28/06/2018: Biggest Stories in the Cryptosphere

1. Chinese Judge Allows Blockchain Authenticated Evidence In Court

The Chinese city of Hangzhou has ruled that it is now possible to use evidence which is authenticated with blockchain technologies in legal disputes. The Hangzhou Internet Court decided that this kind of authentication will be allowed, but determined on case-by-case basis. The idea behind the decision is to adopt an open and neutral approach to the emerging technology. It was noted that evidence authenticated a by a third party should be admissible if there’s no conflict of interest. The case was brought to court due to a dispute between local media company Huatai Yimei and a Shenzhen-based technology company over copyright infringement.

2. 86% of Crypto Executives And Investors Call For Self-Regulation

International law firm Foley & Lardner LLP published its 2018 Cryptocurrency Survey based on the opinion of 62 professionals. According to the research, 86% of cryptocurrency companies’ executives and investors believe the industry should self-regulate itself, while 89% think the self-regulation should be formalised. Hackers and security breaches are considered the main threat in the crypto industry. Most of the interviewees also believe that Bitcoin has the strongest chance of going mainstream, followed by Ethereum. However, the latter was the popular choice for investments. Lastly, 58% disagree with the idea of a governmental or central bank cryptocurrency.

3. Facebook Loosens Crypto Ad Ban

We previously reported on various social media platforms banning crypto ads. However, it has now been reported that Facebook has decided to loosen the ban. Adverts on cryptocurrencies or related content will now be allowed when coming from pre-approved advertisers. However, ads on ICOs and binary options are still banned. Facebook decided to ban crypto ads back in January, justifying the decision by stating that the ads in question were misleading or used deceptive techniques. The company’s Product Management Director Rob Leathern said that Facebook will listen to feedback and actively investigate the technology, in order to make any updates needed in the future.

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