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Why learn MEAN Stack?

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Hello friends, with more and more coding bootcamps and online course platforms (like Khan Academy) switching to Javascript as their language of instruction, it seems “Javascript” is really getting popular and is the most widely used.

But WHY? Why is every Startup founder looking for a MEAN Stack developer? We thought about sharing this with our developers community….

Here we go:

  • You can’t do much on the web without it, so people are increasingly going straight to Javascript and Skipping Ruby, Python and PHP.
  • Javascript boasts the most active developer community.
  • Third reason you should learn Javascript right out of the gate : EMPLOYABILITY — Employers aren’t just starved for engineers familiar specific Javascript — based technologies. And those technologies happen to be the ones that compose the MEAN STACK — MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js

Note : You can clearly see, Node.js is the clear winner in terms of job growth.

Some data driven points on why MEAN STACK has become so popular? (Note: This data has been taken from indeed.com (the largest aggregator of job postings).

  • Node.js & Express.js — the web server & bare-bones web development framework that powers the MEAN Stack. Node.js was released less than 5 years ago, but it’s already been adopted by Linkedin, Walmart, SAP & Microsoft.
  • MongoDB — Its the Document Store Database that the MEAN Stack uses. Mongo is also popular with Rails apps, and is the default database for the Meteor.js project.

Note : Employer demand for MongoDB is growing the fastest among NoSQL databases. In absolute terms, MongoDB is also winning.

WOW facts about MEAN STACK:

  • It’s been used by PayPal, Uber, Linkedin among many other
  • Angular.js — The ‘A’ in MEAN Stack. Google (and by extension YouTube) have poured a ton of money and engineering talent into improving Angular.js.
  • As noted above, Each of the MEAN Stack’s individual components is emerging as the winner of it’s respective category.

So, from the Jobs standpoint, it makes sense to focus on the MEAN Stack as a whole. If your employer wants to use, say Backbone.js instead of Angular.js, you’ll already be familiar with one and can easily learn the other. As all have Javascript in common.

Learn MEAN Stack, Practice MEAN Stack a lot. Put it prominently on your Linkedin profile. Join us on the 26th of Feb from 10 am to 4 pm at The Founders Cafe, Okhla.

Blog Credits : Ayushi Mohindra


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