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10 Ways Tech Is Increasing Workplace Productivity

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Productivity in business is the continual effort of applying new methods and techniques. In simple words, productivity is to be able to get work done in better quality at a quicker speed. It leads to growth and expansion in business. However, in the services sector, the productivity growth rate had been observed to stagnate in the late โ€™20s and the reason behind this is management. Then technology took over and businesses witnessed a sharp growth. Modern-day employees and employers both are constantly looking for productivity hacks and seeking how technology increases productivity in the hyper-competitive environment.

Significance of Technology in Work Productivity

Every part of business operations has been revolutionized and businesses are reaping more benefits than ever before. The answer to the question what are the effects of technology on productivity, the answer comes up, with the help of various software, hardware, and other online capabilities provided by technology, business operations, and activities are carried out even more efficiently and smartly.

This is why, if rightly utilized in the right way at the right time, technology can do wonders. Drivers of technology are not only enhanced but made easy too with the help of technology. Technology and productivity share a direct relationship. Several people download productivity apps on their mobile phones for daily tasks. Merely having these apps is not enough though.

Below are the 10 ways technology can increase productivity.

1. Employee Training

Before initiating research, groundwork is completed. Likewise, before implementing strategies on how to make better use of technology, the first concern should be to get the employees trained with the latest technology. Employee training is often underestimated. There is no point in having up-to-date and expensive IT systems if the employees simply do not know how to use them. It is a good idea to conduct a training session for your employees for their convenience and comfort resulting in adding to employee productivity.

2. Hire IT Managed Services

Fierce competition in the business is the reason to support company data, information, and operations with IT consulting companies. Employees can face issues like slow down of their computers for various reasons like lack of storage, virus or malware, system crash, cyber attack, etc. technical experts from IT companies provide IT services to cater to these issues and meet all the needs and requirements of the systems.

3. Automated Systems

Get your manual processes digitized and use automation tools to assist in scheduling, paying bills, email responses, contact support, recruitment, etc. these tools will save plenty of valuable time that was wasted in manual working earlier.

4. Effective Password Management

Simple passwords are getting replaced by biometric validation, voice recognition, and face recognition. This improves security and is less time-consuming. You do not have to remember lengthy passwords for several accounts and keep a record. All thanks to the technology that is aimed to increase productivity.ย 

5. Use Productivity Software

Many productivity software is the new productivity hacks. Their essential functions include multi-tasking, saving multi-tabs and multi browsers, restoring webpages at exactly the same spot you last left at. Multiple-display features have been found to gain the most popularity.

6. Use Chrome Extensions

Using chrome extensions is another productivity tool that gets more things done in less time. Add your all working tools to Chrome Browser like Key Word Surfer, Sve To Pocket, Fox Clocks, etc. They remember all passwords and auto-login to new websites saving you significant time and greatly increasing productivity.

7. Collaboration Tools

Miscommunication or communication gap charges you a hefty price. Technology comes in handy here for better communication and collaboration among team members. Such tools allow group chats, calls, video calls, screen sharing, task assignment, file sharing, and the list goes on.ย 

8. Simplify Small Tasks

This is evident that small tasks and activities consume a great amount of time. Over the course of a period, this time adds up and astonishing time is seen wasted. For example, while sharing a file with the team members who will have to ask for permission to access it, it is better to grant the general audience permission with certain rights. The time of you and your team will be saved this way.

9. Get Employees On Board

Getting your employees on board plays a crucial role in communicating with employees with the latest news and policies, making new announcements, monitoring their activities, etc. This is one of the useful productivity tips. Asana, for instance, is a tool to get employees and teams on board.ย 

10. Use CRM System

Huge business decisions are dependent on customer response, feedback, queries, and needs and requirements. Using an efficient Customer Relationship Management System will bring growth and value to your business. Customer tracking, statistics of purchases, frequently asked queries, auto reading of likes and comments, trends, and other data mining techniques are entailed within these systems that are automated.

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by Lauren Joe @laurenjoe. I am a technical writer and high-end technologies consultant. I love to do art and crafts in my leisure time.Read my stories


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