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10,000 square feet of opportunity powered by A.I.

We’ve acquired and are dedicating 10,000 square feet of land in Lusaka, Zambia to begin the use of artificial intelligence in providing affordable access to world class educational and entrepreneurship services.


Everyone deserves an opportunity to reach their full potential and positively contribute to their society and the world. But, not everyone starts out from a position where they can easily do so. Our A.I technologies will help us bridge the opportunity gap more cost efficiently than ever before.


It will serve as a site where the local community leverages the practical uses of our patented A.I technologies, including those in healthcare, security, education and finance as well as our offline A.I. We will focus on helping empower the local community with more opportunities in entrepreneurship & technology. Notably, we will also help ensure the next generation is well prepared to compete at the international level.

Entrepreneurship & Technology

  • We will work on showcasing cost efficient ways A.I. and technology in general can be used to solve societal issues, create jobs as well as augment people’s abilities.
  • We will use our financial analytics data and platform to help teach better financial intelligence and begin working on ways to drive more financial inclusion.
  • We will work with other technology companies that have products that can help the local population showcase their technology and bring them to the market.
  • We will connect local businesses & startups with more international investors. We will also help launch new businesses to create more opportunities.
  • Importantly, we will enable members of the local community to have a voice about implementation details of projects relevant to uplifting their communities. Such early and continuous feedback will benefit non-profits and social enterprises by increasing the odds of success for projects aimed at doing good.
  • We’ll help local businesses learn how to leverage A.I. to improve their businesses whilst augmenting their employees’ abilities.

World class learning for the next generation

  • The focus will be on knowledge domains where personal drive and self improvement are sufficient for world class success.
  • We will leverage our offline A.I. capabilities to let anyone willing to learn and improve do so at an increased rate of comprehension.
  • We shall collaborate with the strong local chess master community in exposing more children to chess. Chess is a great art to provide children with better decision making and self learning skills.
  • We will enable mentorship by accomplished individuals across different industries, academia and sports to inspire the local youth.
  • We will also license our patents and/or technology to those that have new ideas about how they can be leveraged by their society.

Most importantly, we will ensure that all our services will be affordable at the lowest cost possible and accessible to all. As we perfect the model, we’ll open other A.I. powered entrepreneurship and educational centers.

This post will be updated as the center begins operating in early 2018. For correspondence related to the center, email “”.

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