Will ChatGPT Change Coding Interviews Forever?by@techtweeter
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Will ChatGPT Change Coding Interviews Forever?

by #TechTweeterDecember 23rd, 2022
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Sergio Pereira talks about ChatGPT and how it could affect coding interviews.

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This Twitter Thread is by Sergio Pereira @SergioRocks (source: 12-07-2022). Pereira is a startup founder and CTO.

ChatGPT is the last nail on the coffin, for coding interviews. Three examples:

As a CTO, I've interviewed and hired hundreds of Software Engineers over the past few years.

These are 3 real life examples of code challenges I used to interview them. These were solved by real (human) Engineers:

1/ I started with the simplest question. This is an ice breaker for juniors. They usually take a few minutes.

ChatGPT delivered a correct solution in a few seconds:

2/ Now I went for a classic challenge with a 2d array.

This one is nuanced, and even senior candidates take some time. They need to find the zeros, then solve for one rectangle, and only then solve for n rectangles.

I'm also looking for algorithmic complexity here.

I used to have this code challenge for 1 hour interviews, and would break it into those 3 parts. Very few candidates would complete the full scope within one hour.

Chat GPT solved the full scope in less than 30 seconds:

3/ Now, I had this one as a take home challenge (with a bit less context)

It's a classic risk scoring problem in Fintech:

  • Grab someone's bank account
  • Fetch a year of transactions (using Plaid API in this case)
  • Find salaries received in the past year

Candidates would usually take some time looking up the Plaid API, especially the transactions endpoint. Then they'd code the logic to pull the transactions and filter only the desired ones.

ChatGPT did the same in just a few seconds:

Now, the question is:

- If AI can do this for coding interview challenges. How much can it disrupt a Software Engineer's daily job?

I'm sitting tight to see all developments that come up in the coming months. But I can only assume it will impact a lot how software is built.

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