10 Reasons Why you Should Learn Artificial Intelligence by@ben-cryer

10 Reasons Why you Should Learn Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the way people think, and work in various fields, from finance to healthcare and mobile apps, AI is everywhere. Artificial Intelligence uses intelligent machines built in a way that they react like humans. The primary process involved in making these smart machines is to carry out decision making, which analysis and uses data available in an enterprise. It is similar to the human mind absorbing and synthesizing information and providing with the required decision. The possibilities surrounding Artificial Intelligence are limitless and more importantly endless.
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Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the way people think,
learn, and work in various fields, from finance to healthcare and mobile
apps. What’s more interesting is that AI plays more role in our daily
lives than we can imagine. From Siri and Ok Google to various virtual
player games and social media apps, AI is everywhere. It sure is the
most happening topic in every business right now. It is the most wanted
and exciting career domain right now in the market. Let us know what
Artificial Intelligence is.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence uses intelligent machines built in a way that they react like humans. The primary process involved in making these smart machines is to carry out decision making, which analysis and uses data available in an enterprise. It is similar to the human mind absorbing and
synthesizing information and providing with the required decision.

1. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare industry:

We are now in a digital age where everything could be implemented
with the help of technology and Internet. Nowadays we get to see that a
doctor can monitor and diagnose a patient from a remote location. This
has reduced the necessity of being in person. Image the same way where
the patient’s health condition is checked against predefined medications
and algorithms prescribing a solution to the doctor. This would be a
great success in the entire Healthcare industry. The current healthcare
industry is completely dependant on the doctor’s sole knowledge and no
supporting decision-making system is available to advise the treatments
or the medication. It is completely coming up from the Doctor’s
experience and decision.

Imagine a condition where all the patient vitals and health records are pre-analyzed and a personalized treatment plan is produced for the doctor to review will change the entire treatment process.

2. Artificial Intelligence in responding to your emails:

If you have been using Gmail’s latest mobile application then
responding to your emails would have been really easy and also exciting.
So based on your email content, a predefined answer are already
pre-populated as tags for you while responding back to the email. The
latest version of Gmail mobile application has drastically reduced the
turnaround time in terms of responding an email back. So the mobile
applications are evaluating the emails now and giving us appropriate
suggestions while writing back to the sender. Well, the possibilities
are limitless and more importantly endless. So we got to wait for the
future and see how it is going to affect the human interventions. The
above list is a general observation of how Artificial Intelligence is
already taking up its baby steps and improving the current processes.
Well, the limitations are endless and one needs to understand to what
extent it can be helpful. Involving and rebuilding the process by
implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning will be
definitely the future and it makes sense to build the skill in this
arena. A lot of possibilities are available where the implementations
are not specific to an industry but this can be generalized.

3. Artificial Intelligence In Mobile World:

The smartphone nowadays is not only considered as a communication
device anymore it can be called as your digital wallet and much more
than that, even we can classify them as your personal assistants. Well,
speaking about personal assistants, it is worth mentioning about “Siri”.
It is one of the best examples of proper utilization of Artificial
Intelligence and Machine learning. So based on your habits and interests
“Siri” will be able to answer all your questions and provide valuable
suggestions. This is already happening and this is the start of next
wave of technology utilization. We have seen days where mobile devices
didn’t have touchscreens and now we are in a digital age where the
majority of the devices are touch screens. The next age of mobiles will
be working on the voice commands which is nothing but “Siri”. This
change will be huge and it will completely change the way people are
using their mobile phones at the moment.

4. Artificial Intelligence in Smart Home Devices:

Based on your preferences what if your home environment is changed
from time to time. Wondering whether this is possible or not? Well, it
is definitely possible. In past few years, we have seen a lot of smart
devices coming up in the market which works in line with our
preferences. So basically based on your preferred patterns, the lighting
in the house and temperature of the refrigerator and other household
devices can definitely be monitored and eventually project optimum
utilization settings as well. All of this is happening because of
underlying machine learning and Artificial Intelligence built into these devices.

5. Artificial Intelligence in Automobile Industry:

If you are updated with the latest technology happenings then you
wouldn’t have missed this at all. The concept of self-driving cars and
autopilot features are in the news lately and big players like “Google”
and “Tesla” are already in this arena. Have you ever imagined that you
will be traveling in a car which doesn’t need a driver to take you from
point A to point B. Well, this is not at all a dream anymore, a lot of
test runs have gone through were the concept cars going to hit the road
soon. This is definitely going to be the future in the automobile
industry. A lot more research and development needs to happen within
this area as we have to consider the safety and security aspect of the
passengers. Well, we have to just wait and watch what is going to

6. Artificial Intelligence in Music and Movie Recommendation services:

Who doesn’t like watching movies and listening to music right?
What if your next song or movie is recommended to you by a system based on your interests and browsing history? This would be pretty cool
right!!! Well, they are already few mobile applications that understand your
choice of music and movies and recommend the same genre as a suggestion. This has been a massive success in terms of sales and promotions of various brands because the target market is available for the brands. The ads that you have seen on your browsers are also based on your previous activities. All of your activities are analyzed and a chain of
recommendations are provided. With the help of the recommendations, it
will definitely help the individuals to explore new options.

7. Artificial Intelligence in Retail industry:

This is going to be a huge game changer for all the retail companies
because if they understand the purchase pattern and the requirements of
their customers, they will definitely have to tailor their process to be
the market leader. The Artificial Intelligence concept comes into the
picture when the buying patterns are analyzed and understands the needs
of the customer. The retail industry can gain huge profits by properly
analyzing the customer needs vs buying the pattern and based on the
consumption if the system could suggest:

  • Relevant coupons
  • Promote discounted offerings
  • Targeted marketing

Stocking the warehouses etc.All of these subprocesses with definitely be improved and to be honest it will help the customer a lot. As of now, we are going towards a clash where the businesses are legally obligated that they are invading an individual privacy by closely evaluating their buying pattern and the products that they buy.

In certain parts of the world, Amazon has started an offer called “Pantry” where they can select few products as essentials and they are automatically delivered to you on a periodic basis. Well, this is a perfect example for introducing the Artificial
Intelligence into the process where a better operational and stocking
activities are carried out.

8. Artificial Intelligence in Security Surveillance:

Safety and security are the important aspects and the basic needs of
an individual or for an organization. The surveillance setup, i.e.
security cameras monitoring important areas of the business is
definitely a better idea. But watching too many screens for a very long
time will be a boring job and ultimately we lose the option of attending
the emergencies when there is a need.

So what if there are predefined algorithms that are fed into the security cameras and make them more powerful. Based on the surveillance and the activities the system would be able to analyze and let us know whether the situation is actually a threat or not. 

If it is a threat then it would immediately alert the human security officials associated with the business. If this sort of technology advancements are available right now then it would have made a positive impact on the security of the individuals and operationally the situation will be handled more efficiently.

9. Artificial Intelligence in Fraud Detection:

The fraud detection activity monitoring systems are actually a boom
to the human kind where their money is protected by evaluating the
transactions that they make. Have you ever received an email or a text
message from your bank confirming the recent transaction activity was
actually made by you or was it someone else who got hold of your card.
Well, most of this transaction monitoring is carried out by the fraud
detection team which is powered by AI.

The transaction patterns of the individual, the usual withdrawal amount from the ATM and the frequency of the account logins. All of this data is stored and analyzed for suspicious activity. 

For example: if you have never used your ATM card for years and all of a sudden you have started withdrawing money from your card then this would be definitely flagged as a fraud alert by the system. So the AI algorithms are developed by considering different scenarios and situations which will ultimately alert the users to be cautious about their belongings. The same technique can be expanded and further used in other industries as well.

10. Artificial Intelligence in Online Customer Support

Nowadays every business has a website for sure because it has been a
need vs a luxury. With the rapid use of smartphones and internet, it has
been evident that most of the customers are tending to get information
via online interactions rather than phone interactions.

So most of the websites have an online chat system which responds to your queries. Do you think that a real human is responding back to your queries all the time? Well, not all the time. To make sure the business is live and active 24/7 days businesses are opting for automated bots which actually does the same job as of a human. The responses are based on the content available on the website and the same is fed back to the customer based on his or her request.

Well, this process is gaining more and more acceptance and the underlying logic is also going through a makeover where it can accommodate more requests and provide more accurate information. All of this is happening because of the rapid development of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Rising Opportunities

Indeed reports that the number of AI-related job opportunities
outranked the number of searches for AI engineer jobs. With increasing
opportunities and using Artificial Intelligence in each sphere of life,
the learning of this technology is more beneficial than we all think.

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