10 Cryptocurrency Startups to Watch

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If you have been at all involved in Finance/Tech for the past few months, then you’d be well aware of all the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies.

Personally, I’m most excited by the notion of decentralization — as a means to change the way we organize ourselves as a society. I also can see a future where every enterprise moves their data management and supply chain onto a blockchain.

Regardless of what you think about the future of space (bullish or bearish), it is nonetheless an exciting time. You definitely want to be careful about where you are placing your bets, but there is no harm in watching from the sidelines. Only invest at your own discretion!

Here are 10 of the Most Exciting Startups in the Crypto Space Right Now

1. Javvy — A Cryptocurrency Exchange / Wallet

Javvy’s mission is bold: replace all web-based crypto exchanges and wallets, by delivering a comprehensive, all in one solution to buy, sell, convert, use, and manage all major cryptocurrencies within a secure wallet. Keep it secret; keep it safe.

2. SpectroCoin — Instant Bitcoin Exchange

Spectro promises lots of cool things; one being a bitcoin debit card that you can use at “30+ million ATMs” and “25+ million shops worldwide.” They pair this with their suite of software and apps that allow you to securely access the finances and data you need, wherever you are.

3. Storj — Distributed cloud storage

Stroj is a blockchain based, distributed cloud storage system that is end to end encrypted. Using peer to peer technology, you can distribute the weight of your storage, but still maintain 99.999% availability of your data (securely). Distributed infrastructures can be super efficient, this is an interesting application of it!

4. Coinbase — Buy and Sell Digital Currency

Coinbase is well known as one of the most popular startups in the crypto space, famous for simple investing in currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. While the platform can feel a bit buggy at times, the team seems to be a leader in the industry for years to come.

5. TenX — Send Cryptocurrencies Anytime and Anywhere

TenX has a fairly simple value prop: they believe you should be able to spend your crypto finances in any location. So they’ve created an IOS, Android, and Web app that allows you to pay with / transfer funds in just a few clicks — a super easy way to spend your money.

6. HumanIQ — An App for Sending Free & Secure Payments

HumanIQ aims to give power to those who currently do not have financial freedom / access to modern markets. With Human IQ’s free and lightweight app, you can send, receive, and request funds (all with little to no internet connection). They are one of just a few companies working on enabling those without digital access.

7. Coinsbank — All in one gateway into crypto

Coinsbank is another company trying to provide the magical, all in one experience to getting you into the crypto world. Using their wallet, in just a few clicks, you can begin sending/receiving currency (and get access to their physical debit card).

8. Circle — Send money like a text

Circle is perhaps the easiest and “hippest” way to be sending around your money. With no fees, no rates, no borders, you can send money to your friend whenever and wherever they are! It is built around the social experience of talking to your friends, and gives you features like “photo support and gifs” to make conversations more fun.

9. Monetha — Payment Solution for Merchants

In a future world where everyone is looking to spend all sorts of currencies, merchants will be need to be able to accept all types of payments. This is where Monetha (and it’s competitors come in) — to serve as THE payment solution that enables ecommerce to thrive. It’s built on the Ethereum chain, meaning you’ll be able to accept Ethereum coins!

10. OpenBazaar — Bitcoin powered open marketplace

You can sell anything on OpenBazaar and get bitcoin in return. In just a few clicks, you will be able to create a digital store, lay out some postings, and reach an entirely new audience.

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