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Would GBX Knock Other Exchanges Off Their Perch to Become the World’s Leading Crypto Exchange?

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@bjornvhaugeBjorn V. Hauge

At the Hong Kong FinTech Summit, last year (October), the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) launched the GBX i.e. the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange with the platform’s aim being the world’s first regulated and licensed crypto and Blockchain-based token exchange.
 With Gibraltar’s government introducing the new Distributed Ledger Technology Regulatory Framework (which came into effect on the first of January 2018), the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange is uniquely poised.

The GBX being a subsidiary of the GSX (Gibraltar Stock Exchange) offers a novel security, transaction transparency, and accessibility to traders on its platform.

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange is a self-regulated Global Market that operates a European Union regulated Main Market, recognized by both the ESMA and the HMRC.

As a member of the European Union, Gibraltar is a pioneer in the digital technology sphere. The British overseas territory also happens to be a fully regulated jurisdiction, having passport rights across Europe.

In the same way, it has provided a haven for the gaming community, Gibraltar aims to usher in, offer support, provide structure as well as promote growth in the cryptocurrency community.
 The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) is set to be the exchange platform for next-gen crypto-economy as it builds a well-governed cryptocurrency community, establishes best trade practices as well as a gold standard code of conduct for the sales of tokens.

Not limited to token sales, the GBX boasts other integrated offerings which include advisory, banking, corporate as well as payment services. The platform looks to provide an end-to-end ecosystem for corporate services, listings, wallets as well as KYC/AML to banking services on a global scale.
 The GBX, via the strict acceptance of only high-quality token offerings that has been subjected to a thorough vetting process, creates a new standard of excellence in crypto token listings.

Only coins and tokens that have been meticulously vetted will be listed on the exchange platform and traded the trusted, well-governed GBX platform that boasts a strong, supportive crypto-community.

All companies listed on the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange also receive preferred access to also list on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange. This gives crypto startup companies more capital raising options as well as access to a much more diversified traditional investor base.

How GBX Works
When it comes to crypto trading, there are already in existence several exchanges to choose from. Which begs the question, how is GBX different? What does the platform offer that is not already available to the crypto community?

Well, let’s break that down, shall we?

The GBX looks to create a trading system that caters more to traditional investors i.e. GBX looks to create a revolutionary crypto-exchange that works akin to a stock exchange.

For instance, the GBX team actively and meticulously vet new tokens to ensure its safety and legitimacy before making it available on the platform to potential investors. The primary goal of the platform is “to create a harbor for investors who are too nervous to brave the uncharted waters of the crypto markets.”

Essentially, the standout feature of the GBX is the fact that all coins and tokens are thoroughly analyzed before they are listed on the platform. 
 GBX has established a group of token vets (i.e. the GBX Alliance) mandated to form a consensus about every token before they get listed on the exchange platform.

Other key features of GBX includes an innovative sponsor staking regime as well as diligent whitelisting procedures. Another key feature the GBX prides itself on is the fact that its investment pool is exclusively made up of KYC/AML cleared investors making this exchange platform truly the future of crypto trading.

The GBX ecosystem is revolved around the Rock Token (RKT) in-platform currency.

How Rock Token (RKT) Works?
 The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange in-platform currency is called the “Rock Token”, a name derived Gibraltar’s iconic ‘Rock of Gibraltar’ landmark. The RKT is the currency of choice for transactions, token listings as well as other functions on the GBX platform.

Essentially, the RKT is the utility token that powers both the GBX and GSX ecosystem.

RKT’s key features and functions
The Rock Token has a variety of functions on the Gibraltar exchange platforms, this includes being used to:

· Make membership and governance payment within the GBX platform

· Make payments for fees, listings, and sponsorships on the exchange platform

· Access banking services (this includes an order book for trading as well as a secure offline custodianship)

· Vote on select community developments

Why GBX Is the World’s Top Crypto Exchange/Token Sale Platform
 There exists a number of crypto exchanges before the emergence of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange. However, since its launch, the GBX has eclipsed other exchanges with its revolutionary features as is being considered as the world’s leading crypto-exchange and token sales platform.

So, what makes GBX standout from other platforms?
 The number one standout feature of the GBX is its offered security. The platform’s principles are based on public commitment and trust, with its scrupulous vetting process before the listing of any token striving to ensure its community’s prosperity while keeping platform participants protected via best practices, corporate governance, and AML/KYC.

GBX has built and continues to nurture an open and active future for the crypto community, promoting confidence, credibility, liquidity, and trust for participants on its platform.
In addition, the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange opens up an international pathway bolstered by the regulatory structure offered by the DLT-supported (Distributed Ledger Technology) Gibraltar Government.

Key GBX Features
Obviously, there is a long list of crypto exchanges in existence. The likes of Binance, Bittrex, Bitmex, BitFinex, Cryptopia, KuCoin etcetera. However, GBX is a bit different from these other exchange platforms.

GBX’s primary goal is the development of a system that is more accommodating to conventional investors.

Essentially, GBX has created a crypto exchange that works in a similar vein as a stock exchange.
 Through its thorough vet of all coin before listing, GBX offers security for investors who would otherwise be hesitant to delve into the cryptocurrency markets. The vetting process, as earlier mentioned, is handled by a community model formed by the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange i.e. the GBX Alliance. The GBX Alliance would form a consensus on every token before it gets listed on the platform.

Other key features include an ingenious sponsor staking regime, innovative whitelisting procedures as well as an exclusive group of KYC/AML cleared investors.

Since GBX’s launch in August 2017 as a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), the platform has experienced and is still experiencing growth and a transition into being the world’s leading crypto exchange platform and this is down to the unique features it offers, as well as the effort the platform makes in keeping investors protected.

Getting your token listed on the GBX has the same potential or even better than being listed on Coinbase. As most Cryptocurrency enthusiasts know, that is an added value to any Cryptocurrency.

The exchange platform offers KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) protection in addition to tokens undergoing an unusual amount of scrutiny than what we are used to in the Blockchain space.

The GBX will utilize a lot of legislation requirements for stock exchange listings which means there is a potential overlap of tokens being listed on the GSX as well as on the GBX.

Now, the potential overlap onto a stock exchange platform is not limited to the Gibraltar Stock Exchange but also to the London Stock Exchange as well as other stock exchanges considering the requirements for listings on stock exchanges would have been met and as such, said token(s) would be able to obtain the validation needed to get listed on stock exchanges.
Being governed by EU regulations also bodes well for the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, reducing future regulatory issues.


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