Why You Should Use Web Design 3.0 In 2021 by@brijeshvadukiya

Why You Should Use Web Design 3.0 In 2021

Brijesh Vadukiya is a tech activist and avid blogger. He says web 3.0 is a new web design era, a new era of data-driven web. He explains how to build a world-class website, themes, blogs, etc. It would help determine how to become unique to stand out from competitors and discover how you can attract customers' attention. The most significant change relies on type-face typeography, a massive part of the kind of design, so has moved into the mainstream. And the type-faces have moved into mainstream, so have the type of design.
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Brijesh Vadukiya

Brijesh Vadukiya is a tech activist and avid blogger.

Web design is an essential part of our life. We have watched what is taking place in the web design world since 2000.  There is drastic evolution in the web design process; millions of web pages are designed with active participation. You might have noticed differences in the average website these days. Some changes have been measured during the last years; the change occurring is known as web 3.0, a new web design era.

Many of us might be wondering about how to create the trendiest web design? The answer is simple: you need to know the basic rule of modern design to build a world-class website, themes, blogs, etc. It would help determine how to become unique to stand out from competitors and discover how you can attract customers' attention.

If you are using web 2.0 for web design, then it's probably outdated. For many, web 2.0 is characterized by users' ability to share data effectively with others; it has been built into the phenomenon known as social platforms. From Facebook to Twitter to Youtube and other communities, Web 2.0 is everything about seeing and sharing. But the latest is Web 3.0; hence it's a better option to use for web design, helping you to build trendy and modern design.

What Does Web 3.0 Mean?

Web 3.0 revolves around data and its management. We live in an age of extensive information where the volume of data is expanding dramatically. And, so is the need to manage it. You might hear about Blockchain and the phrase of Decentralized web. You might also hear about people waiting to leverage the power of Google, Facebook, and other platforms which have a fair share of privacy related to issues during recent years.

Technologies like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence are being incorporated into the modern web in one or another form. Each has the same goal to personalize user experience and make the web more accessible as well. If you are like me, you might be imagining how the internet is going to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or any other. But it is bound to happen, and research Web 3.0, find out it's going to be synonymous with the user interaction with the web.

Web 2.0 focuses on user interaction, focusing on users themselves that is always a plus. Web 3.0 is termed as semantic web and likewise refers to as data-driven. The data will be adjusted to meet the requirements of the users. For instance, if you search for a "design blog," you will receive more advertisements related to web design.

Evolution of Web Designs

Web 3.0 is a machine-learning and AI-driven web that provides users with relatable, relevant, and valuable search results based on the search's context and not the keywords. Additionally, the web is aimed to eliminate data monopoly with the implementation of decentralized systems such as Blockchain and protect the user data from being misused.

Web 1.0

  • Static pages;
  • Focus on content consumption;
  • A limited number of content creators;

Web 2.0

  • Social web;
  • Increase number of a content creator;
  • Easy for sharing content & feedback.

Web 3.0

  • Decentralized and semantic web;
  • Transparent & reliable;
  • Provide a smart experience.

MailChimp rebranded its platform in 2018, and one measurable thing they chose to introduce was the use of illustrations. It helps them to fascinate visitors' attention. There are main three reasons that show why you must consider the use of illustrations:

Turn Complex into Simple

Traditionally, web designers rely on headlines to describe their products. And illustrations can do most of the difficult work for them. It helps design a whole illustration revolving around the product and its features as well.

Brand Image

The style of illustrations web designers can help them cultivate a positive brand image. Illustrations can showcase diverse brand strengths, qualities, values, and much more. Non-something that they can portray with copywriting alone.

Visual Character

Every brand is unique. And with visuals, a web designer can portray an identity that sets the brand apart from the competitors.

It also applies to most things such as animations, icons, etc. Both need slightly more work from graphic designers. However, the following significant change relies on typography. A typeface is a massive part of the design. And if the web designer is not convinced, they can change the font of the website. The difference in good typography remains enormous. And since Web 3.0 websites have moved into the mainstream, so has the kind of typefaces.

The debate about the present existence of Web 3.0 is numerous. However, one vital point that not a single individual can disagree on is the effect of web 3.0 on the primary features of web design. Hence let's check more to find what kind of design is needed to fulfill the criteria and fit into web 3.0.

Practical Web 3.0 Design Tools Which Must Be Consider in 2021

In past days, websites were developed using sketches and wireframes that designers had to build on a piece of paper. Later Photoshop helped alleviate it a little, but certainly not to the needed point that we are leveraging now. Modern design tools focus on the idea of designing mobile apps and websites. It opens the door to a pixel-perfect solution to export some designs created from the first.

If you have a custom-built design, then it becomes easier for you to focus on coding it. You can even make use of page builders to achieve a perfect copy of the plan. Check the list of tools that make the difference, especially when it comes to website designing.



It is a Windows-based vector editing tool. Lunacy borrowed much inspiration from Sketch and is fully functional as a vector editing solution. However, the tool supports Sketch files; thus, if you download the Sketch project, it becomes easier for you to use with the web design tool. It is community-supported, making it easier for you to vote and request other features. Lunacy has made website design work easier and faster.



It is one of the unique and valuable design tools for Mac OS. Sketch is considered one of the fantastic digital design tools, even though it is bound to a specific OS. One common thing that makes the design tool the best choice, is that it provides everything you need to build private label delivery or any other brand solution. It makes it easier for you to design mobile apps, branded websites, vector graphics, etc., by providing you with prototyping and external plugins for added functionality.

Sketch is a robust software; it represents the standard of professionally built software. More than 99% of websites are designed using Sketch and are very popular among professional designers. In some ways, Sketch is much like Photoshop. Still, it doesn't include an average feature to edit images but enables you to edit, manage fonts, vector graphics, insert images, manage page sizes, create additional grids, etc.

Lapa Ninja


It is the kind of website that is listing the latest happening in web design trends. There is no such website that performs work similar to Lapa Ninja. The website provides more than 2000 listings from its database. Hence now, you don't have to wait for a new design to get added; you can find any from the listing.

You can browse the website in different categories such as health, portfolio, and many various industries as well. It narrows up your search and makes it easier to find your chosen design with ease.



Figma is a powerful web design tool; it is giving tough competition to Sketch. The open-source web design tool is built for browsers and has a desktop app too. Since Figma is free and offers many features, most designers prefer to use this tool. There is zero overhead, whereas the user interface also provides a natural feel.

All features and buttons are built to offer a seamless experience and help create a custom design as well. Whether you make new button styles, quotes, or anything else, Figma provides a general vector that works.



Awwwards is an inspirational site that has successfully maintained consistency year on year. The web design tool's primary idea is that individuals can submit website designs, and others can vote for their favorite website. Later the committees make a selection and choose a winner for a specific timeframe.

The winner can add a badge to the website, ensuring to highlight the excellence in design understanding. With the inspiration, numerous designs listed on the site are exclusive. It is the best option for dedicated and creative designers.



It is an essential website without the need for additional pages. OnePageLove is also called a landing page or one-page website by most people. It is pretty standard to your imagination. It is probably the perfect site to make an appropriate exposure for the site. Similar to Lapa Ninja, website users can narrow down the search for specific categories to find an option they are looking for.

Every listing includes essential details about the author and full-page screenshots too. You can easily browse and check any website that grabs your attention at first glance. It's the best option to check the site once a week if you love to explore the latest web design.

Wrapping It UP

Web design is undoubtedly a competitive industry. Every individual is seeking and making unique websites than ever before. The web design market is getting competitive in terms of UX and UI and other words as well. Hence it becomes essential for web designers to capture new ways to improve websites' UI and UX.

Ans Web 3.0 provides the opportunity. It makes it easier for you to build a website that grabs more users' attention and drives better sales to result in no time. Hence providing solid UX using the web 3.0 concept can help you keep customers returning to your website.

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