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Open Hardware Projects Utilizing Lonero: Kinetic Miner and Lonero ATM

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@TheLoneroFoundationAndrew Magdy Kamal

Hello world! Recently, I have been working on some open hardware projects utilizing Lonero. These specific projects are open source and created to push for innovative usecases of Lonero, and the blockchain. The list of projects are below:

The Mining Pool Guide for Lonero

The mining pool guide for Lonero is just a generic mining pool setup guide. However, it provides a basic template in order to start customizing a pool and building something off of it. Lonero is already minable, and this was just a guide created for sake of simplicity. It is based off of the Cryptonote Universal Pool, and currently in beta.

Kinetic Miner for Lonero

Another project, which is one of my favorites, is a kinetic miner for Lonero. Basically, the whole premise of this concept was mine Lonero while riding your bike. It was a fun DIY project I had based off an old concept that was based off of Doug Costlow's bikeย generator. As a concept build, I enjoyed it.

The Lonero ATM Project

Another project I been working on, is a fork of Open Bitcoin ATM for Lonero. The project can be seen here. I also tried working on Lamassu configs for Lonero. A big reason those projects were started was partial inspiration from seeing startups like Bitstop, and wondering what I can do for Lonero that is open source. Full project description, terms and conditions, and materials can be seen here and here.

There are other hardware projects for Lonero as well. Lonero also may work on an affiliate program, sponsoring some open source initiatives, and some research papers. For updates, it is best to follow Lonero's minds.com or its homepage.

The main goal is to not just build things centered around Lonero, but also promote decentralized technology and its use cases. This is something small right now, with many open source pieces of software. It is also primarily self funded or through volunteer time as one will call it. However, I do envision this becoming something big.

As long as other developers can be inspired or its makes a positive difference, Lonero will keep doing what it is doing.


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