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Why We Built Plasma.Finance for You

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@ILIAIlia Maksimenka

CEO @ PlasmaPay.com CEO @ Plasma.Finance

We created Plasma.Finance so that you could have those tools. Plasma.Finance is designed to make decentralized finance accessible for all, without compromise, for the greater benefit of people just like us. It is the gateway to DeFi on the road to financial liberty.

(Disclaimer: The author is the CEO at Plasma.Finance)

Plasma.Finance offers the freedom to choose how, when, and where to participate in DeFi. It is a toolkit designed to be intuitive enough for everyday users, but with the kind of raw power and flexibility usually only afforded to institutional investors.

When I first encountered cryptocurrency I immediately realized its potential to even the playing field between big institutions and individuals. From my past entrepreneurial experience, I learned how existing financial systems rarely benefit anyone other than an elite few, but in decentralized finance I see a means of empowering the many.

Having spent many successful years working in business and IT, I began to consider how I could make my own positive contribution to the field, and consider how I might drive the sector further forward.

The first step on that path was the creation of PlasmaPay, a non-custodial crypto wallet for desktop and mobile with comprehensive fiat on/off ramps.

Thanks to the extensive fiat rails available on PlasmaPay users are able to more easily purchase a huge number of cryptocurrencies with a range of payment options. PlasmaPay is available in over 160 countries worldwide.

With Plasma.Finance we are pushing ahead once more. Plasma.Finance is the universal platform that combines the most popular DeFi protocols and unites them under one roof. It embodies our belief in better finance and better financial services — that they should be decentralized, transparent, censorship-resistant and accessible for all.

Plasma.Finance provides secure and private means of accessing the most popular DeFi services, of transparently managing a crypto portfolio with deep on-chain analytics.

It brings real and tangible solutions into space. One such example is the Plasma Gas Station which makes it possible to pay for gas on the Ethereum blockchain with a range of currencies including USDT and DAI.

For those who’d rather avoid gas fees entirely, our Hyperloop cross-chain bridge allows users to interact with DeFi services on the second layer Plasma blockchain with zero fees at near-instant speed.

Right now, today, DeFi is better than ever and with Plasma.Finance we strive to continually improve the sector. I see a brighter day, not too far in the future, when everyone can enjoy true financial freedom. I imagine a fully digital society in which you, we, and everyone else exists free of centralized institutions, where participation is left to individual choice.

I created Plasma.Finance to reflect my vision of a future in which everyone is free and free to make the financial choices that suit them best. I see a day in which we will live a fully self-sustainable digital society. I call this society ‘the digital nation’, and it will be served by a complete set of services both financial and non-financial, allowing people to live independently of state institutions. This will be the dawn of the digital singularity and a brighter future for all.

At Plasma.Finance we see people as time travelers, hurtling towards the future at the speed of 60 seconds a minute, 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day. We can’t travel through time any faster than that, but we can increase the pace of technological innovation. With a clear vision, application and ambition we hasten that future closer.

With Plasma.Finance we reach towards the future to fulfill the promise of decentralized finance today. That promise is freedom.

(Disclaimer: The author is the CEO at Plasma.Finance)

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