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10 Myths About Microservices

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10 myths about Microservices, that we often hear to believe it is true.

Micro-services has become a very hot topic in the last half-decade. After Agile, DevOps, its Microservices that we hear everywhere I go. The unfortunate thing that I witnessed though, is that, every organization and every person in that organization has their own definition of what a Microservice is. Just as the way, Agile and DevOps momentum are abused because of the cult status it achieved, Microservices too seem to have fallen in the same bandwagon.

This post is about recording the top 10 myths that we often hear often about Microservices to believe it is true. And those often heard myths are:

  1. Microservices is the fancy term for SOA
  2. Managing Microservices are easier than managing a Monolith
  3. Embrace Microservices so you can avoid XP practices (esp., to hell with TDD)
  4. Microservices implies developing and deploying an app using a web-framework like Spring-boot.
  5. Microservices are small apps sharing a common DB
  6. Microservices are apps built using certain tools.
    * SpringBoot/DropWizard, Docker and K8 on a Java platform
    * Flask, Docker and K8 on a Python platform
    * Koa/ExpressJS, Docker and K8 on a Javascript platform
  7. Microservice is a silver bullet to scalable systems
  8. Building microservices FORCES YOU to think about building your apps in a more modular way
  9. Building a Monolith and building Microservices aren’t different paradigms
  10. The smartest thing is to start building your systems the Microservice way from the very beginning.

If you believe any of the above myths to be true, you should get your understanding right by grabbing a right book or wait until my next post where I intend to explain these myths.

Do let me know what you think as comments to this post..

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