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You Don't Need A Degree To Get An IT Job In India [Personal Story]

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Hey Hackers,
I'm a mechanical engineer dropout. I left just after completing my second year successfully. During that second year, I became increasingly fascinated by the idea of starting my own startup—and I knew the easiest and fastest way to get the capital I need for that, was to get into the IT field.

I knew mobile apps were on the rise. I decided to learn android.

I used to mug up the codes by heart, as I had no idea how things were actually working. Very slowly, I realised I would realistically have to learn java in order to make a mobile app, so I went right ahead with it and bunked a lot of college hours and give at least 60-70hrs/week to the project.

I finished learning the most important elements of java within two months.

At the same time, my college term ended. I packed my bags and went to Hyderabad to learn even more about technology—within four to five months, I'd covered the basics of cybersecurity, the fundamentals of full stack development, and a number of languages (which I never use now!), as well as sprinkling some AI on my brain. 👾

For the following five to six months, I played with new technologies, worked on my startup project, and I made money by doing jobs for IT professionals that I'd networked with when i was in the learning phase.

During this whole time, I didn't believe that I'd be able to get a job without a degree. I didn't even try, during that time.
As the new college term was beginning, what was supposed to be my third year, I took a gap year instead and moved back to my home-town.
After spending my holiday on self-study and part-time work, then dropping out of college and moving back home, the first thing I did was apply for jobs—just to try my luck.

I got two job offers as an experienced developer, since I'd done some very good projects while living and working part-time in Hyderabad.

I am now happily working with a startup, and the salary is fine too—for real industry fresher. 😊
So my conclusion is: if you really know your stuff, and are passionate and geeky you will really get a job anywhere, anyhow. Not everybody needs waste a lengthy amount of time in college learning things you probably won't use, and if you have any desire to be an entrepreneur in you, I would recommend you to start focusing on those goals right away—everything else can wait.


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