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123 Stories To Learn About Youtube Transcripts

by Learn RepoSeptember 7th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Youtube Transcripts via these 123 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Youtube Transcripts via these 123 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. #FoundersConnect: Marvin Coleby, Co-Founder and CEO of Raise

Marvin Coleby is building Raise, an equity management platform with a vision for Panafrican unity. He shares his background, startup and experiences with me.

2. #FoundersConnect: Kay Akinwunmi, Co-Founder & CEO of Zazuu, A Transborder Payment Company

Kay, Co-founder and CEO of Zazuu, speaks to me about his platform that allows money transfers across border with ease, his background and journey.

3. FoundersConnect: Interview with Kelvin Umechukwu, CEO and co-Founder of Bumpa

Kelvin Umechukwu, CEO of Bumpa, shares his journey into entrepreneurship and the role of community in effecting change.

4. #FoundersConnect (Music): Interview with Toba Adeyanju, CEO of Ejoya Music

I sit with Toba Adeyanju, CEO of Ejoya Music, a startup music company, on his journey, insights and plans for the future.

5. Interview with Atsu Davoh, Founder of Bitsika, on Creating a Payment App in Africa

Peace sits down with Atsu Davoh, Founder & CEO of Bitsika. Bitsika is a payments app for making transactions.

6. #FoundersConnect: Interview with Onyeka Akumah, CEO Farmcrowdy & Co-founder CrowdyVest, PlentyWaka

Peace interviews Onyeka Akumah, CEO of Farmcrowdy, and co-founder at Plentywaka, Crowdyvest and Rent Smallsmall on his journey as a tech entrepreneur.

7. #FoundersConnect: Ijeoma Akwiwu, Lawyer, Developer, and Co-founder of Pivo, a Digital Bank

Peace speaks with Ijeoma Akwiwu, the Co-founder and COO of Pivo, a bank for trade.

8. #FoundersConnect: An Interview With Bernard Parah, CEO of Bitnob

Bernard Parah, CEO of Bitnob, a Bitcoin centred payment service shares his love for cryptocurrency and the plans for his growing Startup with me.

9. Do you Need to be Great at Math to Start a Career In Cybersecurity?

Do you really need to be great at Math to have a career in CyberSecurity? Find out more in this YouTube video from CyberSecurity Engineer - Grant Collins.

10. Interview with the Cofounder of Helicarrier (Formerly, Buycoins) on Crypto in Africa

Peace interviews Tomiwa Lasebikan, co-founder and head of product at Helicarrier, a product dedicated to connecting Africans with financial solutions.

11. #FoundersConnect: Interview with Nadayar Enegesi, CEO of Eden Life & Co-founder of Andela

Peace interviews Nadayar Enegesi, the Co-founder and CEO of Eden Life a tech-enabled service that puts its users' home chores on autopilot.

12. #FoundersConnect: Florence Githinji, Regional Marketing Manager at YellowCard

Conversation with Florence Githinji, Regional Marketing Manager of Yellowcard.

13. #FoundersConnect: Njoku Emmanuel, the 19-year-old CEO & Co-founder of Lazerpay

Interview with Lazerpay co-founder & CEO, Njoku Emmanuel.

14. #FoundersConnect: Chimezie Emewulu, Co-Founder and MD of Seamfix Limited.

Conversation with an OG Founder, Chimezie Emewulu, Co-founder and CEO of Seamfix.

15. #FoundersConnect with Ben Eluan, Co-Founder/ CEO of Flux

Peace interviews Ben Eluan, co-founder and CEO of Flux, a crypto remittance startup built to help individuals and merchants make transactions globally.

16. Interview with Ezra Olubi, CTO of Paystack, on Getting Acquired by Stripe

Peace interviews Ezra Olubi, co-founder and CTO of Paystack as he shares the Paystack story.

17. #FoundersConnect: How Preston Ideh is building Africa's Largest Intelligence Startup, Stears.

Interview with Preston Ideh, CEO and Co-founder of Stears.

18. #FoundersConnect: Koromone Koroye, Managing Editor of TechCabal

Conversation with Koromone Koroye, Managing Editor of TechCabal on her interesting life experiences, thoughts of religion, work culture and more!

19. Ayo Akindele, Founder and CEO of Kyshi

Interview with Ayo Akindele, of Kyshi, a payment startup for transnational money transactions.

20. #FoundersConnect: Interview with Yinka Adewale, the CEO of Kudi

Peace interviews Yinka Adewale, CEO of Kudi, a Start-up that offers seamless banking services to communities in Africa.

21. #FoundersConnect - Bayo ‘Lion’ Adedeji: CEO, Wakanow & Founder, Dundu Nation & Wave Beach

In this interview I have a conversation with Bayo Adedeji concerning how work at Wakanow and his extensive journey as an entrepreneur.

22. #FoundersConnect: Odun Eweniyi, Co-Founder of Piggyvest, Africa's Top Savings App

Odun Eweniyi, coFounder of Piggyvest, FirstCheck Africa and the Feminist Coalition shares her journey with me.

23. #FoundersConnect: Wale Adetula, Co-Founder of TNC Africa

Interview with Wale Adetula, the Founder of one of Nigeria's pioneer Media companies, TNC Africa.

24. #FoundersConnect: Eyitayo Ogunmola, Founder of Utiva, an African Ed-tech Startup

I speak with Eyitayo Ogunmola, the CEO of Utiva, an education service for Africans and people of colour entering the tech industry.

25. 10 Ways Developers Can Make Money Coding

How developers increase their income cash flow

26. Even Disney is Investing in AI: A Look at Face Re-Aging for Visual Effects

Whether it be for fun in a Snapchat filter, for a movie, or even to remove a few riddles, we all have a utility in mind for being able to change our age in a picture.

27. How do Hackers Hide Themselves? - A Guide to Staying Anonymous Online

The world has always been fascinated with Hackers. In this video, we’ll learn about how they hide themselves online.

28. #FoundersConnect: Interview with Yanmo Omorogbe, Co-Founder of Invest Bamboo

Peace interviews Yanmo Omorogbe, Co-founder of Invest Bamboo, on her "accidental" journey into entrepreneurship, running Bamboo and biggest wins and lessons.

29. Google's Best Practices: Using a Design Doc

Ex-Google Tech Lead talks you through the #1 engineering practice: Design Docs.

30. Why You Should Never Store Passwords in Web Browsers

31. What You Should Learn Before Learning Cybersecurity - Updated 2022

Have you been looking to learn Cybersecurity but you’re unsure where to start from?

Here’s a great guide on where to start!

32. Adewale Yusuf, Co-founder TalentQL, on Helping Young Africans Launch Their Tech Careers

Peace interviews Adewale Yusuf, serial entrepreneur with a demonstrated history in EdTech, with building Talent QL, Techpoint Africa and AltSchool.

33. #FoundersConnect: Interview with Musty Mustapha, Co-Founder & CTO of Kuda

Peace Interviews Co-Founder of Kuda Bank, Musty Mustapha on his journey as a tech entrepreneur, experiences and lessons.

34. #FoundersConnect: Mariam Jimoh, CEO & Founder of Oja (Ethnic Grocery Delivery Startup)

Peace speaks with Mariam about her grocery startup for afrocarribean people living in the diaspora.

35. How Kuda Bank Grew From Zero to Millions of Users

Peace interviews Bradley Want, the VP of Growth at Kuda Bank.

36. #FoundersConnect: Abdul Hassan, CEO & Founder of Mono, Backed by Ycombinator

#FoundersConnect: Abdul Hassan, CEO & Founder of Mono, Backed by Ycombinator

37. #FoundersConnect: How Erika Brodnock, Founder of Kami, Uses Tech to Improve the Lives of Families

Peace speaks with Erika Brodnock, Founder of Kami app.

38. #FoundersConnect: Interview with Michael 'Trojan' Okoh - Co-founder and CTO, ThePeer

22-year old Founder of ThePeer, Michael Trojan Okoh, shares his story with me.

39. How to Detect Cyber Threats

40. #FoundersConnect: Bunmi Akinyemiju, Partner at GreenHouse Capital, Former CEO Venture Garden Group

I speak with Bunmi Akinyemiju, one of the biggest investors in the African startup space, and Founding Partner at GreenHouse Capital.

41. #FoundersConnect: How Kemi Olawoye Is Building BabyMigo, Nigeria's Largest Parenting Community

Kemi shares her journey building Babymigo, Nigeria's largest Parenting Community

42. The Founder & CEO of Kudigo Talks About Tech Startups in Ghana

Peace interviews Kingsley Abrokwah, serial entrepreneur and founder of Kudigo, a software solution for retail businesses in Africa.

43. Yele Bademosi, Founder of Bundle Africa, Talks About Tech Entrepreneurship

Peace speaks with Yele Bademosi, founder of Bundle Africa, Microtraction and co-Founder of Nestcoin, in a lengthy and elucidating interview.

44. #FoundersConnect - Ized Uanikhehi, CEO of Loose Media, and Her Advice for Tech Marketers

Peace interviews Ized Uanikhehi, Media professional and CEO of Loose Media on her journey, experiences and advice.

45. #FoundersConnect - Interview with Rodney Jackson-Cole, Cofounder and CTO at Prospa (YC W21)

Rodney Jackson-Cole is the CTO of Prospa, a company set out to aid African entrepreneurs. Peace finds out more about his mission and journey in this episode.

46. #FoundersConnect: Babajide Duroshola, General Manager at M-KOPA & ex-Country Director, SafeBoda (NG)

I speak with Babajide Duroshola, the General Manager at M-Kopa with years of experience managing startups about his journey and work.

47. #FoundersConnect: Ameyaw Debrah, the Founder of | Ghanaian Celebrity Blogger

Peace has a conversation with Ameyaw Debrah, Ghanaian celebrity blogger and founder of, a lifestyle news blog about media, his life, and more.

48. #FoundersConnect: Godwin Tom, Serial Entrepreneur, Music Business Mogul & CEO of iMANAGE AFRICA

Conversation with Godwin Tom, an expert in music management and CEO of iMANAGE Africa on his journey, his work, and the future.

49. #FoundersConnect: Kennedy Ekezie-Joseph, CEO of Kippa, a Company Helping Small businesses Grow.

I have a conversation with Kippa's CEO & Co-Founder, Kennedy Ekezie-Joseph.

50. #FoundersConnect: Tosin Faniro-Dada, MD /CEO of Endeavor (Nigeria)

Peace has a conversation with Tosin Faniro-Dada, the MD & CEO of Endeavor in Nigeria, about her career and her passion for helping entrepreneurs.

51. Interview with the Founder of Money Africa: Financial Education, Investing, and More

Peace interviews Oluwatosin Olaseinde, founder of Money Africa and Ladda on her journey as a startup founder, biggest life lessons and future plans.

52. #FoundersConnect: Moe Odele - Tech Lawyer, Human Rights Advocate & Travel Enthusiast

Peace speaks to Moe "Moechievous" Odele, about her life and career, growing up in a polygamous family, studying law and finding tech law.

53. Python for Beginners, Part 14: E-1 Circle of Squares

Learn how to write a function that makes a circle of squares!

54. #FoundersConnect: Adia Sowho, CMO of MTN Nigeria

Peace speaks with Adia Sowho, CMO of MTN Nigeria, on her life and journey. This interview is one you definitely should not miss!

55. Let’s Play Ethermore: Part 1 – Exploring The Ruins of Nio Cegod

Ethermore's first-ever let’s play video is being used to showcase a possible new feature: AI-generated synthetic audio narration.

56. How to Create Realistic Slow Motion Videos With AI

TimeLens can understand the movement of the particles in-between the frames of a video to reconstruct what really happened at a speed even our eyes cannot see.

57. The co-CEOs of Printivo, Temitope Ekundayo and Ibukun Oloyede on How to Run a Company

Peace interviews co-CEOs of Temitope Ekundayo and Ibukun Oloyede or Printivo, a solution enabling small and medium enterprises to print items seamlessly.

58. #FoundersConnect (Music): Rebecca Inyang Junaid Founder of JustJoJo (Music Publishing)

A conversation with Rebecca Inyang Junaid, Founder of JustJojo Entertainment, a music agency based in the UK on career, life and experiences.

59. How to Get Started With AI in 2021 and Keep Up with Latest Innovations in ML

How to start machine learning & Ways to keep up with the latest developments in Machine Learning.

60. How to Create Realistic Slow Motion Videos With AI

TimeLens can understand the movement of the particles in-between the frames of a video to reconstruct what really happened at a speed even our eyes cannot see.

61. #FoundersConnect: Interview with Lotanna Nwose, Co-founder of Investsika

I sit with Investsika's Co-Founder, Lotanna Nwose and we discuss his passion for stock accessibility and entrepreneurship and desires to provide this in Ghana.

62. #FoundersConnect with Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Co-founder of Andela & Former MD of Flutterwave

Peace interviews Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Co-founder of Andela on his career journey across various successful projects; mistakes, insights and much more.

63. #FoundersConnect: Peter Bunor Jr., From Nollywood Child Actor, to Co-Founder of Field Intelligence

Peace interviews Nollywood Child Actor turned Founder, Peter Bunor of Field Intelligence.

64. #FoundersConnect: Jude Dike, CoFounder and CEO of GetEquity

Conversation with Jude Dike, co-Founder of GetEquity, a company democratizing access to startup investment in Africa.

65. #FoundersConnect with Tito Ovia, Cofounder of Helium Health (#1 Health-Tech Provider in Africa)

Peace speaks with Tito Ovia, co-founder of Helium Health, a health-tech provider in Nigeria set to digitize hospital processes within the continent.

66. #FoundersConnect with Damilola Olokesusi, Co-founder & CEO of Shuttlers

Peace interviews Damilola Olokesusi, Co-founder and CEO of Shuttlers, a platform that enables its users access efficient shared transportation in Lagos, Nigeria

67. #FoundersConnect with Oluwatomi Solanke, Co-founder/CEO of Trove Finance

Peace interviews Oluwatomi Solanke, co-founder and CEO of Trove Finance, a micro-investment platform that allows Nigerians to invest in foreign stock markets.

68. #FoundersConnect: Duncan Muchangi, Principal @ Unicorn Growth, Former MD, Jumia Group & Antler E.A

Interview with Kenyan VC, Duncan Muchangi and founder of Unicorn Growth Capital.

69. #FoundersConnect: Tomiwa Aladekomo, The Man behind Big Cabal Media (Techcabal & Zikoko)

Peace speaks with Tomiwa Aladekomo, CEO of BigCabal, the parent company of Zikoko, a media company that creates content for African youth, and TechCabal.

70. #FoundersConnect: Douglas Kendyson of Selar on Hitting Huge Revenue Milestones

Peace sits with Douglas Kendyson, CEO and founder of Selar for a fun and elucidating interview on his journey and his company.

71. #Founders Connect: Moses Enenwali, CEO & Co-founder of Topship (YC W 2022)

Peace speaks with Moses Enenwali, the CEO and Co-founder of Topship, a fast-growing Logistics startup in Africa.

72. #FoundersConnect: Ben Lyon, CEO and CoFounder of Stax, an Offline Payment App for Africans

Conversation with Ben Lyon of Hover Developer Services, the parent company of Stax, a simple way to carry out payment services without internet or USSD codes.

73. #FoundersConnect: Interview with Chijioke Dozie, the CEO of Carbon

Peace interviews Chijioke Dozie, CEO of $15.8 million VC-backed company, Carbon on his journey as a tech entrepreneur.

74. #FoundersConnect: Interview with Hanu Agbodje, the Founder and the CEO of Patricia

In this episode, Peace Itimi interviews Hanu Agbodje, CEO of Patricia, on his journey as a tech entrepreneur and

75. Mark Zuckerberg Wears "My Mom Thinks I'm Cool" Tshirt & Mesh Shorts in 2005 The Facebook Interview

Bambi Francisco interviews Mark Zuckerberg in 2005.

76. Discussing the Ethermore Quest Engine, Status Effects, and NFT Layer Downloads

In this video, Ethermore co-founders Dan and Ekim give a brief update on Ethermore from the development and marketing side of things.

77. Top 10 Computer Vision Papers of 2020

This is a video of the 10 most interesting research papers on computer vision in 2020.

78. I Tried Hacking a Bluetooth Speaker - Here's What Happened Next

In this article, we’ll attempt to hack a Bluetooth speaker using my knowledge of CyberSecurity.

79. 8 Tools Every Data Scientists Should Use

The most useful tools I use daily as a research scientist for finding and reading AI research papers

80. 3D Articulated Shape Reconstruction from Videos

With LASR, you can generate 3D models of humans or animals moving using only a short video as input.

81. How to Spot a DeepFake in 2021

How to Spot a Deep Fake in 2021. Breakthrough US Army technology using artificial intelligence to find deepfakes.

82. Python for Beginners, Part 12: Lists of Things

Let's talk about the list data structure of python and discuss why it's so wonderful.

83. DeOldify can Colorize your Black & White Photos with Full Photorealistic Renders

DeOldify is a technique to colorize and restore old black and white images or even film footage. It was developed by Jason Antic.

84. Top 5 AI Articles of February 2022 Every Data Scientist Should Read

Here are the five best articles related to artificial intelligence in February, hoping they will make you want to learn more and visit their website.

85. This AI Can Separate Speech, Music and Sound Effects from Movie Soundtracks

Have you ever tuned in to a video or a TV show and the actors were completely inaudible, or the music was way too loud? Well, this problem, also called the cocktail party problem, may never happen again. Mitsubishi and Indiana University just published a new model as well as a new dataset tackling this task of identifying the right soundtrack. For example, if we take the same audio clip we just ran with the music way too loud, you can simply turn up or down the audio track you want to give more importance to the speech than the music.

86. PSG is a New Task for AIs Requiring Higher Levels of Understanding

Panoptic scene graph generation, or PSG, is a new problem task aiming to generate a more comprehensive graph representation of an image or scene based on panoptic segmentation rather than bounding boxes. It can be used to understand images and generate sentences describing what's happening. This may be the most challenging task for an AI! Learn more in the video...

87. The Facebook TransCoder Explained: Converting Coding Languages with AI

This new model converts code from a programming language to another without any supervision!

88. Python for Beginners, Part 13: Append List-Method

Let's talk about the append method of a list and how it works

89. How to Talk to ChatGPT: An Intro to Prompt Engineering

Prompting is pretty much the only skill you now require to be a master of these new large and powerful generative models such as ChatGPT.

90. What is General Video Recognition?

We’ve seen AI generate text, then generate images and most recently even generate short videos

91. Google Brain's New Model Imagen is Even More Impressive than Dall-E 2

If you thought Dall-e 2 had great results, wait until you see what this new model from Google Brain can do. Dalle-e is amazing but often lacks realism, and this is what the team attacked with this new model called Imagen. They share a lot of results on their project page as well as a benchmark, which they introduced for comparing text-to-image models, where they clearly outperform Dall-E 2, and previous image generation approaches. Learn more in the video...

92. This AI Prevents Bad Hair Days

This AI can transfer your hair to see how it would look like before committing to the change.

93. New SOTA Image Captioning: ClipCap

We’ve seen AI generate images from other images using GANs. Then, there were models able to generate questionable images using text. In early 2021, DALL-E was published, beating all previous attempts to generate images from text input using CLIP, a model that links images with text as a guide. A very similar task called image captioning may sound really simple but is, in fact, just as complex. It is the ability of a machine to generate a natural description of an image.

94. Efficient NeRFs for Real-Time Portrait Synthesis (RAD-NeRF)

We’ve heard of deepfakes, we’ve heard of NeRFs, and we’ve seen these kinds of applications allowing you to recreate someone’s face and pretty much make him say whatever you want.

95. Python for Beginners, Part 15: Solution Circle of Squares (Exercise)

Let's go over the solution of how to create a circle out of squares, the exercise which I gave you in the last tutorial.

96. How to Hack Your Way Into Google (Spoiler Alert: You’ll be Using Wheels)

Learn about my secret way for getting into Google.

97. How Uber Uses AI to Improve Deliveries

How can Uber deliver food and always arrive on time or a few minutes before? How do they match riders to drivers so that you can always find a Uber? All that while also managing all the drivers?!

98. Introducing DALL·E: Inspired by GPT-3 and Image-GPT from OpenAI

DALL-E from Open AI can generate images from text captions. It is very similar to GPT-3 and Image GPT and produces amazing results.

99. How to Create Realistic Slow Motion Videos With AI

TimeLens can understand the movement of the particles in-between the frames of a video to reconstruct what really happened at a speed even our eyes cannot see.

100. Imagic: AI Image Editing from Text Commands

This week’s paper may just be your next favorite model to date.

101. NVIDIA ADA: Train Your GAN With 1/10th of the Data

With this new training method developed by NVIDIA, you can train a powerful generative model with one-tenth of the images! Making possible many applications tha

102. AI Rewind: A Year of Amazing Machine Learning Papers

A curated list of the latest breakthroughs in AI by release date with a clear video explanation, link to a more in-depth article, and code.

103. What Does a Deep Learning Architect at NVIDIA Do? (Video Interview)

An interview with Adam Grzywaczewski, senior data scientist at NVIDIA

104. Will Transformers Replace CNNs in Computer Vision?

This video explains how transformer architecture can be applied to computer vision with a new paper called the Swin Transformer.

105. Python for Beginners, Part 16: Dictionaries

Let's talk about yet another fascinating data structure known as dictionaries. Ever wondered how your iPhone stores phone numbers and then allows for simple and efficient lookups? Well, no need to wonder anymore after you watch this video!

106. VOGUE by Google, MIT, and UW: The AI-Powered Online Fitting Room

Google used a modified StyleGAN2 architecture to create an online fitting room where you can automatically try-on any pants or shirts you want using only an ima

107. Introducing Total Relighting by Google

In a new paper titled Total Relighting, a research team at Google presents a novel per-pixel lighting representation in a deep learning framework.

108. Python for Beginners, Part 19: Conditionals and Control Flow

Let's cover conditionals and control flow! This includes your Boolean logic combined with Boolean operators combined with if then type of statements!

109. OpenAI’s DALL·E: Text-to-Image Generation Explained

OpenAI just released the paper explaining how DALL-E works! It is called "Zero-Shot Text-to-Image Generation".

110. Is Subjective Beauty Something We Can Model with AI?

This AI reads your brain to generate personally attractive faces. It generates images containing optimal values for personal attractive features.

111. Python for Beginners, Part 20: For Loops

Let's talk about 'for' loops and why they are so important! Anything that requires repetition. 'For' loops are your friends!

112. Text Embedding Explained: How AI Understands Words

Large language models are a specific type of machine learning-based algorithm that understand and can generate language

113. Combining CNNs, GANs, and Transformers to Outperform Image-GPT

Researchers combined the efficiency of GANs and convolutional approaches with the expressivity of transformers to outperform Open AI's Image-GPT

114. Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) Explained

What is a convolutional neural network and explanation of one of the best and most used state-of-the-art CNN architecture in 2020: DenseNet.

115. Python for Beginners, Part 11: String Slicing

Let's discuss string slicing and you'll know how string slicing is an amazing aspect of python programming.

116. Python for Beginners, Part 17: Boolean Algebra Jiu-Jitsu

Let's talk about the most important thing in programming... BOOOOOOOLEAN ALGEBRA. Hmm... Is that a True statement OR False? Watch the video AND find out... Or NOT... Up to you.

117. Using AI to Detect and Count Plastic Waste in the Ocean

A deep-learning-based algorithm that is able to detect and quantify floating garbage from aerial images of the ocean.

118. What is the InfiniteNature-Zero AI Model?

This AI generates infinite new frames as if you would be flying into your image!

119. How Waymo Combines Lidar and Cameras for 3D Object Detection

Let us talk about how autonomous vehicles 'see' the world.

120. Python for Beginners, Part 18: Logical AND, OR, NOT

Let's cover logical AND, OR & NOT..

121. How to Get Started With AI in 2021 and Keep Up with Latest Innovations in ML

How to start machine learning & Ways to keep up with the latest developments in Machine Learning.

122. What Did AI Bring to Computer Vision?

In this video, I will openly share everything about deep nets for computer vision applications, their successes, and the limitations we have yet to address.

123. Artificial Intelligence: Drawing Inspiration from Human Capabilities

This video is both an introduction to the recent paper Thinking Fast and Slow in AI by Francesca Rossi and her team at IBM, and to Luis Lamb's most recent paper

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