A Look at the Healthcare Jobs of Tomorrow by@brianwallace

A Look at the Healthcare Jobs of Tomorrow

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By 2050, 171 million Americans will be managing some kind of chronic condition, and at the current rate, healthcare just isn’t keeping up. With a predicted shortage of over 100,000 physicians, healthcare needs are turning to technology for lasting solutions.

As technologies both large and small have influenced healthcare for thousands of years, the future is still dependent on these innovations. Today, it’s augmented and virtual reality technologies that are making big changes though. Facilitating the use of advanced communication technology such as video conferencing, mobile apps, and messaging, “virtual healthcare” opens up many more channels for patient care. More opportunities that give patients the options to stay at home for checkups and states updates give a whole new meaning to “house call.” Virtual communication options also build bridges between patients and their specialist care providers when traveling becomes prohibitive.

For practical applications of healthcare, robotics offer a computerized helping hand. Today, the most common systems of robotics are used in assisted surgeries as cameras help guide surgeons in the most minimally invasive way possible. Robotic arms with attached surgical tools are controlled by the surgeon and through computer imaging, providers are able to see HD, magnified views of the surgical site itself. This means more precise and controlled movements, minimal invasive procedures, and even helps increase positive attitudes towards robot-assisted surgeries turning it into a modern marvel, rather than something to fear.

Technology is revolutionizing the way we view healthcare, from our homes to the operating table. What do you expect for the future of healthcare, procedures, and access? Take a look at this infographic for more detail on the healthcare jobs of tomorrow.


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