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Why I Exist to Serve and Empower you

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I’m here to serve you.

Whatever you want or need, feel free to ask, and if I can help I will.

Over the years I’ve built up a vast, eclectic mix of knowledge which’s spans a huge number of different industries. With that has come a distributed network of experts whom I have grown to rely on and call my friends. I have connected with and learned from some of the most exciting minds in the world about the things they have become on experts in themselves. For me, this has been the most efficient mechanism to learn and succeed.

When I have wanted to progress in a certain area, and acquire an expertise on a subject, my first port of call is usually to the person I have deemed to be the best source of that knowledge. My next step is to provide a short reason why I have reached out to them, typically explaining what they have done or produced — being really specific — that has inspired my interest. I may then ask for the books they have read which has endowed them with the skills they possess or about what mistaked they made which, with hindsight, they would have avoided and been able to progress far more efficiently.

If you’re working on something interesting and likely to be seeking funding in the next 18 months I know the people you should be talking to right now. That might start with government/public bodies who can assist during the startup process, lawyers who can advise or assist with the protection of your IP or institutional investors who could invest large sums of capital in your business.

If you are exploring options to start a business and don’t know what to do next I’m happy to share my journey so far.

If you have already started a business and feel like you don’t know what you are doing, or that you are treading water and not going anywhere fast, understand we have all been there and that the quickest route to recovery is usually a conversation with an experienced entrepreneur who can elucidate their early struggles. Nothing is ever indefinitely up and to the right. The early struggles and lack of clarity what to do next are typically signs that you are going in the right direction.

If you have been building your business for a long time and are having trouble now with horizontal expansion, strategy, growth or anything else, I would be more than happy to share the playbook’s I have used to help startup companies and large corporate multi-nationals grow, evolve and innovate in the last few years.

If you are interested in anything we are building at Nexves and have any ideas about how we could make it more compelling let me know.

If you’re experiencing any struggles and don’t know what to do next, chances are that I or someone in my network has experienced the same thing and would be more than willing to share their solution. That might be in relation to changing careers, struggling to progress in your current role, or simply wanting a little help with knowing what you should focus on achieving.

The majority of the opportunities that have come my way in the last 3 years have been as the result of luck. Sending an email at the right time, asking a question of the appropriate person who was willing to reply or posting content that somebody has seen which has grown into a massive opportunity. The only thing that wasn’t luck was that I was willing to take the chance to reach out and connect with people who could of rejected my advances.

They didn’t.

They took their time to help me and as a result I have been incredibly fortunate to experience significant personal growth that I have.

I want to help you achieve the same things.

Just ask.

If I’ve helped you in the past, feel free to share how in the recommendations. If I couldn’t feels free to share that as well.

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