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Winds of Change: The Healthcare Evolution

You can be the change healthcare needs

I’ve decided to start my programming career in the healthcare due to its innumerable opportunities. There’s a HUGE amount of data processed every day with an even bigger amount that can be retrieved by analyzing it. There are some already very interesting partnerships like the one between DeepMind (bought by Google) and the Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Even though examples like these show a brighter future, there is a long long way to go.


Yap, standards

Look at the internet. It holds huge amounts of information and there are multiple ways to create, see and interact with it. But in all this chaos there is some kind of order.

The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) provides some common ground for the browsers, JSON is great to share information between API’s (with some exceptions) and CSS is wildly used to style the websites.

Ok, there are so many implementations and ideas on how to build for the web that things like Javascript fatigue happen.

But, nonetheless, the web moves forward.

If every company building software and hardware reinvent the wheel, we will never improve.

In the end, either the industry reaches guidelines or the countries will have to normalize their strategies to tackle the digitalization of the healthcare.

Preventive Medicine powered by IT

My first project was to build a simple dashboard, get the data from the server and present it in a more intuitive way to the doctors and nurses.

And that’s where we are.

Right now we present the information gathered from the monitors, labs, appointment’s and move it from the paper, or excel data sheets to the computer.

No doubt this is a crucial step but it’s moving very slowly. And it’s this way because there aren’t more incentives.

But if we apply our knowledge and prevent deleterious health events this could change.

We, as human, need milestones. The bigger and more challenging the better. And if you can save millions of lives, and along the way save billions I’d say this is a big opportunity.

In the end…

There’s a lot to be done in the healthcare industry. No doubt about it.

I could talk about the need to persuade the top minds in Silicon Valley to invest here but we could just take the matter into our hands and give it a shot. The data is there. We just need to focus on a single path and have a common goal.

If at the end of the day we saved one more live, who loses?

Song for the end of your day ;-)

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