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Like. Right now. Abort.
TL;DR: It doesn’t consider mathematical order of operations by default.

Although this was just made aware to me a few days ago, Microsoft stopped applying the mathematical order of operations within their calculator program as of Windows 7, favoring chronological order to calculate math problems instead. As if this were not embarrassing enough and to this very day, Microsoft is well aware of this fundamental problem and maintains the stance that users should switch into scientific mode in order to have their basic calculator program do some very basic math without so much as a warning.

Rather than pointing out how asinine this, I opted to see if I could find another modern calculator app, whether it be on a Mac, iPhone, Android, or 3rd party calculator app and run 1+1*2 to see if i would get a 3 or a 4. As it stands and after two days, I still cannot find a standard calculator built into another OS or a 3rd party calculator in the App store that will not correctly apply the order of operations and give 3 as an answer; including the 2-star adware calculators. All of which is stark in contrast to the Windows calculator that stands alone, at least as far as I can tell, in thinking that 1+1*2=4 is an acceptable solution.

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that they think that this is OK or that this has been their sentiment for over a decade now. Something tells me that this wouldn’t survive a Bill Review.


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