to take the time to research crypto exchanges before adopting their services.

52. A Look into the DeFi Deflationary Yield Farming Boom

It’s not often that you see a technological boom inside of another breakout, but that’s precisely what is happening in the crypto markets currently. The DeFi (decentralized finance) sector, which seeks to revolutionize the current centralized financial system by introducing various decentralized replacements, is also experiencing a deflationary yield farming boom.

53. What is the Impact of Quantum Computing on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency?

Supercomputers aren’t as powerful as you may think and may fail in modeling complex cryptographic problems, chemical reactions, natural systems, etc.

54. Create a Bitcoin Trading Bot in 10 Minutes

Pumps, dumps, and liquidation. Welcome to Bitcoin.

55. Chainlink is Set to Power Cryptex's Flagship Token, TCAP

After months of anticipation, Cryptex announced the launch of TCAP, The World’s First Total Cryptocurrency Market Cap Token.

56. Turning 2k to 2M in 16 Months: My Story on Branding, Opportunities, and Technical Analyses

My journey from turning 2k to $2m+ in 16 Months Using Brand, Opportunity, and Technical Analysis. Stacking Ethereum and Bitcoin and working hard.

57. ZK-Rollups: 3 Cryptocurrencies to Explode in 2022 & 2023?

We'll look at K-Rollups, plus three cryptocurrencies which use ZK-Rollup technology with a bonus cryptocurrency which is related to one of the platforms.

58. 7 Crypto-Predictions for 2021 That Everybody Will Agree With

Learn what awaits crypto in the 2021st, what fosters its mass adoption, how institutional investors fuel industry, and how vaccine may influence bitcoin price

59. What are NFTs? - Their Role in DeFi

By definition, a fungible asset is a type of asset that is interchangeable with other assets of the same type. Currency is a fungible asset. After borrowing a $100 bill, the borrower can return the amount either in a combination of bills of different denominations or in a different $100 bill. The value of the dollar $100 remains the same in both cases.

60. What Do I Do If I Can't Find My Old Bitcoin Wallet?

Has the terror of not being able to find your old Bitcoin wallet tormented you? We got you covered, as we propose what you can resort to when it's mayday.

61. 5 Great Crypto Exchange Platforms that Don’t Require KYC Verification

KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines are a prominent feature in financial systems. KYC is part of the wider Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies that reduce the risks in financial transactions. KYC refers to the process of verifying the identities of the individuals using a service, and in most countries, it involves providing some identification documents.

62. The Ultimate Security Guide for Cryptocurrency Investors

63. Crack This Crypto Puzzle to Win 2.1 BTC

In Oct 2009, the New Liberty Standard was the first exchange to price bitcoin by calculating the value of electricity used to mine those bitcoins. It was 1 cent for 10 BTC, selling a total of 5050 BTC for $5.02. Fast forward 10 years to 2019 and Bitcoin is now priced at $10,300.

64. 10 IEO Initial Exchange Offering Agencies to follow

Many of us expected STOs to became the crypto trend of 2018, but it didn’t happen. This was partly due to the very stringent regulations on securities and partly because participating in an STO requires more technical skills and financial acumen than the average crypto investor has. Instead, a completely new and very promising model has emerged – initial exchange offerings (IEOs).

65. An Open Letter to Banks about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Dear Mr Bank Manager, don’t you think it is more frightening to ignore cryptocurrencies and face being left behind?

66. Is Crypto-Mining Still Profitable?

Is it still viable for the retail investor to mine?

67. Yes, This Is the Very Simple Guide to Cryptocurrencies You Were Looking For

A cryptocurrency refers to a digital or virtual currency. Cryptocurrencies usually operate using decentralized blockchain technology.

68. Algorithmic Stablecoins: A Beginner's Guide

Stablecoins have already acquired a large market. Reportedly, the total supply for stablecoin grew by about 493%

69. Ethereum is Supposed to go PoS (Proof of Stake) in 2022 Which Will Make it More Scalable

This article talks about DAOs, ethereum scaling and why DAOs will be the future of governance.

70. The 5 Best Cryptocurrency Data APIs in 2022

From enterprise clients such as funds, traders and tax companies, to market makers, researchers, developers and crypto hobbyists - all are in need of a top cryptocurrency API. As the industry grows and matures, the quality of the data being offered to track cryptocurrencies has similarly grown, and the data on offer changes from year to year. But how do you decide which is best?

71. Everything You Need to Use Blockchain Games Effectively

This article tackles some of the most important things one should know before embarking on blockchain games.

72. Passive Income and Yield Farming: A New Trend for 2021

Yield farming can be highly lucrative, but also very risky. The level of impermanent loss can discourage some users.

73. The Cardano Blockchain Review

Like many other projects in the early days, Cardano was funded through a US $62.2 million initial coin offering.

74. 5 DeFi Projects You Should Know About in 2021

The growth of Defi is remarkable, with the industry making great strides in just the past few years. It's quite right to conclude that this industry is probably the next big thing in the financial world, especially owing to the many use cases of the upcoming projects.

75. 3 Things Not to Do When Bitcoin is Going Down

Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

76. 5 Exchanges Where You Can Trade Crypto Options

In this post we’ll look at five exchanges that enable investors to trade crypto options, as well as the features and fees involved.

77. Making a Node.js App to Interact With a Smart Contract the Git Way

Hey everybody, this is the second post of the series on writing apps the Git way, where you just go take a cup of coffee and browse a Git repo to learn something new!

78. Tokenizing Bitcoin on Ethereum: WBTC vs RENBTC vs HBTC vs BTCpx

Bitcoin users are often unable to explore the decentralized finance market segment. The vast majority of platforms in existence today are built on Ethereum. Even though the BTC and ETH blockchains cannot communicate directly, wrapped tokens can offer a viable solution.

79. 10 Financial Predictions for 2021 to Protect Your Wealth

Banks are so screwed. They are about to be attacked by central banks, fintech, and crypto companies.

80. The Current State of the Crypto Market and 7 Trends to Follow

In 2021, we've seen the rise of blockchains challenging Ethereum, all-time highs, the NFT craze, new milestones, and a step to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies

81. WTF is an SPV and Why Satoshi put it in the Bitcoin Whitepaper

Simple Payment Verification, usually abbreviated to SPV, is a system outlined in the original Bitcoin Whitepaper that enables light clients (wallets running on low-end systems) to verify that a transaction has been included in Bitcoin and therefore a payment has been made.

82. My Thoughts on Ripple (XRP) and Its Run-in With The US SEC

Is XRP centralized? Yes, it is. Does that matter? YES, IT DOES!

83. Introducing DChat - Decentralized Chat for All

Messaging is a core feature of the internet. It was described as the internet’s killer app. It enabled anyone to communicate with anyone else in the world instantly, and for free. Billions of people chat every day.

84. What I Learned Trying to Predict the Price of Cryptocurrencies

A few days ago, I presented a webinar about price predictions for cryptocurrencies. The webinar summarized some of the lessons we have learned building prediction models for crypto-assets in the IntoTheBlock platform. We have a lot of interesting IP and research coming out in this area but I wanted to summarize some key ideas that can result helpful if you are intrigued by the idea of predicting the price of crypto-assets.

85. 5 DeFi Coins With the Best Rewarding Options

You are looking to invest in crypto and are probably weighing your options from different ways to earn. Staking is one of the most lucrative investment options in the crypto world.

86. Binance Smart Chain vs. Ethereum: Let's Look at the Stats

Trading volume on Binance increased by 30% on February 10, then by 70% on February 18 against Ethereum

87. Is HEX The Most Notorious Scam in The History of Cryptocurrencies?

Richard Heart is the BIGGEST CON ARTIST in crypto history...

88. The Anatomy of Cryptocurrency: 6 Ways to Earn with Crypto in 2022

Cryptocurrency is all about better currency; that is good money. Everyone in cryptocurrency is there to make money….not everyone makes it though!

89. Are provably fair games going to be the next big thing in the online gambling industry? [Interview]

“I have a dream” that one day all forms of online gambling will be possible on the blockchain and users won’t need casinos or anyone else to withdraw, deposit and bet/win.

90. The Top 5 Smart Contract Development Platforms

Smart contract platforms are often considered to offer better long-term investment potential than pure cryptocurrencies. Despite Bitcoin now being more than ten years old, cryptocurrencies continue to face criticism for their speculative nature. On the other hand, a development platform can derive long-term value from the various projects built on it.

91. How To Implement Staking in Solidity

Including a code sample of this powerful tokenomics scheme.

92. A Guide to Market Making for Crypto Startups

What is Market Making?

93. Uncover the Best Privacy Coins in 2021

Cryptocurrencies have emerged as a reliable tool allowing online users to control their own money without the participation of outsiders.

94. Cardano vs. Ethereum: May the Best Blockchain win

Crypto traders and investors continually argue about Cardano and Ethereum: Read an article that carefully compares both tokens, giving you an honest review.

95. Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin SV: What Data Tells Us 10 Months After the Hash Wars

November 2018 marked another pivotal moment for the crypto industry with the creation of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision(BSV) which quickly rose to the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap. The new crypto-asset was the result of a bitter technical and ideological battle between two factions of the Bitcoin Cash(BCH) community which ended up in one of the most aggressive hard forks in the history of crypto markets. During that time, both groups drew passionate and very vocal followers which certainly helped BSV gain certain prominence. However, ten months after the hard-fork, blockchain datasets reveal some very interesting insights about the health of both BCH and BSV. The IntoTheBlock platform recently added full support for BSV and I thought it would be a good idea to look at the data in comparison to BCH.

96. Comparing Staking Rewards - Is Liquid Staking Better Than Proof of Stake (PoS)?

To investors looking for staking rewards, blockchain adopting the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism and decentralized finance (DeFi) projects with liquid staking components are great options to participate in.

97. How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency: A Beginners Guide

The first steps to make your own cryptocurrency are to know your use case, choose a consensus mechanism, and pick a blockchain platform.

98. Are there any DEXs with a good cross-chain mechanism?

Cryptocurrency trading is becoming more complicated day by day. Only a few years ago any centralized platform for trading was good enough for everyone. But now traders want to use decentralized exchanges, which is very reasonable considering the very long list of centralized exchange hacks that have occurred over the past five years. A decentralized exchange is a safer way to trade, not handing over your funds to a third party who may not be responsible enough to keep them safe. You keep your funds to yourself, and you may lose them only through your own volition, not by someone else’s incompetence.

99. The Ultimate Checklist For Marketing DeFi Projects

100. How Blockchain is Revolutionizing the Supply Chain Industry

A supply chain is a network of people and businesses involved in creating and distributing a product or service. It includes everything from the extraction of raw materials to the end consumers who purchase the product or service. A basic supply chain system involves suppliers of materials, manufacturers who turn it into a commodity, the logistics companies that manage the transportation of the raw material and commodities, as well as the final retailers that sell goods to consumers.

101. What is a Grid Trading Bot?

Grid trading is a trading method that comprises placing a series of buy and sell orders at predefined intervals. Learn out the best grid trading bots here.

102. How To Get Market Cipher Indicators For Free and Use Them To Crush The Market

The 3 of the most coveted indicators for crypto are now live on Aurox.. For FREE! These indicators cost a whopping $1500 but free on Aurox.

103. Top 6 Crypto Launchpads in 2021

Want to discover promising early-stage crypto projects? Crypto launchpads are platforms that provide an early access to token sale rounds of vetted projects.

104. Why Polygon (MATIC) Is A Good Cryptocurrency Investment

Why, thanks to its infrastructure and design, Polygon(MATIC) is a great cryptocurrency to invest in and why even experienced traders should consider it.

105. Trading Bots vs Humans · Everything you need to know

Over the past 10 years we've seen the rise and rise of trading bots and Quantitative Funds and we've seen the fall and fall of traditional Asset Managers and Hedge Funds.

106. Who Scales It Best? Blockchains' TPS Analysis

Blockchain technology continues to progress at an incredible speed. This great technology behind cryptocurrencies continues to move at the same pace.

107. WTF is a Grid Trading Bot?

Grid trading profits in a fluctuated market. Here are 9 reasons from an experienced trader who has used GRID Bot for more than 18 months.

108. How China’s New National Cryptocurrency Changes Everything

China is launching a national cryptocurrency. In this article, we’ll tell you what information is already known about the project at the moment as well as how it may change the financial world.

109. High GAS Fees for On-chain Transactions: Can We Fix it in Time?

But with the skyrocketing prices of transaction fees, especially on the Ethereum network, this space craves alternatives (which we are already seeing).

110. Mina's Top Altcoin Picks for 2020

The cryptocurrency market is heating up and many are calling 2020 Bitcoin’s next “bull run” year.

111. What is Liquid Staking and How Can it Improve the DeFi Ecosystem?

Liquid Staking allows using the staked crypto assets in other trading opportunities to let you get the best of both a reward on your staked assets as well as

112. Is Crypto a Missing Link in The Path Toward Star Trek's Moneyless Future?

There’s no money in the Star Trek Universe. Why? Because El Capitan Jean-Luc Picard says so

113. NFT Accelerator Launchpad Luna is Helping Creators Reach New Heights

New NFT Accelerator Launchpad Luna encourages innovation in the NFT space.

114. #DEBUNKED Bitcoin is A Ponzi Scheme

Debunking the pyramid and greater fool theory myth about Bitcoin.

115. 12 Best IDO Launchpads in 2022

IDO launchpads have a pivotal place in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

116. The Unit of Account for Bitcoin is $

"Many of the things you can count, don't count. Many of the things you can't count, really count." - Albert Einstein

117. Blockchain Search: How Google Is Changing the Blockchain Game

Google became popular by taking a nebulous, disorganized, and opaque landscape (the internet) and making it easily searchable. Now, the tech giant wants to do the same thing for a similarly novel technological advancement: the blockchain.

118. 9 Rules of Crypto Trading That Helped One Trader Go from $1k to $46k in Less Than a Year

No, the successful trader is not me. I’ve gotten lucky a few times and I’m still refining and trying out strategies; on the other hand, I’m part of communities of people who trade on a daily basis to grow their portfolios, and while some of the results can be attributed to luck, a majority of it is based on fundamentals, good habits, and experience.

119. Components For Creating a Cryptocurrency Exchange

People generally think one of the best ways to make money with cryptocurrency is by exchanging or trading them. The fact that the value of the Bitcoin has risen by 10000% since its inception is quite a lucrative proposition for any person seeking to make money.

120. Mark Cuban's Bane: How Iron Finance's $TITAN Crypto Crashed From $60 to $0

Iron Finance's token TITAN crashes to below $0. Here's why it happened.

121. Proof-of-Stake Is Coming of Age, and Polkadot is Leading the Pack

Polkadot is currently the leading, highest value, and most secure PoS platform, offering estimated rewards of 13.87% per year.

122. 2 Things to Do While the Cryptocurrency Market Falls

Besides crying, screaming, and other self-destructive behavior.

123. Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers for Everyday Use – 2020 Update

About two and a half years back, Abhijoy and I reconnected over our mutual interest in cryptocurrencies after almost a decade of lost contact. As we discussed various technologies and related topics which intrigued us in crypto, a recurring theme was “where do you track your portfolio?”.

124. The Best Cardano Stake Pool To Stake ADA, & The Pros and Cons of Cardano Staking

What makes one stake pool more profitable than others? The pros and cons of staking with Cardano, and how to know which stake pools are best.

125. Understanding Staking and Generating Passive Income in the World of Cryptocurrency

The recent trend of the cryptocurrency market seems to be on a replay: the prices of cryptocurrencies go up in a minute and in another hour, declines faster than it rose.  In recent times, individuals have made digital currencies, an alternative or additional source of income.

126. The Difference Between Custodial And Non-Custodial Crypto Trading

What does non-custodial mean in crypto? What's the difference between Custodial Vs Non-custodial exchange? How are custodial and non-custodial methods applied?

127. How I Built a Bot to Help Buy Doge or BTC When Elon Musk’s Tweets About Them

this post contains a lot of affiliate link because all tools that I recommend are necessary to run the bot and provide a simple indirect way to funding the project without charging end-user

128. 6 Predictions For Crypto Industry In 2021 (without trading)

Predictions for Crypto industry in 2021: DeFi, DEX, STO, ETH 2.0, CBDC and everything that can affect crypto / blockchain world and can help users and projects

129. Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Cryptocurrencies?

An excessive number of cryptocurrencies and an endless rollout of ICOs can be problematic for the image of the crypto world.

130. Top Crypto Exchange and Blockchain Companies to Watch for in Canada: 2020 Edition

In the blockchain and crypto space, Canada is among the top five countries in the world that have exploited this field well. Despite the late adoption of blockchain technology and Ethereum protocol, cryptocurrency and blockchain experts strongly believe that Canada contains all the favourable resources for thriving as a blockchain and crypto hub.

131. Crypto Launchpads: The Best Crypto Project Funding Platforms

Crypto launchpads help new projects attract the community, thus making it easier for them to tread in crypto.

132. No Sandwich, Please! - Popular DeFi Attack Strategy Analysis

A recent CipherTrace study paints a sad picture: even though crypto users’ losses from criminal attacks have dramatically fallen by 57% in 2020 to $1.9 billion (compared to $4.5 billion in 2019), fraud within the DeFi space continues to grow, leaving more users deceived.

133. A Detailed Breakdown of Bitcoin's Four Year Cycles

In today’s research article, we’ll focus on dissecting Bitcoin’s Four Year Cycle in an effort to better understand Bitcoin’s current price predicament and gain insight into some of the more important technical steps price needs to achieve to ensure future exponential growth.

134. How to Build Telegram Chats with a Crypto-trading Bot

Perhaps a sign of the times: my most active Telegram chat is with a crypto-trading bot that constantly listens for opportunities to trade on my behalf. I used an open-source library to develop some strategies and configure the bot to execute them using my Binance account. The bot communicates all of its trades through Telegram and can reply to my requests to take action or share live updates.

135. The Key Differences Between DeFi apps and NeoBanks

2019 was marked by a boom of DeFi apps and neobanks. Both form part of the wider fintech industry, and both can change the way people view and use money. But you shouldn't lump them together. In this post, I'll explain the subtle differences between decentralized finance and neobanking apps.

136. How Many Cryptocurrencies Are Simply Following the Market?

In the last few days, we’ve experienced a massive rout in the cryptocurrency market.

137. An Overview of Crypto Gaming Guilds: The Future of Play 2 Earn

Guilds are a critical puzzle piece in the P2E and GameFi movement.


138. How To Own A Piece Of The New Web With Web 3.0

Web 3 is the latest wave of the internet that is already changing how users utilize and interact with the web.

139. 5 Cryptocurrency Staking Providers - A Review

Staking cryptocurrencies has largely become a primary form of earning passive income in the crypto space and staking pools have become more popular than ever.

140. Top 6 Privacy Coins for a Regulated Crypto Market

Regulatory pressure from governments, local central banks, and specialized law enforcement is pushing cryptocurrencies to adopting privacy-focused capabilities. That’s precisely how TeleCoin found itself building the Trend-Setter platform and why Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, announced confidential transactions for its coin.

141. What’s the Best Smartphone for keeping your Conversations Private?

In the world of today, personal data like our names, phone numbers, Internet history, geodata, and much more is very valuable to the corporations who harvest and sell it. I shouldn’t remind you about Cambridge Analytica, right? But in case you need a refresher, here’s a brief overview of the increasing privacy problem by NewsBTC:

142. Building a Twitter Bot to Automate Posting Cryptocurrency News with Python [A Step-by-Step Guide]

Be kind.

143. Issuing Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs): A How-To Guide

Why are we all so entitled to the Blockchain industry? For the high development pace? Of course. For the number of appearing opportunities, growing like a weed under the sun and rain? Surely. For building up an alternative financial and tech sphere? You name it.

144. Crypto Fundamental Analysis, Part II


145. Top 20 Promising Blockchain Projects in 2020

Blockchain tech is gradually integrating with the current industries as big corporations and startups seek solutions based on this new innovation. Forbes has since taken up the initiative to list 50 best projects leveraging blockchain; this year’s publication marks the second annual ‘Blockchain 50’ ranking by the magazine.

146. How to List Your DeFi Token on UniSwap

In our first article, we covered how to make a DeFi project successful, build a community, and organize a marketing campaign.

147. Building A Secure Data Economy: An Interview with Ocean Protocol's Founder Bruce Pon

Ocean Protocol is technology that allows data sharing in a safe, secure and transparent manner without any central intermediary. Using Ocean Protocol, data scientists and artificial intelligence researchers can unlock and analyze big data, while respecting data privacy.

148. Monero vs. Zcash vs. BEAM on Confidentiality, Scalability, and Auditability

First, I would like to emphasize that we have a lot of respect for our friends at Zcash and Monero and the activities that these projects have completed so far in order to promote the needed financial confidentiality in crypto.

149. Bitcoin Sharpe Ratio: The Risk And Reward of Investing In Cryptocurrencies

Applying the financial meter stick for evaluating risk-adjusted returns of a (digital) asset, portfolio, or strategy.

150. Ethereum's Layer 2: The Story So Far And What To Expect Next

Ethereum is scaling. Why do we need Layer 2 and what does the near future promise

151. The End Of Crypto Mining Is Just The Beginning Of Crypto

A soundbyte news item recently took the crypto community by storm: 85% of the world’s Bitcoin supply has been mined.

152. Crypto Trading Bots - The Definitive Guide For 2021


153. Cryptocurrencies that became the best way to lose investments — NANO, LSK, ARDR, STEEM, PPT

Top five cryptocurrencies that turned out to be a poor choice for investment, despite the promising shape and the possibility of growth

154. The Native Stabila Crypto Wallet

Stabila web wallet facilitates access to cryptos from anywhere – any browser or mobile device, etc. How do you create a crypto wallet with Stabila?

155. Build A Twitter Bot With Zero Code That Gets You Followers

A Step-by-Step Guide To Engaging Cryptocurrency Tweets

156. MobileCoin is the World's First Carbon-Negative Cryptocurrency

MobileCoin has a significantly smaller impact on our planet and uses far less energy compared to other cryptocurrencies. This is how...

157. The Ultimate Guide to Listing at Crypto Exchanges


158. Looking to Invest in a DeFi Project? Here are 5 Ideas Worth Considering

2020 will go into crypto history as the year of DeFi. It has been a long time since we have seen a hype of similar magnitude, probably best comparable to the 2017 ICO hype.

159. The 2020 Crypto Money Flow Cycle

Money in the Crypto market flows in a predictably cyclical manner.

160. Top 15 Small-Cap DeFi Projects to Keep Your Eye On in 2021

15 altcoins to think about in 2021

161. The Basic Crypto Cash Out and Exit Strategy

One of the most-asked questions I get is: "when do we cash out?"

162. 5 Promising Cryptocurrencies to Invest in & Stake for Passive Income in 2020 - 2021

In this post, we are going to focus on promising cryptocurrencies that can be staked.

163. The Fight for a “Transparent” Blockchain

Blocking of the main blockchain transaction anonymization service Tornado Cash

164. The Ultimate Guide to NFT Marketing and Promotion

How to promote a DeFi and NFT project, the full guide to NFT marketing that will help to make non fungible tokens and decentralised finance projects successful

165. Why Startups aren't Using Ethereum

This interview talks about the rising ethereum transaction fees, cross-fi staking and cybersecurity for blockchain startups.

166. The Five Keys to Crypto Evolution

So the doomsayers were right all along. Crypto was nothing but a bubble and it finally burst.

167. Is Buy and Hold Really the Best Strategy in Crypto?

There are a lot of these proverbs that get thrown around the trading community like “cut your losses short, let your winners run”, “buy the dip”, “never add to a losing trade”, “don’t try to catch a falling knife” etc. Yes, intuitively they sound about right, but how much truth there really is behind them?

168. This Bull Run is Fundamentally Different Than the Previous One. Here’s Why

Everyone knows about the time in 2017 and early 2018 when bitcoin hit over $20,000 USD and Ethereum was sitting nicely at $1,300+. In fact, the total market cap for coins and tokens listed on CoinMarketCap, had just ticked over $800,000,000,000. Everyone was going to be a millionaire.

169. Could EOS Be The Blockchain For Banking?

There are some blockchain that can handle the traditional banking system? Check more in this accurate article full of number and statistics

170. 145 Top Cryptocurrency Blogs and News Sites to Read Daily in 2020

This rating of the best crypto blogs and news sites for 2020 is designed to help:

171. Cryptocurrency Analytics Tools that Helped me Weather Crypto Winter

Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

172. What Happened to Solana (SOL)?

Solana (SOL), a fast emerging blockchain project, has caught the attention of investors in the crypto space in recent weeks.

173. Biggest Cryptocurrency Scams: What's The Damage?

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY Twitter l Telegram

174. Decentralized Cloud Storage is changing the face of the internet (2/2)

(Read Part 1 here)

175. 3 Promising Cryptocurrencies to Invest In For 2021 & 2022

3 Promising Cryptocurrencies to Look Out For 2021 - 2022

176. 30 Most Influential People In Blockchain Industry

Cryptocurrencies are fastly becoming part of our life thanks to the work of thousands of individuals that are pushing hard to see masses adopting crypto. In this piece, I have compiled a list of the most influential people in crypto today based on their contributions to the industry.

177. Kurtosis and Bitcoin: A Quantitative Analysis

Financial markets are chaotic. So chaotic, even, that many economists and investors believe market trends to be the product of ‘random walks’ and that prices cannot be predicted (see generally Malkiel). But randomness shouldn't be worrisome. In fact, random price movements can be good. Gaussian random walk, an assumption used by an options pricing model called Black-Scholes, treats intervals of an asset’s price over time as independent variables. By doing so, the changes in price over time, or the returns of an asset, are assumed to be normally distributed. Otherwise stated, “If transactions are fairly uniformly spread across time, and if the number of transactions per day, week, or month is very large, then the Central Limit Theorem leads us to expect that these price changes will have normal or Gaussian distributions” (Fama, 399). When an asset's returns are normally distributed, the probabilities of those returns are known. Knowing these probabilities can give investors a reliable framework accounting for the risk of holding said asset. When it comes to bitcoin, much has been said about how risky it is. The purpose of this article is to explore how to frame risk and to test how well traditional assumptions, implicit in derivatives pricing, apply to bitcoin.

178. Ready Player One on Ethereum? Welcome to Decentraland!

Ever watched Ready Player One and wondered what it would be like to have the same thing in real life (well you know what we mean)? Play around a virtual casino,

179. All My Trusty Crypto Trading Wisdom in One Spot

It seems more and more of you are tuning into my channel because of my crypto trading articles. That’s humbling and wonderful at the same time.

180. Why Everyone Missed the Most Mind-Blowing Feature of Cryptocurrency

There’s one incredible feature of cryptocurrencies that almost everyone seems to have missed, including Satoshi himself.

181. How Ethereum & Chainlink Will Change Blockchain Technology

Ethereum 2.0 is just around the corner, with a rumored release on Ethereum's 5th Anniversary on July 30th 2020.

182. Bitcoin’s Final Boss

“Bitcoin ought to be outlawed.”

183. Top 50 Crypto Exchanges to Trade Your Cryptocurrencies in 2021

According to data from, there are over 4,900 cryptocurrencies in existence today. They operate in over 20,000 markets, with over 300 registered cryptocurrency exchanges.

184. $DAG Will Do To Big Data What Bitcoin Did To Money

Hello, Dear reader! 🧑‍💻 Here I talk about the Constellation Network, Inc. Why I think the Constellation is one of the most amazing companies! Why they will steal the show and create and set the standard for future Cybersecurity for Big Data. I give arguments to which I paid more attention than to others, as possible clearly and briefly. Go!

185. Polkadot Deep Dive 2021 - Connecting The $DOTs

A detailed 2021 guide on Polkadot and how it is geared towards solving some of the most fundamental yet complex problems faced by the blockchain ecosystem today

186. Surviving Crypto Winter — Part Three: — Why Privacy Coins Will Rule the Next Bull Run

Welcome to part three of the Surviving Crypto Winter series (check out part one and two), where I profile companies and projects that have a shot at surviving the winds of crypto winter and thriving when dreams of spring comes again. This time I profile the an entire category of projects: privacy coins.

187. The Cryptocurrency Trading Bible Two: The Seven Deadly Sins of Technical Analysis

So you read the original Cryptocurrency Trading Bible and you jumped head first into the great game?


Expensive lessons I’ve learned in the past year.

189. Predicting The NFT All-Time High

2020 was great for Non-Fungible Tokens. This market gained volume, fame, and infrastructure. But what all the buzz is about? And what can we expect in 2021? I want to make it clear and to share my thoughts about the future of NFT.

190. 4 Dividend Paying Cryptocurrencies that Help Boost Your Earnings

From this article, we have seen the top dividend-paying cryptocurrencies. These dividend-paying cryptocurrencies allow you to earn constantly with time.

191. Will Facebook and Telegram Kill Bitcoin and Ethereum?

2019 has marked itself not only with the end of the crypto winter but also with time when established technology companies entered the blockchain field. Telegram is going to release its own blockchain with the goal of processing millions of transactions per second. Facebook plans to introduce Libra coin to facilitate payments for 1.7 billion unbanked but connected people.

192. Arbitrage as a Shortest-Path Problem

An explanation of arbitrage and a look at an efficient algorithm to find riskless instantaneous arbitrage opportunities across markets.

193. 10 Affordable NFT Projects You Should Know About In 2022

In this post we'll look at 10 affordable NFT projects on the Ethereum blockchain.

[194.'s New Art:

Rethinking Identity as Community]( Today, I am excited to launch the first new artwork for the website of Every few months, the website will be updated with new artwork that reflects a new aspect of Ethereum's identity. The concept of the work focuses on one of Ethereum’s major strengths: the community.


Nothing lasts forever, but the current crop of economic “isms” all believe that national economies must and can grow ad infinitum.

196. Why Fantom (FTM) Could Be A Good Cryptocurrency Investment

This post will look at why Fantom (FTM) is a good investment that should be considered by any serious investor.

197. Blockchain Gaming: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, And All Their Intersections

Blockchain Gaming: What you need to know

198. 7 Metaverse & Gaming Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2021-2022

With Facebook's rebranding bringing new interest to the Metaverse, here are seven new currencies to consider investing money into over the next two years.

199. Top Blockchain Conferences And Events For 2020

2020 is going to be an exciting year for the blockchain community. After a very volatile 2019, we are all looking forward to a brighter future for our cutting-edge blockchain technology and for our wide community to make a comeback.

200. Libra, a Cyberpunk Nightmare in the Midst of Crypto Spring

With crypto winter finally over, I’ve turned my heart to the green shoots of spring. But my thoughts are not warm in this first article in the Dreams of Crypto Spring series. I break down the most talked about digital currency in history, Facebook’s Libra, and the dark shadow it casts over the future.

201. The Eightfold Path of the Legendary Trader

Like many traders, I read Market Wizards as a kid. If you don’t know it, it’s a collection of interviews with the most legendary traders of the 1980s.

202. How to build a trading platform: things to consider in 2019

203. I Earn $1000 A Month Using my Old nVidia GPUs: A How-To Guide

I used two old Nvidia GPUs to make over 1000$ in a month using the Livepeer network, built on Ethereum, to perform video mining.

204. Surviving Crypto Winter — Part Two: Blockstack and the Great Pendulum of History

Welcome to part two of the Surviving Crypto Winter series (part one is here), where I profile companies and projects that have a shot at surviving the winds of crypto winter and thriving when dreams of spring comes again. This time I profile one of the biggest and best companies in the space, Blockstack.

205. Song of the Cicada Project and the Mystery of Cicada 3301

A lot of people ask me about the Cicada project.

206. What Will It Take for Crypto to Boom Again?

Let’s face it:

207. Bitcoin and Altcoins: Truth #2 "Never take profits unless..."

At the end of the day, you’re trading an asset that goes up in value forever in exchange for more of your government’s money.

208. Tether And The Great Crypto Ice Age

Stablecoins have become the most important source of short-term liquidity for central crypto exchanges. And among those Tether. What's the current scenario?

209. Bitcoin is the Most Stable Store of Value in History

You know how the story goes: Bitcoin is wild, violent, unstable. It makes a whirlwind day on the VIX look like a slow waltz. You can’t trust it. Don’t put “real money” in it or the Boogie Man will get it.

210. Why I'm Bullish On Polkadot And The $DOT Ecosystem

At its core, Polkadot is a highly scalable and fully interoperable blockchain protocol upon which the next generation of the web is being built.

211. Behind the startup: ​Interview with Alexander Busarov on Fighting Counterfeiting in China

In this interview we speak with Alex Busarov the co-founder of Taelpay about Taelpay ecosystem a blockchain application developed by the team while operating in China. Tael consists of over 50,000 users in 500 cities, hundreds of products protected with NFC chips and blockchain, all in cooperation with a long list of participating companies like Rakuten, Nestlé, New Zealand Cherry Corp,and many more. The Tael ecosystem is anchored by the Tael token which acts as a reward, loyalty, and marketing incentive for participants in the ecosystem. Now lets delve straight into the interview!

212. Learn Blockchains by Building One

The fastest way to learn how Blockchains work is to build one

213. A crypto-trader’s diary — week 1

I have decided that I want to become a person who trades bitcoin for a living.

214. Trading Crypto in 2021: How to Switch to Polygon & Avoid the Ethereum Traffic Jam

Avoid crippling gas fees! Learn how to transfer your tokens from the Ethereum to Polygon blockchain, so you can trade at a fraction of the cost and speed.

215. Create an API to interact with Ethereum Blockchain using Golang PART 1

Hi folks! In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to create a simple REST API to interact with the Ethereum blockchain using Golang.

216. Big Brother Meets Black Mirror in the Middle Kingdom

Imagine a world where everything you ever do or say is watched and rated by invisible eyes.

217. 10 Best Free Online Courses for Blockchain Developers

Hello guys, if you are thinking about how to become a Blockchain Developer in 2020 and looking for some online courses to startwith then you have come to the right palce.

218. Cross-Chain Interoperability : Enabling The Future of DeFi

You walk into a coffee shop and want to start your day with a grande Cappuccino. The barista starts making your coffee, and you’re sitting at your table, staring at the birds chirping outside the window.

219. Telegram and the Cypherpunk Rebellion Against the Libra Empire

Welcome to part two of the Dreams of Crypto Spring series. Part one covered the cyberpunk nightmare of Libra and its sudden rise to power. In part two I cover Telegram, a new hope to strike a blow against the Libra empire. This is an expanded version of the story I did for Cointelegraph, with increased coverage of the privacy debates over Telegram and WhatsApp.

220. Is Chainlink The One 'Ring' To Rule Them All?

In this article, I take a deep dive into Chainlink and blochain protocols, and explain why I think Chainlink is the greatest investment of our lifetime.

221. $SHIB: My Journey Through the Deepest Recesses & High Command of a $10 Billion Decentralized Army

This is the story of the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency phenomenon, where meme coin mania meets the future of finance and the decentralized internet.

222. Top 75+ ICO Marketing Agencies

There are many stages to launching an ICO and the needs of the business vary depending at what stage they’re on. For each of these stages we’ve highlighted what services are needed and organized our Top 75 list according to their offered services across five main categories:

223. The Financial System Laid Bare [My Two Cents]

A Pocket Economics Guide To Where Money Comes From

224. Why Everyone Missed the Most Important Invention in the Last 500 Years

You’ve never heard of Yuji Ijiri. But back in 1989 he created something incredible.

225. The Cryptocurrency Trading Bible

So you want to trade cryptocurrency?

226. Coronavirus COVID-19 666 Mark of The Beast Bible Prophecy, Vaccinations & Cryptocurrency

The COVID 666 "mark of the beast" prophecy is either real, or powerful people are playing a very sick joke. Read this carefully. You probably wont believe some of it, until you verify it yourself.

227. Mastering Shitcoins II - The Poor Man's Guide to Getting Rich

in this follow-up to my 2017 crypto investment guide, I look back at how the portfolio did 3 years later, talk about what I’ll do differently this time.

228. What Will Bitcoin Look Like in Twenty Years?

Prediction is a tricky business.

229. The Greatest Trading Books Ever Written

{NOTE: If you’re an avid reader of mine be sure to check out my new podcast, The Daily PostHuman because everyone needs a regular dose of the future!}

230. The Empire Strikes Back with a Coordinated War on Crypto

SAN BENEDETTO DEL TRONTO, ITALY. MAY 16, 2015. Portrait of Darth Vader costume replica with grab hand and his sword. Care of ShutterStock for editorial use.

231. Can Bitcoin Hit 1 Million Dollars?

We are quite a number of years away from million dollar Bitcoins. I predict Bitcoin will NEVER get to one million dollars due to historical precedents.

232. NFT-Based Card Games Are Now A Thing

NFT-based card games have introduced various aspects that regular games that incorporate NFT collectibles lack.

233. Is Tether A Reliable Stablecoin Or Is It A High-risk Asset?

The key to success for any trader is asset diversification and systematic control over them

234. Why Crypto Custodians Are Still A Weak Link

Using Natural Language data streams fed into NTerminal to detect security vulnerabilities, fraud, withdrawal problems

235. Web 3.0 For Businesses: A Beginner's Guide

Web 3.0 may be the next frontier of the Internet, but many know little about it. Read to learn everything about Web 3.0 and its implications for businesses.

236. 5 Ways to Keep Track of Your Cryptocurrency Taxes

As a basic instinct of human nature, we explore various investment opportunities and financial vehicles to grow our investments. Cryptocurrency trading is a fairly young market and there are a lot of gray areas one needs to be aware before jumping into it.

237. Best Stablecoins in 2021: Find Order in the Chaos

Cryptocurrencies are subjected to exchange rate fluctuations and variability. To set prices for them, stablecoins were created. What are the top stablecoins?

238. A Complete Beginners Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrency

A step by step guide on how to begin the process of investing in cryptocurrency.

239. Building a Community Around Your NFT Project is Critical

This article talks about NFTs and how to market and build communities around NFT projects.

240. Why a Decentralized Social Network with Passive Income Potential Will Emerge, Eventually

Social media changed the way you are browsing the Internet, but it didn’t change the way the Internet is being controlled by a few companies that are having a monopoly. While you are under the illusion of using platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter at no cost, their pockets are getting heavier and heavier.

241. The Instability of Stablecoins

Three months ago we held a vigil for the death of the cryptocurrency bull market. Last month, my HodlBot portfolio went up by 50%. What a wild ride.

242. What is a Token Economy and How to Design a Thriving Cryptocurrency

Do you want to design a token economy? Start by having a goal that makes sense.

243. Monero Vs. ZCash: The Definitive Comparision

Monero (XMR) and ZCash (ZEC) are the two most popular privacy-centric peer-to-peer crypto-networks of confidential value circulation (or crypto-hawalas, if you will). Although both in practice conceal sender, receiver, amounts and balances, they implement very different mechanisms and protocols and work in altogether different ways to achieve that. We've already covered both in two separate articles, but below we'll make a brief comparison between the two to get a better understanding of their properties in order to make more informed choices when to use which and the particular purposes best suited for each one of them.

244. Venezuela is Patient Zero Challenging The Western Financial System with Bitcoin

Venezuela can now interact with trading partners instantly and globally without touching US-controlled payment rails

245. How You Could Have Potentially Saved Your Money From the UST/LUNA Disaster

Many DeFi users were hit incredibly hard by Luna’s sudden collapse. DeFiHelper could have saved your money from disasters like this

246. Your $1000 Smartphone Can Finally Pay For Itself

Written by Chris Kalaboukis, Chief Philosopher, Engineer, and Futurist at hellofuture written for Nodle and Hackernoon.

247. What are Cross-Chain Swaps?

A cross-chain swap is a complete decentralized mechanism of exchanging your tokens for other non-native tokens.

248. What Happened to Terra Luna?

In May 2022, the unexpected happened. $LUNA deprecated in value by up to 99%. Find out why LUNA crashed and the impact of the crash in the crypto world.

249. What Can be Tokenized? The Tokenization of Everything

It may be hard to believe, but soon you could earn a fraction of Christiano Ronaldo’s earnings. You could own a few square metres of an apartment in Hong Kong or perhaps a stake in a collectible Formula 1 race car. Thanks to tokenization, the world is becoming increasingly fractionalized everyday, providing us with the ability to shape our own financial destiny.

250. 6 Easy Ways to Earn Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has come a long way from its roots. Back in 2010, a computer programmer bought two Papa John's pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins. At current exchange rates, those two pizzas would be worth over 90 million dollars. It's safe to say that these were the two most expensive pizzas ever bought by human hands.

251. 2024 Bitcoin Halving: What The Experts Predict

The next bitcoin halving is slated for 2024, and investors expect high volatility leading up to and after the event.

252. Everything You Need to Know About Moon - Reddit’s Ethereum-Based Cryptocurrency

Reddit’s vision for MOON tokens and the Community Points program is to encourage high-quality posts, discussions, and engagement

253. I am still pissed off at the guy who told my aunt to buy Bitcoin for the first time at $62k

Her mistake was that she bought a bulk amount (to her) at once. And this is the worst way for regular people to invest in crypto.

254. How Cryptocurrency is Changing the Banking Industry

The emergence and growth of blockchain technology and the resultant cryptocurrencies has sent shockwaves throughout the financial markets. Cryptocurrencies have changed the way people conduct financial transactions globally. Be it typical mobile money transfers of the payment of goods and services; blockchain technology has been integrated into pertinent aspects of financial transactions.

255. An Intro to Bitcoin and How it Works

Bitcoin is a money technology, the first drastic change since the creation of banking over 900 years ago.

256. 3 Reasons Bitcoin Crashed & Why You Should Stop Panicking

I hope you enjoyed your bear market baptism.

257. How You Make Money From Building A Startup

Last month, I resigned from the 2nd huge company I founded. I started both of these companies when they were nothing — neither had even launched when I got involved. Over time, I worked with my cofounders to build a full product, get traction, and raise substantial venture capital funding.

258. Restaurant focussed DAO called FriesDAO is raising $9.69 Million to run a Fast Food Enterprise

FriesDAO is connecting real-world assets to DeFi and on-chain blockchain governance and raising $9.69 Million to change the industry.

259. What are Bonding Curve Offerings?

Bonding curves are built upon one of the most fundamental concepts in economics: price being a function of supply and demand.

260. How To Maximize Your Arbitrage Trading Profits In 2020

Arbitrage is simple. Due to market inefficiencies, the same asset could be priced differently across the exchange. Therefore, you can buy an asset in one market and simultaneously sell it in another market at a higher price for profit. While considered to be a risk-free profit trading strategy, it’s almost impossible to execute manually as the key here is “simultaneously”.

261. 6 Ways The Internet of Value Can Benefit the World Economy

The Internet of Value is a concept proposed by Ripple which envisions a world where value moves and is exchanged like information is exchanged today...

262. Watch Out: Bitcoin Could Do the Unexpected, Soon

Don’t dismiss the possibility bitcoin will rocket to the peak of its market cycle. Four times before, it did the same thing in the same circumstances.

263. How Does Cryptocurrency Affect the Global Financial System?

In 2023, the total market cap of all cryptoassets, including stablecoins and tokens, exceeds $1 trillion as reported by CoinMarketCap.

264. LocalBitcoins Review: I'm Not the Only One Who's Been Scammed

This isn’t a review, and — as much as I wish it was — it’s not a promotion either. It’s a firsthand account… a testament to the continual negative impact of frauds in the crypto space. I wrote this article to make the community aware that LocalBitcoins doesn’t consider to accept moral responsibility when users get scammed on the platform.

265. NFTs And The Creation Of The Metaverse

What exactly is the Metaverse? Read on to find out!

266. Everything you Need to Know About Project Serum ($SRM)

Project Serum is a brand new decentralized exchange (DEX) for the decentralized finance (DeFi) sphere from the same team that created FTX Exchange. It is said to test the boundaries of DEXs using a non-Ethereum blockchain.

267. 3 Ways to Earn Crypto Passive Income: A Quick Guide

Do you want to earn some side income but have no experience in trading? Learn how to maximize your cryptocurrency funds instead of simply HODLing!

268. The Super Token Thesis

Building Towards the Web3 Financialized Consumer Era

269. The Art of Crypto Trading: Classic Patterns

It is an open secret that the charts reflect all the technical factors that affect prices since they provide a historical price overview. Turning to an extended period of the asset price actions, it is possible to identify repeating patterns, which have a favorable impact on the current trading on the stock, forex, or cryptocurrency markets. It is estimated by many traders that classic patterns are the very indicators, reliable in trading.

These classic patterns demonstrate the probability that the current trend may continue or change its direction. They represent consolidation periods that stand out within a clearly defined trend and help traders make informed decisions. In this article, we will look at following most common patterns:

270. I Went From No Coding Experience To Creating An Ethereum Application Within One Year

In this article, I explain how I went from no coding experience to creating my first decentralized application on Ethereum.

271. We are Not in a Bear Market but the Entire World Economy is in a Depression

MEXC is the 1 destination for low-cap gems, offering the widest variety of services, inventory, and industry-leading customer service.

272. What I Learned from Making a Bot That Executed $50M in Cryptocurrency Trades

Battle of the Bots: How Market Makers Fight It Out on Crypto Exchanges

273. A Hidden Crypto Goldmine: CoinList Token Sales

CoinList has an excellent lineup of token sales. They vet each project and provide a good opportunity for investors to get in early on exciting crypto startups.

274. Changelly vs ShapeShift vs CoinSwitch vs ChangeNOW: A 9 Round Death-Battle. Who'll Win?

The fast-changing crypto world constantly ramps up the pace that creates a greater amount of services and solutions, along with the question which of them it is more beneficial to use. Initially, centralized exchanges opened an essential door to cryptocurrency trading.

275. Blockchain Scalability: State Channels are Winning Big Time!

When it comes to blockchain scalability, state channels still beat all other Layer-2 scalability solutions. Here is why.

276. Everything You Didn’t Know About the Handshake Naming System — How this Blockchain Project Will…

The project was conceived by the people who brought you <a href="" data-anchor-type="2" data-user-id="971b92cc448e" data-action-value="971b92cc448e" data-action="show-user-card" data-action-type="hover" target="_blank">Purse</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Private Internet Access</a>.

277. What is Account Abstraction and Why is Everyone Talking About It?

Answers to frequent Account Abstraction questions: what is an abstract account? Is it secure? What are examples of use? How do StarkNet and zkSync use it?

278. Where Can Canadians Buy Bitcoin: A Review of The 4 Most Popular Crypto-Exchanges

Canada’s relationship with blockchain and cryptocurrency has had dramatic highs and lows.

279. Response To Vitalik Buterin "On Free Speech"

Kurt Wuckert Jr shares his thoughts on censorship, free speech and Craig Wright in response to Vitalik Buterin.

280. Simulating a Prolonged Cryptocurrency Bear Market with the Monte Carlo Method

Half-way into 2018, it’s become clear that we’ve strayed far away from the jubilant exuberance that characterized the peak months of December and January.

281. Tether's Allegedly Growing Role in Illegal Activities

Tether is beginning to become a threat to fiat as a value transfer mechanism. There is significant evidence that USDT is where money laundering is occurring.

282. 11 Best Crypto Debit Cards That Worth It in 2021

Crypto debit cards are gaining traction, allowing you to spend your coins wherever you want. Here's a list of the best crypto and bitcoin debit card solutions.

283. Is Cardano the Ethereum Killer?


284. 5 Must Have Cryptocurrency Asset Management Tools for Everyday Use

As we head towards the close of 2019, Rohit and I recently sat down to discuss the year that has been for cryptocurrencies and what it has meant for the industry in general. A major trend this year has been the emergence of new financing avenues through DeFi (Decentralized Finance), and regulatory interest in Stablecoins and government-backed CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies). Consequently, it has led to an influx of new participants (both individuals and institutions) making their first plunge into crypto.

285. Cryptology Vs. Cryptography Vs. Cryptanalysis - Get your Vocabulary Right!

Many new developers are jumping right into coding (usually for those fat paychecks) without learning much about the history of Computer Science. People regarded Alan Turing as the father of Computer Science. He was first a cryptologist and mathematician. Then, he pioneered the field of CS in order to solve cryptological problems.

286. 3 Asian Crypto Exchanges to Watch Out For in 2020 & 2021

Cryptocurrency exchanges are crucial to the blockchain ecosystem, as they create vast pools of demand and supply. They also offer a simple way for people to work with crypto: stories of people accidentally losing their hard drives containing Bitcoin does not happen with Crypto exchanges.

287. What Is Bored Ape Yacht Club? + Why The NFT's Are So Popular

In this post we'll have a quick look at the story behind Bored Ape Yacht Club and why it has attracted so much attention and prestige.

288. Before You Become a BAT Content Creator On The Brave Browser [Read This]

I have been searching for a web browser to naturally block advertisement on websites. Often, advertisements can contain trackers and sometimes even malware. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and next thing you know you see an advertisement for the thing you were talking about? Maybe it’s confirmation bias, maybe it’s that you are so predictable from your browser habits that the big data algorithms detect what your next move will be. The above situations are, of course, hypothetical; however, what if we didn’t need to think about pesky advertisements? What would feed us suggestions for our next purchase? I digress…

289. The Future of Travelling: An Interview with Matt Luczynski, the Founder of is the world’s leading cryptocurrency-friendly hotel booking services with the best prices on 2 million+ properties worldwide.

290. How To Build a Minimalistic Ethereum Wallet in Python [Part 1]

In this article, we are going to build a simple Ethereum wallet from scratch using Python. During the process, we will use some cryptography and try to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. In part 1, we will generate a key pair which is compatible with the Ethereum protocol, obtain the Ethereum address from the public key and encrypt the private key using a password.

291. Understanding IPFS in Depth(3/6): What is InterPlanetary Naming System(IPNS)?

Why do need IPNS, How to Use it and it’s Comparison with DNS

292. Everything wrong with Ethereum in 2019

The purpose of this state of the union is the criticize aspects of the Ethereum project and bring awareness to fixable issues while combating general ignorance of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

293. Learn the Blockchain Basics - Part 9: Blockchain Around the World

The blockchain is a cryptography-focused architecture based on the internet protocol, powered by networked computer servers that do not need to be set up by developers.

294. A Complete Guide to Petro - Venezuela’s Cryptocurrency Driven Attempt to Attain An Edge

The Venezuelan cryptocurrency is a question mark, an oddity, a riddle wrapped up in an enigma. Up to this day virtually every article about it, and there are a lot, refers to the Petro’s mysterious quality in one way or another. Maybe they’re covering their bases and I probably am too, but that doesn’t make the Petro any less mysterious. Or controversial. Or prohibited by Trump, who via an executive order dated March 19, 2018 declared: “All transactions related to, provision of financing for, and other dealings in, by a United States person or within the United States, any digital currency, digital coin, or digital token, that was issued by, for, or on behalf of the Government of Venezuela on or after January 9, 2018, are prohibited as of the effective date of this order.”

295. Surviving Crypto Winter — Part One: Mattereum and the Internet of Agreements

Welcome to part one of my new series Surviving Crypto Winter, where I profile companies and projects that have a shot at getting through the storm and thriving when spring comes again. Today I kick it off with co-author Carly E. Howard, JD, LLM as we profile Mattereum.

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