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127 Stories To Learn About Advertising

by Learn RepoJune 17th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Advertising via these 127 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Advertising via these 127 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

Good Advertising is dialogue with people ... Lee Clow

1. In-Game Advertisements vs. Microtransactions: Which is the Lesser of Two Evils?

It’s time to explore the pros and cons of in-game advertisements versus microtransactions.

2. Amazon Advertising Is Unstoppable

Read this post for insight into why Amazon Advertising is flourishing -- and how Apple and Google are playing into Amazon's hands.

3. This College Prep Software Is Selling Advertising Access to Your Kids

Naviance, a college prep software, is selling advertising access to high school students.

4. How This TikTok Ad Received 3.7 Million Views

I like using Lewin’s math equation B=f(P, E) for reverse engineering the reactions I would like to get from Tiktok videos.

5. Using User Data After Google's Third-party Cookies Ban

Google announced that it would ban the usage of third-party cookies; it has made a lot of publishers afraid that they won't be able to utilize user data.

6. How We Taught Artificial Intelligence to Sell


7. Common Misconceptions in Direct Marketing

There are lot of ways how to do marketing. You cannot say that one is wrong and other is right. But you can say that one is efficient, and the other one is not.

8. Social Platforms Without Paid Ads

In today's digital world, it feels like we need to be constantly tuned-in to countless flows of information. Ironically, we end up remembering less and with a shortened attention span, resulting in a lose-lose for consumers like us and also advertisers. In fact, "the fifth-highest cause of stress in peoples’ lives is advertising."

9. How to Build a Marketing Strategy for Your Startup with No Money

As a startup founder, you may think that you need to have a lot of capital available in order to build and implement an effective marketing strategy for your new venture.

10. Landing a Job at Tesla Using Facebook Ads

Step by step guide how to stand out of the crowd landing a job with Facebook ads

11. Digital Marketing And Design: How The Quest for Success is Damaging Advertising Design

Digital Ads are everywhere. And at times it gets very hard for startups & new brands to standout in the crowd.

12. Can You Tell What Products On This List Are Prohibited On Amazon?

Amazon is the largest retailer in the world, but a majority of the sales on the site come from third-party sellers. Along with toasters and mops, the site’s a target for people trying to sell dangerous and illicit products.

13. A Complete Look at Profila & Zero-knowledge Advertising

In this post we’ll look at how brands handle user data, the Profila platform, how it works and Zero-Knowledge Advertising.

14. Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines With This Classic Copywriting Formula

Since the headline is the first thing your readers see, it should grab attention. Write headlines with urgency, uniqueness, ultra-specificity, and usefulness.

15. The Future of Content Creation: Sharing Profit With Your Audience

How can you earn money from viewing your favorite Youtuber's video in the future?

16. Before You Become a BAT Content Creator On The Brave Browser [Read This]

I have been searching for a web browser to naturally block advertisement on websites. Often, advertisements can contain trackers and sometimes even malware. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and next thing you know you see an advertisement for the thing you were talking about? Maybe it’s confirmation bias, maybe it’s that you are so predictable from your browser habits that the big data algorithms detect what your next move will be. The above situations are, of course, hypothetical; however, what if we didn’t need to think about pesky advertisements? What would feed us suggestions for our next purchase? I digress…

17. Digital Ad Trends to Watch in 2022: Market Monopoly, Privacy Concerns, and New Disruptive Tech

Are there any players that can challenge Google's ad monopoly, what are the current data security developments in this space, and what is the next big ad thing?

18. Nikkei Advertisement for Astar Network Receives the Backing of Record 329 Japanese Corporations

Astar Network has broken a world record by publishing a national newspaper advertising with the largest brands in a single ad.

19. "Decentralized Protocols Disintermediate Misaligned Agencies" - Melanie Mohr [Interview]

The Decentralized economy based on permissionless protocols is swiftly growing as more people in the world embrace the idea of P2P ecosystems.

20. When Promise Becomes Reality On Social Media

Millennials trust the qualities of products when Micro-Influencers recommend them

21. Bad Blocking Will Be The New Ad Blocking

Ad blocking has been a slow and steady revolution in the way the internet is consumed.

22. Hacking Hacker Noon: Transparent and Ethical Advertising on HackerNoon

We pride ourselves on our transparent and ethical advertising policies. Here are several ways individuals and brands can do so on HackerNoon.

23. Brand Safety and the Challenges of Digital Advertising

It is estimated that in 2019, digital advertising spending in the world amounted to a staggering $333 billion. This means that almost 50% of the total advertising budget worldwide was spent on digital advertising. As businesses realize the value of digital advertising, there is an increasing need to also understand the challenges that it brings.

24. Hacking Advertising with Media Day Trading

When someone declares an advertising medium (like newspapers) worthless, I listen.

25. 10 Ways Fake News is Killing The Economy : From Anti-Vaxxers To The Stock Market

Diverse sections of the economy are facing very real costs from bad actors propagating fake news online. In a study, undertaken by cybersecurity company CHEQ (where I work) and the Merrick School of Business at the University of Baltimore, the full economic losses from fake news were revealed. Here are 10 sectors facing urgent and damaging losses from the epidemic of fake news.

26. Introduction to Gamevertising

A story about how gamevertising and advergaming are the future of digital marketing. FlyMoney Games is a gamevertising company.

27. How AI is Impacting the Digital Marketing Landscape

Technology has always influenced the way a product is marketed. In fact, that’s how we went from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Now, we have more advanced technologies impacting the way digital marketing works. AI or Artificial Intelligence is one such example.

28. How to Create a Shitcoin: 5 Valuable Lessons from ICOs

5 marketing methods that already bit the dust two years ago.While working on community management and content creation for blockchain startups launching their ICOs in 2017, I got a front-seat view of how the demand for ICO marketing went hand in hand with the bitcoin price charts. After the first quarter of 2018, everything went into a hibernation period that only appears to have ended a couple of months ago. Looking at current projects after this break, I can’t help thinking how a good deal of them get away with using the same marketing tactics as two years ago.

29. The Technology Behind Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most widespread and efficient ways to reach wider audiences and to market to the specific target groups. It has often been mislabeled as the marketing tool exclusively for casinos and similar services but it has long surpassed the online gaming community and has expanded into a massive marketing strategy that works on all industries and products.

30. The Attention Economy is Worth Billions of Dollars

The average consumer’s attention is now worth billions of dollars because that’s how much companies spend on their user acquisition efforts.

31. Digital Consumers: It's Time to Grow Up

The recent release of Netflix's film “The Social Dilemma” has boosted existing questions and fears looming among consumers regarding their privacy on social media platforms. Putting aside the behavioral effects of social media, one must wonder why the modern consumer has become so critical and scared of the data-gathering and targeted ads behind social media when they have made our lives so much better.

32. Has Become the Pawn of A Huge Data Theft Scheme

Wanna know tomorrow’s temperature? Don’t visit to find out, especially if you’re on a mobile device: the website has been compromised by a malicious advertising (malvertising) attack that is scraping personal information from its mobile users. While its purposes are not yet known, security searchers who have already identified and named this strain of malware — alternatively called “IcePick-3PC” or “eGobbler” — theorize that it originates from a group of organized criminals who are collecting the information for a future attack, or selling it on the Dark Web.

33. This Is How Google Will Collapse

Reporting on Google’s future with today’s facts

34. From DOJ Settlement, Facebook to Eliminate Tool that Enables Discriminatory Advertising

Facebook has agreed to eliminate features in its advertising business that allow advertisers to discriminate against groups of people.

35. How To Create An Effective Instagram Story Ad

For most small business owners on Instagram, creating and launching effective Instagram Story Ads still seem overwhelming and out of reach. How to shoot the Ad? How do you launch the Ad? How much money should you spend? How do you know if it’s set up correctly? I had the same questions when I began my Instagram Story Ads journey too but, don’t worry, although they can be a deeply complex science, there are also ways for anyone to create them quickly, simply, cheaply and effectively.

36. Ways to Use Images in Your Marketing Campaigns

Images are critical to the success of your campaign due to their huge impact on emotions.

37. How Do I Launch a Successful PR Campaign For Crypto or In General?

Launching a successful crypto public relations campaign can be a real game-changer for any business -- new or established in the sphere.

38. Startup Interview with Erik Norgaard, HOLLYFY Founder / CEO

Built for the creator economy. Empowering small businesses. Expanding spheres of influence. Erik Norgaard shares the origin story of Hollyfy.

39. Unity’s Create and Grow Solutions Show Promise as Recent M&As Start Paying Off

As demand in the tech ecosystem grows, Unity’s primary strategy is centered around meeting that rise in demand and creating more allies than competitors.

40. The Anatomy of Programmatic Advertising [Infographic]

Ever wondered what is the heart of programmatic? What are veins, what are lungs, and how does the whole “circulation system” might look like? Discover the essence of RTB in new infographics made by our team at Epom Ad Server. Bonus: programmatic benefits, adoption, and trends of 2020.

41. 6 Benefits Brand Tracking Brings To Your Business

A great tool to better segment your audience is brand tracking. To learn more about your audience, you need to track their likes, dislikes, and demographics.

42. Performance Benchmarks for TikTok in 2022

Discover the latest TikTok performance benchmarks for 2022 and understand what metrics to target and how to approach TikTok marketing for great results!

43. Does iOS 14.5 and 15.0 Signal The End of AI-Powered Digital Marketing?

How Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) could change social networks and advertising for businesses who have become far too used to the status quo.

44. 5 Reasons Why Video Content Is Imperative for Your Website’s Success

With the future of video content looking clear, organizations are reimagination reach as it relates to consumer attention. In this world, Video is king.

45. Grant Michael Leingang founded BLVCK DIVMOND in his father’s garage when he was 23

A brief overview of digital entrepreneurship with Grant Michael Leingang, President of BLVCK DIVMOND.

46. It's Not Too Late — 5 Ways to Make Your Tech Startup Stand Out in the Global Market in 2023

2022 has brought us many surprises, and many businesses have realized that the old promotion mechanisms are no longer effective.

47. 4 Tips to Write an Excellent Google Ads Copy

Want to write an amazing Google ad copy that gets more eyeballs? Here are 4 tips to do it with ease.

48. Understanding "Impact Marketing" and Its Importance

It's time for all the tech companies adding disability customers in their roadmap.

49. The Best Facebook Ads Formats for Leads and Sales

Facebook Ads Offer Some Great Formats For Lead Generation And Sales. Discover More In This Article How You Can Scale Your Leads Acquisition And Online Sales.

50. Building a Neural Network to Detect Ad Fraud

The world of online ad fraud prevention involves finding attacks before they hit ad budgets. This requires continuous streaming of high frequency, high volume data. With say, credit card fraud, banks have limited amounts of requests, say 1 million a day to investigate. However, advertising fraud prevention solutions need to analyze 20,000 requests per second.

51. How Apple Became A Way Of Life

Job's infamous speech on marketing was, above all else, authentic. Before it was cool.

52. The Fable of the Altar King

Once upon a time, the kingdom was terrorized by a silent altar. They would bow down and pray to it so hard, but they never heard a reply. Then one day it spoke…

53. Is Google Benefiting From Banning Third-party Cookies

Google has announced the depreciation of third-party cookies will be delayed – again.

54. The Nuances of the Brave Ads Platform

Five secrets you must know about Brave Ads before using it.

55. How to Build an Advertising Strategy For Different Generations

Nowadays, there are representatives of four generations on the Internet: the Baby Boomers - people over 49 years old; Generation X, the youngest of whom are 35 years old; then people of the decade following the Gen X – Millennials – Gen Y; and, finally, young people from the digital Generation Z. All of them have their own interests and values formed under the influence of the world in which they grew up. In this article, we will talk about how to hook each generation and especially those over 40 with the advertisement.

56. Online Advertising in The Time of The Consumer Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome (ADHD)

Wikipedia characterizes ADHD symptoms as "difficulty paying attention, excessive activity, and acting without regards to consequences." [1]

As we all live in times when not only new generations, but older ones are prone to the syndrome, how to promote and make money on online advertising?

57. Quick Guide to Successful Banner Ad Copy and Design

Banner advertising is the best image-based online form of advertising. Traditionally, these ads were at the top and the right-side panel of the website. However, today these ads are placed in the center along with the main content, making it more appealing.

58. DeFi Applications Will Determine the Future of Financial Markets

This article talks about referral-based blockchain-based protocol and how building infrastructure for Web3 applications is critical for society.

59. Cryptocurrency Advertising In 2022: What We Learned After Spending $10,000 On Crypto Ads

We dive into how you can market crypto the right way using social media, search and crypto ad networks with our own experiences trying to market products.

60. COVID-19 Marketing: Between Smart and Insensitive

Like other industries, the world of marketing has had to go through a paradigm shift in the era of COVID-19. Just as Zoom has become a household name when it hadn’t been prior, consumer patterns have shifted to adjust to the pandemic. Whether the industry likes it or not, changes in a company’s marketing dynamic are not only happening — they’re also affecting brand image and customer engagement.

61. The Biggest Mistake Amazon And Netflix Made

Yes, I’m talking about the annoying pre-roll ads that are being played before movies/shows.

62. Facebook Ads Market Potentially Dangerous “Abortion Reversal” Procedure

The Markup has found that Facebook is serving up ads and posts for the so-called “abortion pill reversal” procedure...

63. Twitter Will Share Ad Revenue with Creators

Twitter will now be sharing ad revenue with content creators for advertisements that appear in their reply threads.

64. Is the Pinterest Way to Measure Ads the Right Way?

A cutting-edge data science model can only be created if impact is measured properly. Pinterest upgraded everyone's preferred impact measurement metric, CTR.

65. The Value of Finding a Perfect Audience

If you're trying to stand out, first know your audience. Learn more about how to find a perfect audience below.

66. Why a Privacy-First Ad Approach Promises a Better Future for All

A privacy-driven future is coming. Is your ad business ready?

67. "The most important thing for any ad is to know your audience," - says George Thomas McCormick

George Thomas McCormick is the founder of SOAR:  a full-funnel Facebook & Instagram marketing agency. SOAR's main offering is creating and running profitable Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns for its clients.

68. Behind The Google and Facebook Collusion - A Thread

Patrick McGee describes the collusion between Google and Facebook.

69. Why Digital Advertising is Undergoing a Paradigm Shift

In the past two decades, the advertising industry has shifted from broad, dispersed advertising strategies to a more laser-focused data-driven approach where conversion and ROI are critical.

70. An Ethical Way To Advertise Online

Advertising as we know it became popular in the mid-19th century. People would pay money to put their words on a newspaper that anyone could read. Due to this, adverts on the front of newspapers were extremely varied.

71. A Non-Technical Intro to The Brave Browser and How it Protects You, Your Data, and Your Privacy!

The obvious methods of influence and manipulation aside, it’s important to consider the less noticeable ways that an internet marketing company — like GOOGL, FB — track you, consume and potentially sell your data.

72. 10 Reasons to Use PPC Advertising for Your Independent Film

Explore the benefits of using PPC advertising for promoting your independent film. Learn why PPC is an effective strategy to reach your target audience.

73. Could There Eventually Be a Ban on Behavioral Advertising?

Could behavioral advertising be on its way out?

74. Commerce Advertising in Ukraine: How the Ads Industry Has Changed in 30 Years

The Ukrainian advertising market has been affected by different events for over 30 years. I show cool and stupid Ukrainian ads examples throughout its history

75. Uber's Q4 Results Show Positive Traction in Ridesharing, Delivery and Advertising

Uber released its Q4 2022 earnings report, revealing impressive growth in its core ride-hailing business. The business had both its best quarter and year ever.

76. How To Get Around Facebook Ad Policies While Advertising Mobile App

It’s not a secret that Facebook policy for ads is rigid and anyone may experience the painful situation of disapproval. Someone gives up and go with another Ad Network, others decide to play nice and adjust the ad. But what to do if the application specifics have the upper hand? How to avoid “images that are scary, gory or sensational” if you’re promoting a new zombie shooter game? Or why you should not use "before-and-after" images while advertising a fitness app, you want to show all the pros of your app, don’t you? In this Facebook ads guide, we focus on 3 main app categories that may rather suffer from Facebook ads policy in 2019: games (especially shooters and racings), dating apps (with all that inability to show sexuality in the ad) and health & fitness.

77. Why Demand Side Platforms Are Essential For Your Advertising Campaign

A demand-side platform is the advancement of the digital marketing era. If you are investing $$$ to market your brand, you must be aware of DSPs!

78. Re-thinking Digital Advertising in a User-First World

In order to start making money, user data started being used to serve ads. It was used to predict our future behaviors in order to predict which ads to serve.

79. Why A Dinosaur Statue Might Be Good For Local Business Marketing-Part 1

Advertising on a smaller scale for local business marketing needs a different mindset from the larger-scale mass marketing that we are normally used to.

80. 4 Ways To Market Your Tech Company

You’ve built a tech business with industry-leading potential. But how do you get it out there in front of the customers you need for it to fly?

81. The Power of Google Comparison Shopping Services

Google Shopping continues to gain importance as an e-commerce channel. Shopping ads are displayed prominently on the search engine results pages and present users with products that match their search query. Google is developing the feature feverishly to meet the competition from Amazon as a sales channel. In initial tests with “Shopping Actions”, Google even allows direct purchases in the search results in the USA and France.

82. Social Media, Blogging and Email Are Still Effective in Good Hands

83. The Arrival of The TikTok Economy

The creator economy is a $104 billion market. For every million dollars that brands spend on TikTok, they’re seeing $7.2 millions back.

84. iOS 14 Privacy Features: It's Time to Rethink Advertising & Marketing Strategies

Two of the world’s most powerful tech titans are on course for a collision.

85. The Rise of Localization Technology and What eCommerce Brands Need to Know

The integration of translation and localization tools has never been more necessary - especially in high-growth sectors like eCommerce.

86. 5 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies That Will Double Your Sales

In the competitive and ever-changing eCommerce landscape, it can be challenging to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a steady stream of sales and growth.

87. The Keynote of a $20,000,000 Sale

One Thousand Ways to Make Money, November 2017 by Page Fox is part of HackerNoon’s Book Blog Post series.

88. Are Advergames the Future of Digital Marketing?

Advergaming is unparalleled in its ability to market products by providing brand lift, increase product recall and increase intent to buy.

89. Set Up Data-Driven Alerts in Google Analytics [A How To Guide]

3 years ago, disaster struck.

90. Why We Should Opt Out of the Attention Economy

The Value of Attention - why your attention is so valuable and why you're selling it too cheaply

91. Don't Fall For These Ads With Misinformation Even Though Facebook Approves Them

While vowing to police COVID-19 misinformation on its platform, Facebook let advertisers target users interested in “pseudoscience”.

92. How To Set Up Smart Banners in Yandex.Direct

Below we will describe in detail how to set up smart banners to provide the highest conversion rates.

93. Contextual Advertising vs. Search Engine Optimization [A Russian Reviews]

Today, it is pointless to argue about the need to develop business both offline and on the Internet. Suffice it to recall the quote of the great businessman Bill Gates "If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business!"

94. Top 10 NFT Marketing Company/Agencies in 2023

Top 10 best NFT marketing companies around the world are listed in this blog. Have a look at these for promoting your NFTs.

95. Addressable TV Ad Measurement: Will We See Groundbreaking Solutions In 2021?

CTV offers advanced targeting, audience reach, and flexibility in running campaigns, but not everything runs smoothly when it comes to measuring effectiveness.

96. How Much Exactly are Podcasts Able to Track us

Traditionally, the podcast ecosystem has been tracking-resistant, in part because podcasters release their shows through RSS, free technology dating back to '99

97. European User Data is Shared 376 Times Per Day on Average

Violation of private data and its commercial exchange are recurrent issues in the online world. In this thread, our community discusses personal data share.

98. The Monetization Model for A Decentralized Web/dWeb [Deep Dive]

This is a second article in the ‘Decentralized web / dWeb’ series. To get an idea on what the dWeb is please check — this article.

99. A Quick Introduction to Federated Learning of Cohorts [FloC]

Federated Learning is a relatively new machine learning technique that decentralizes the training of data from one central machine to multiple devices.

100. Benchmarks Report 2020: New Apple Search Ads Cost & Performance Metrics

The App Store is competitive as never before. According to Apptopia, there are over 1.8 million publishers and 4.1 million iOS apps out there, of which games account for 20%, while non-gaming apps represent 80% of the total.

101. 6 Marketing Problems Of 2021 And How To Fix Them

The internet has changed the world. Most would say for the better, especially those of us running an online business. When it comes to business, marketing has never been so easy as it is today - with access to a plethora of digital marketing channels.

102. How Data Science is Changing Media, Advertising, and Entertainment

In advance of our upcoming event - Data Science Salon: Applying AI and ML to Media, Advertising, and Entertainment, we asked our speakers, who are some of nation’s leading data scientists in the media, advertising, and entertainment industries, to answer a few of our most pressing questions about the future of their industries.

103. Blockchain Protects From Data Miners But Is Also A Perfect Tool For Data Mining

The article tells what happens when blockchain meets online advertising.

104. Why Running Online Ads isn't Effective Anymore

Online advertising is considered to be one of the most effective ways to rise brand awareness and reach goals, but it's crucial to understand how it works.

105. 3 Ways To Reach the C-Suite

You can find your way to success from an entry-level to an executive-leadership position. You just have to take the route that compliments your attributes best

[106. How to Do B2B Focused Advertising Without Creeping Out Your Targets

During COVID-19]( Remember how annoying it is when you Google something and start seeing ads for it across all online platforms?

107. How to Get the Identifier For Advertisers (IDFA) in iOS14

If the title of this article means something to you, then you are probably aware of the earthquake caused by iOS14.

108. Three Lessons For Building a Killer Ad Game

Use elite marketing tactics in combination with gaming to sell your product, generate leads, and land new customers. Marketing made simple with gaming.

109. PR for Crypto Projects: What You Need to Know

PR coupled with a strong product and well-functioning teamwork can bring good results: increase investor interest, and attract an audience.

110. Facebook Made a Promise. Did They Keep It?

However, other obvious proxies for race, religion, health conditions, and sexual orientation remain.

111. A Brief History of Fiverr's Out-of-Tune Marketing Campaigns

The first law of thermodynamics says that you can't get something for nothing, or can you?!

112. Your False Advertisement Broke My Windshield

You know that strange feeling when you see the name Al Pacino in a sentence and without your consent, you just start adjusting your reading?

113. The PPC Ecosystem: How To Optimise Your Conversions With Effective Ads

When you cast your mind towards Pay Per Click advertising, it’s likely to conjure thoughts about optimised keywords that are designed to pull the right traffic towards your website. However, PPC is a wide and varied world that operates on a much deeper level for practitioners and audiences alike.

114. Why Tech Brands Should Worry About Storytelling

As much as brands should focus on understanding and communicating what their products do, they also need to consider how to make people remember emotionally.

115. An Introduction to Fundraising PR for Crypto Projects

In the promotion of crypto projects, traditional advertising tools are indispensable.

116. How Demand Side Platforms (DSP) Can Help Recalibrate Ad Businesses in 2020

White label DSP platform gives advertisers a chance to open independent ad tech businesses, set their own conditions and influence the outcomes of media-buying directly, without third-party providers. When advertisers go autonomous and what white-label gives them, let’s take a look.

117. Lead Form Ads: How To Get Leads Without Landing Pages

What are lead form ads?

118. Founder's Interview: Gauthier Bros of Atayen Inc

Recently, in an exclusive interview with Gauthier Bros, the CEO and founder of Atayen Inc, where they developed an online advertising using the blockchain technology, shared his journey on how he builds Atayen Inc.

119. What David Ogilvy teaches about Marketing in the digital world

(Image from Negative Space on Pexels)

120. In-App Advertising Checklist: 2020 Edition

At the beginning of the new millennium, mobile applications penetrated every business area. No matter who you are or what you’re looking for, you can guarantee that ‘there’s an app for that.’ Such a significant growth of the mobile field, considering apps have maintained their role as a critical revenue stream for the industry, made user acquisition a crucial part of product development. Too much competition on the market places UA managers in the face of numerous challenges, and this year is no exception mobile marketers seek for new ways to improve UA, maximize ROI or expand to the new market.

121. AT&T’s Ad Exchange is Overrun With Data Stealing Malware

Xandr/AppNexus is serving up infected ads across major websites

122. New Report Finds That Facebook Still Runs Discriminatory Ads

We found discriminatory ads can still appear, despite Facebook's efforts

123. Learning Advanced Marketing with Digital Expert Marco Calamassi

Today we are talking marketing and online business development with one of the leading experts in the field, Marco Calamassi, who started up in this industry as far back as 2012, when Social Media (Facebook) was just conceived and barely launched and now is one of the very few Marketing Experts verified on both Facebook and Instagram in the world. Bare with us because a lot of data and valuable insights will be shared and no tip will be spared. Analytics attachments included.

124. How Ad Fraud Impacts the Coronavirus Online Sales Boom

While the current COVID-19 disease has affected several industries negatively – including the catering, tourism, and real estate sectors –, coronavirus had an unexpected impact on online sales.

125. Influence Marketing Opportunities for the Crypto Industry

how to Work with influencers in crypto

126. The Best Marketing Campaigns Of All Time

Marketing Campaigns follow us wherever we go. In this thread, the slogging community discusses their favorite advertisements ever.

127. 7 Top-Rated Alternatives for Adsense You Should Know in 2022

Google’s AdSense is a venerable platform that has been helping content publishers monetize their sites for many years. but there are now several viable options.

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