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28 Creative 404 Pages for Your Inspiration

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Landing on a default, un-styled ‘page not found’ with no further info and links can be really annoying. A creative and clever error page goes a long way in turning your visitor’s frown into a smile. 😉

Here I have compiled a list of some of my favorites. 😎

1. TM

2. SeaHarvest

3. Dribbble

4. Specialized

5. Pixar

6. mCube

7. SuperRB

8. NewDay

9. NextPage

10. Blizzard

11. 9Elements

12. Star Wars

13. Marvel

14. TwoRobbers

15. Tilt

16. Furrow

17. MSTQ

18. Mantra Labs

19. PetsBySpotify

20. Baunfire

21. The-Artery

22. Degenesis

23. Slack

24. RobinGolf

25. SuperFluid

26. Weemss

27. GitHub

28. CodyHouse

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