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Wow, wasn’t expecting such a detailed response.

Wow, wasn’t expecting such a detailed response. I’m certainly fascinated by many of the theories you presented. Looking forward to reading more, and digging deeper into some of your links.

I too have been following multiverse theory, have a basic understanding of quantum physics, and have considered simulation theory. I’m much less versed on some of these other theories however, and still trying to figure out how they might all fit together. I suppose I’ll just have to stay tuned.

Conspiracies aside, I believe history repeats itself and that is certainly something we’ve been witnessing in 2016. There’s clearly a paradigm shift taking place geopolitically that we haven’t seen in at least 4 generations. Never really considered the possibility that our advancement in both technology and collectively understanding of quantum mechanics could be a factor in cultural perspective of current events.

Memes certainly played a roll in the 2016 election, and very much mimicked the propaganda from WW2. However, the means of distribution are now instant, and the audience massive thanks to the Internet. This is why there’s such a concentrated effort to now censor the Internet and “fake news” in the future to prevent the people from spreading their own propaganda.

Time travel, quantum interference, and multiverse jumping are also fascinating explanations for why and how historic events tend to repeat themselves. We truly live in a universe where almost anything is possible, and that should give most of us pause.

Reality truly is malleable.

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