15 Freshest Font Bundles for Web Designers, Developers, and Marketersby@lanamiro
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15 Freshest Font Bundles for Web Designers, Developers, and Marketers

by Lana MiroOctober 18th, 2018
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Whether you’re a web designer or a marketer dealing with online projects, you may often find yourself short on quality resources. Searching for the right textures, icons, or typefaces can take hours you don’t have!

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Whether you’re a web designer or a marketer dealing with online projects, you may often find yourself short on quality resources. Searching for the right textures, icons, or typefaces can take hours you don’t have!

This is especially true for full-stack professionals who often need to optimize their workflow. And we haven’t mentioned tight budgets yet! Believe it or not, MasterBundles can not only make the design process less time-consuming, but also save you a pretty penny!

The MasterBundles website contains best web developers deals and design bundles for literally any occasion. Seeking fonts bundles for your new online project? Then, most likely you’re looking for a versatile selection of typefaces you could use on the homepage and separate landing pages.

The bundle format makes it possible to put a bunch of high-quality fonts into a single download package. At that, you’re saving hundreds of dollars you could have spent on premium fonts. Intrigued already? Then, tune in for the 15 Freshest Font Bundles that come at mind-blowing discounts!

#1 Massive Font Bundle — 197 fonts | 97% off

Massive font bundle contains 52 font families with 197 fonts, but not only that! The bundle comes with various graphics and logo templates to use for business and personal projects. Just imagine, you’re getting the $1163-worth fonts and graphics for only $38, saving 97%!

Price: 97% OFF — only $38!

#2 40+ Unique Text Effects To Trendify Your Designs

It’d be such a waste not to grad 40+ unique text effects bundle! This is a godsend if you work in publishing or advertising. With over forty creative text effects, you can create insane graphics for magazine or CD covers! Don’t stick to plain text, you can experiment as much as you want for only $15!

Price: 92% OFF — only $15!

#3 Font pack: 6 Lovely Items — $12 ONLY

Looking for cute fonts to create eye-catching greeting cards? No girl will contain her excitement seeing any of these 6 fonts. Austtina Script, Esmeralda Script, Miadiena, Beautilla Script, Pruistine Script, and Sthephen Script will be a gorgeous fit for lightweight watercolor designs! And the price of the font pack is no less cute — $12 only!

Price: 83% OFF — only $12!


This font bundle of 13 font families and 33 fonts is absolutely worth investing in! For only $20 you get a set of premium typefaces that will cater to any project and occasion! Whether you need a movie poster, a book cover or a business card, you will find the right font in this very pack. At that, you’re getting $257-worth bundle for mere $20! Isn’t that worth a try?

Price: 92% OFF- only $20!

#5 3 in 1 Fonts Mini Bundle — $10 ONLY

Even if your budget is extremely tight, you can still afford this sweet 3 in 1 Mini Bundle. For only $10, you’ll get three cutest fonts to use in all kinds of projects from blog headers and greeting cards to clothing and merchandise.

Price: 71% OFF — only $10!

#6 40 Creative Fonts — just $15

Now, if you’re looking for something exclusive, set your eyes on 40 creative fonts bundle. Bet, any designer wants to get 40 state-of-the-art typefaces for only $15! The set contains 160 files with different font formats — OTF, TTF, WOFF, EOT. Thanks to extended license, you can use these fonts without limit for both personal and commercial projects.

Price: 77% OFF — only $15!

#7 Hand Lettered Bundle: 9 Perfect Fonts — $12 ONLY

Hand lettering is the new black, so tune in for the new design trend! Get 9 amazing $97-worth fonts for only $12. Feel free to use them for all kinds of designs from wedding invitations and greeting cards to business cards and logos.

Price: 88% OFF — only $12!

#8 16 Handwritten Fonts — $15 ONLY

If you’re seeking hand lettered fonts with a twist, check this stylish 16 Handwritten fonts bundle! Now only they are suitable for a variety of design projects, but they’re actually saving your money. Getting $203-worth pack for only $15, what do you think about that?

Price: 93% OFF — only $15!

#9 Vintage Font Bundle: 26 fonts + 100 extras — just $19

If you’re looking for something old-fashioned and retro, this Vintage Font Bundle is exactly what you need! 6 font families, 26 fonts and 100 bonus illustrations for $19. Purchase this majestic font pack and let your creativity flow!

Price: 78% OFF — only $19!

#10 Fonatik Display Font + Book of Wonders — just $19

Fonatik Display Font bundle has a magic feel to it: 650 stylistic alternative glyphs, 110+ vector elements, 10 premade logo templates, 3 bonus font families and multilingual support. And all of that splendor comes for $19. Fonatik font works in big and small sizes, while the bonus materials make this bundle really unique!

Price: 78% OFF — only $19!

#11 Handwritten Bundle: 65 Awesome Fonts — just $18

If you need to do lots of hand lettering, but scarce on time and budget, the 65 handwritten fonts bundle is for you. Feel free to use it for all kinds of projects — printed or digital. The $156-worth bundle comes for only $18 and includes extended font licenses with unlimited page views. Go ahead and save 88% on this amazing purchase!

Price: 88% OFF — only $18!

#12 Ultimate Monogram Creator: 6-in-1 — just $14

Need a cool and futuristic logo for a merchandise line, but can’t find the right fonts? 6 in 1 Ultimate Monogram Creator will do the job! The bundle contains 6 styles, 15 free font combinations, 8 frames and various ornaments to help you find the formula for your monogram. The download pack includes PSD and AI files. Important detail: all of this comes for only $14!

Price: 82% OFF — only $14!

#13 Logo Creation Kit Bundle

Whether you’re working on corporate branding, or building a personal brand, logo is one of the essential parts of your branding strategy. No need to be a professional designer to create eye-catching logotypes from scratch! Just purchase $336-worth Logo Creation Kit Bundle for only $19 and enjoy unlimited possibilities provided.

Price: 94% OFF — only $19!

#14 RoseGold Serif font + 10 Logos

Looking for a stylish serif font? Rose Gold serif font comes with 7 alternatives for uppercase letters and a multilanguage support. Use it for all types of projects: publishing, advertising, web design. For only $10 you get the font bundle and 10 premium logo templates!

Price: 92% OFF — only $12!

#15 Full Travel Branding Kit — Only $25!

Travel Branding Kit is worth every penny as it contains not only fonts, but also outdoor mock ups, social media design templates, emojis, icons, buttons, and textures. You get insane amount of resources for only $25! Now isn’t that special?

Price: 50% OFF — only $25!

#16 10 Versatile Simple Clean Fonts to Give Your Designs a Unique Touch — Only $9

Price: 98% OFF — only $9!

#17 29 Fonts for Commercial Use. Make Your Text Amazing! — Only $10

Price: 99% OFF — only $10!