The TechBeat: A Game-Changing Leap in Voice AI Technology (10/19/2023)by@techbeat

The TechBeat: A Game-Changing Leap in Voice AI Technology (10/19/2023)

by TechBeatOctober 19th, 2023
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A Game-Changing Leap in Voice AI Technology

By @cigdemoztabak [ 2 Min read ] Coqui, in partnership with Hugging Face, has unveiled the groundbreaking XTTS model, reshaping the landscape of voice AI. Read More.

Enhancing DevOps Efficiency With ChatOps

By @vladislavbilay [ 6 Min read ] In this article, we will explore how ChatOps tools can be harnessed to supercharge your DevOps practices Read More.

How to Dockerize And Deploy Django Applications

By @abrahamdahunsi [ 15 Min read ] In this tutorial, you learned how to dockerize and deploy Django applications using Docker, Django, and Heroku. Read More.

Simple Database Migration Scripts On Your CI/CD step

By @mindsky [ 6 Min read ] Few individuals consider how to keep the database up to date on common standbys (dev, stage, prod, etc.) while working every day. Read More.

How Well Can ChatGPT Help UI/UX Professionals Design an App?

By @andriiliubymov [ 6 Min read ] Will AI replace product designers? How can UI/UX and product designers use ChatGPT to create design concepts and bring their workflow to the next level? Read More.

A Brief Introduction of ActivityPub: The Future of Social Networks

By @thebojda [ 10 Min read ] ActivityPub is an open, distributed social network protocol standardized by the World Wide Web Read More.

How GPT Pilot Codes 95% of Your App [Part 2]

By @zvone187 [ 11 Min read ] GPT Pilot is a dev tool that increases developer’s productivity 20x by offloading 95% coding tasks from developer to LLM. Read More.

The Programmatic Advertising Ecosystem: Demand-side Challenges

By @rahoul [ 7 Min read ] This article describes ML challenges of Demand side businesses in programmatic advertising ecosystem: DSP and advertiser Read More.

Striking the Balance: Harmonizing Agility and Control in DevOps

By @emmanuelohaba [ 4 Min read ] In DevOps, short development cycles, constant feedback, and adaptive planning characterize Agile practices. Read More.

Everything You Need for Your Journey Into the World of Generative AI

By @amitpuri [ 33 Min read ] Explore the groundbreaking world of Generative AI, where machine learning meets human creativity. Read More.

964 Stories To Learn About Nft

By @learn [ 136 Min read ] Learn everything you need to know about Nft via these 964 free HackerNoon stories. Read More.

Simplifying Blockchain: How Abstraction is Revolutionizing the Web3 Wallet Experience on Flow

By @johnjvester [ 6 Min read ] Finally, the concept of abstraction is finding a place in web3 and should help make blockchain development less confusing and intimidating. Read More.

The Most Detailed Guide On MLOps: Part 1

By @winner2023 [ 2 Min read ] This MLOps guide discusses what is MLOps, MLOps definition, MLOps maturity levels, MLOps conceptual framework, MLOps core processes, automated ML workflow, etc. Read More.

Deciphering Digital Trails: Ashton Forbes on the new MH370 Internet Investigation

By @mrfireside [ 9 Min read ] Exclusive interview with Ashton Forbes on MH370 mystery. Dive into the digital quest of MH370x and discover new insights into the enduring aviation enigma Read More.

Unlocking Azure: How to Build a Highly Flexible SQL Database Infrastructure

By @socialdiscoverygroup [ 7 Min read ] SDG tips on making SQL database infrastructure in Azure as flexible, efficient, and reliable as possible. Read More.

Code That Cleans Itself: A Journey into Automated Refactoring

By @offcode [ 9 Min read ] Join Ayse and her son Mert in a tale that weaves lessons from a teenager's messy room into innovative code refactoring techniques. Read More.

The 10 Best Directories for AI Tools

By @foxinfotech [ 5 Min read ] Can't find a suitable AI Tool? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Come on over here to learn about the best AI Tools Directories to help you. Read More.

3 Key Rules for Building Deep Tech

By @romanaxelrod [ 7 Min read ] I will share my advice for the founders to simplify yet preserve the quality of connection between these different parts of a company. Read More.

Top 15 Trends of the Upcoming Cryptocurrency Bull Run in 2024-2025

By @serkhitrov [ 15 Min read ] In this article, I want to give my overview of the nascent crypto industry trends, which I believe is coming soon. Read More.

Is It Easy to Manipulate the Crypto Market?: Cointelegraph and BlackRock BTF ETF

By @dshishov [ 4 Min read ] Cointelegraph tweeted fake news about the approval of BlackRock BTC ETF which led to an unprecedented Bitcoin pump. But was that really Cointelegraph? Read More. 🧑‍💻 What happened in your world this week?It's been said that writing can help consolidate technical knowledge, establish credibility, and contribute to emerging community standards. Feeling stuck? We got you covered ⬇️⬇️⬇️ ANSWER THESE GREATEST INTERVIEW QUESTIONS OF ALL TIME We hope you enjoy this worth of free reading material. Feel free to forward this email to a nerdy friend who'll love you for it.See you on Planet Internet! With love, The Hacker Noon Team ✌️