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10 Open Source AI Project Ideas For Startups

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The open source AI projects particularly pay attention to deep learning, machine learning, neural network and other applications that are extending the use of AI.

Those involved in deep researches have always had the goal of building machines capable of thinking like human beings.

For the last few years, computer scientists have made unbelievable progress in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to this extent that the interest in AI project ideas keeps increasing among technology enthusiasts.

As per Gartner’s prediction, Artificial Intelligence technologies going to be virtually prevalent in nearly all new software products and services.

The contribution of open source software development to the rise of Artificial Intelligence is immeasurable. And, innumerable top machine learning, deep learning, neural network and other AI-powered software is available under open source licenses.

10 Open Source AI Project Ideas For Startups:

Cognitive Architecture

1. ACT-R


ACT-R was built at Carnegie Mellon University. It is the name of a theory of software and human cognition based on that theory. The software is based on Lisp, and far-reaching documentation is available.

Operating System: Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Deep Learning

2. CaffeOnSpark


CaffeOnSpark was first built at Yahoo, this effort takes the Caffe deep learning framework to Spark clusters and Hadoop. It has been utilized for content classification, image search, among other use cases.

Operating System: macOS, Windows, and Linux.

3. DeepDetect

Famous organizations like Microsoft and Airbus used DeepDetect, which is an open source deep learning server and based on Caffe, XGBoost, and TensorFlow.

It is widely known for providing an API that can be used easily for image classification, text and numerical data analysis, and object detection.

Operating System: macOS, Windows, and Linux.

4. Caffe

Caffe was originally developed by a UC Berkeley PhD student, and it has become a very famous deep learning framework.


The reasons for its popularity are extensible code, speed, and expressive architecture.

Operating System: macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Machine learning

5. Accord.NET Framework

Accord.NET Framework is based on Microsoft technologies. This framework has sample applications and extensive documentation to assist developers in developing computer audition, production-grade computer vision, signal processing and statistics applications very fast.

Operating System: Windows

6. AForge.NET Framework

AForge.NET Framework is developed for computer vision and AI applications. It is a C# framework for neural networks, image processing, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, robotics, machine learning, and the like.

AForge.NET Framework has many libraries and sample applications.

Operating System: Windows

Neural Networks

7. Darknet


Darknet is written in CUDA and C, and it supports neural networks with GPU or CPU computation. It provides outstanding capabilities for image classification.

Operating System: Linux

8. DyNet

DyNet, a neural network library for c++ and python, was earlier called cnn. It was built mainly at Carnegie Mellon University.

It turns out to be very helpful in developing applications for syntactic parsing, morphological inflection, machine translation, and many more.

Operating System: Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Virtual Assistant

9. Mycroft

Mycroft takes a pride in being the world’s first open source assistant. It is capable of answering questions, playing video and audio, controlling IoT-connected appliances and so on.

It has very minimal system needs and can run on a Raspberry Pi.

Operating System: Linux, Windows, and macOS.

10. SNePS

SNePS, created at the University of Buffalo, is a knowledge representation, acting and reasoning system.

Those behind the project have used the research to develop a virtual agent called Cassie.

Operating System: Linux and Windows.


Here, I dealt with 10 open source AI project ideas for startups and mentioned advanced technologies like SNePS, Mycroft, DyNet, Darknet, AForge.NET Framework, Accord.NET Framework, Caffe, DeepDetect, CaffeOnSpark, and ACT-R.

I also found it necessary to provide you with an overview of each of the open source AI project ideas for your clear understanding.

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