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Why It’s Important To Pitch Ideas Even If Pitching Doesn’t Come Naturally To You

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Interview with Marie Perruchet Author of One Perfect Pitch

Have you ever had an idea for something, like a process or product that you wanted to improve? But instead of sharing your idea with others like your friends or co-workers, you just kept it to yourself because the thought of having to “pitch it” felt icky and salesy?

Many of us who are creative problem solvers feel this way.

Since pitching doesn’t come naturally to us, we just leave it up to CEOs, founders, and sales people.

However, pitching is a really valuable skill that all of us need to hone, because only if we pitch our ideas will people hear us out, adopt them, and believe in our solutions.

In today’s episode of Build, we’re going to tackle a number of misconceptions people have about pitching as well as the common mistakes people make while delivering them.

In future episodes, we’ll talk about how you can pitch in a way that resonates with your personality and the various types of pitches you need to prepare because it turns out that an elevator pitch isn’t enough!

To help us out, I’ve invited Marie Perruchet, who is the author of the latest book, One Perfect Pitch: How to Sell Your Idea, Your Product, Your Business or Yourself.

Even if you don’t plan on pitching anything in the near future, chances are someone is going to pitch something to you: a project or a product, and you need to be able to filter the best from the worst!

So I highly recommend you watch this episode to learn:

  • Why no one is a natural when it comes to pitching
  • How to get over the discomfort of pitching
  • Why you can’t stop at the first NO

You’ll also learn the 3 most common mistakes people make while pitching and how to avoid them such as:

  • Not taking the time to make people care enough about your idea.
  • Not realizing that most pitches are shared.
  • Overwhelming people with data.

After you’ve watched the episode, you’re probably going to realize there are more mistakes you need to tackle. Share those with Marie and I in the comments below and we’ll respond to them shortly.

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