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Why Startups Publish With HackerNoon

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Heyo Hackers! I'm pretty sure that you are familiar with startups of the year by Hackernoon. In case you aren't, here is tl;dr:

It's the BIGGEST and GREENEST celebration of startups around the world. Startups of the Year honors the best startups among 4,500+ cities with over 100,000 population.

Why Startups of the Year?

HackerNoon understands the struggle and pain involved in running a startup. I mean, we are also ONE OF YOU!

And being a community-driven tech publishing company, tech startups are a big part of us.

Here is an excerpt from our COO Linh Smooke's interview:

We’re publishing mostly tech stories, but we do believe that tech infiltrates all aspects of life. So we also have stories about startups and building your own businesses as well as really, really deep dive technical stuff on JavaScript, software development programming, as well as blockchain content.

With the startup of the year awards, we are celebrating those who not only survived but thrived through 2021. Shoutout to all the startups!



Why do Startups choose HackerNoon?

Yup, feelings are mutual. HackerNoon is the FAV publishing platform of startups around the globe.

Recently, we've started a startup of the year interview series with our nominations. In this series, more than 200 startups have shared their stories, work culture, and thoughts about the latest tech.

We also asked them:

What drew you to get published on HackerNoon? What do you like most about our platform?

We received a variety of interesting responses. Just sharing a few with y'all here. Let's see why startups from around the globe want to publish with HackerNoon:

1. Range and Variety Matters

Jason Eisen, CEO of UTU, is one of our oldest readers, and he loves the range and diversity of the content published on HackerNoon:

I've been reading Hacker Noon for many years now, and I admire how it went from being a developer-focused blog to a massive, wide-ranging tech publication. The content ranges from developer tutorials to life-improvement stories all focused on tech. It's truly a unique reading experience, and we would be honored to be published on Hacker Noon.

Andrew Cross, CEO GooseChase, shares the same sentiments:

I am technical, and I do code, but I'm also a product person at heart. HackerNoon does a great job at treating the spectrum of engineering and product, and isn't afraid to dive deep on the topics they cover regardless of how technical or niche they may be: from talking about the latest programming libraries, to HIPAA compliance, to running a product team... the content is always relevant and hits the sweet spot between product and engineering. It's a resource everyone on the team benefits from.

So yes - there is something for everyone to read!


2. Accessibility!

Here is an excerpt from the startup interview with AIR Cofounders:

HackerNoon offers a very open, accessible platform for people to learn and share knowledge, with accessible tools everyone can use from anywhere; in that sense, it aligns pretty well with how we think about what the future of AI should be :)

Talking about accessibility, we have great news for everyone! HackerNoon has just launched a new feature - You can now listen to top HackerNoon stories too!



Simply scroll down to any recent story, pick your AI voice, and experience HackerNoon stories like you have never before!


As Avijeet Kumar Singh, Cofounder of Prakshep, said:

The fact that you publish "unfettered stories and opinions".

Adam Gordon Bell from Earthly endorses the groove:

I like the aesthetics of HackerNoon and the mischievous and whimsical tone of some of the articles.


4. FREE Content Forever

We all agree: Paywalls suck. All tech content on Hacker Noon will always be free for the readers. Johnpaul Nwobodo, CEO of Elesaro loves HackerNoon for that.

Real-life solutions for founders to implement in their startups are always dished out here for free.

5. Tech Viewership:

Now, this is a very pragmatic response we received from CEO, Xena Vision:

Great place to be in as the audience is technologists.

This is one of the top reasons HackerNoon is loved by tech brands. With our dedicated readership and strong domain authority, we're a reliable partner to get the good word out and grow your presence across the interwebs. We showcase your story on our website to a monthly 3M+ tech audience!


6. What's in a Name?

This response by the Head Of Hackers at Intigriti is quite amusing:

It probably won't surprise you that I'm in love with the name. The positive usage of the word 'hacker' is something we need to encourage - the hacker community is the greatest, most welcoming family you can imagine.

On this note, let's wrap up this story. We thank you for all the love. Do check out the startups of the year page and vote for your favorite startup. Also, do check out Startup Specials - HackerNoon's limited-time, startup-friendly packages!

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