Why Hire a Dedicated Full Stack Developer And How Much Does It Cost?

“Jack of all trades, but master of none”

A Well said figure of speech that is ideally flattened for a Full Stack developer.

So, What makes so special about a full stack developer?

Have you ever seen someone who has the potential to act, sing, direct a movie, be a DJ, Compose and greatly Produce it?

Certainly Yes, and they might not have won any Grammy or Oscar awards but they have tons of experience and proficiency. The Similar concept plays here,

A fine Full stack developer is the one who has the capability to develop a full-fledged application such as Website, Mobile & Desktop.


All right! These breeds are concerned as “All-in-one” programmers where the coder can work on both the Front-end and back-end technologies and also very comfortable with all the layers in developing a software too. This is the fact why these breeds are utterly sought-after IT specialist and welcomed as a guest in Software development.

And Wait!!!

Do you know what is all about Full Stack Development? And Wondering what does a full stack developer really do?
  • A Full stack engineer can work on all the technologies that incorporate Database, HTML, Javascript, PHP, Angular JS, Python and also on Photoshop where design matters apart from everything.
  • You know, these professionals really work on the foremost things such as choosing the system infrastructures, installation of the appropriate OS that functions seamlessly for development of all applications and software.
  • Understanding the core concept of the application, manipulating, querying of the ideal database and connecting of sites through an API.
  • These experts apprehend the whole development from collecting specific technical requirements to architecture documenting, handling the project timeline, client interaction and until the launch of the application.

Sounds pretty awesome?

Isn’t it?

Well! Apart from their featured set of abilities, these rare breed possesses certain qualities and set of skills that would thoroughly change the outcome of your project.

  1. Hosting Environment: Adequate skills on the back-end are kind of toughest job. But these full stack developers work on the server side with immense command over the network scripting with use of different languages such as Python, Ruby, Java and much more. Efficient hosting environment will increase your revenue
  2. User Interface & User Experience: Being so comprehensible on back-end technologies don’t push to be a dynamic full stack developer. They also code crispy and enchanting user experience & User Interface that collectively create astonishing web designs to engage and captivate to a maximum number of attention.
  3. Database: A kind of solid skill required to handle and understand database management. A potent full stack developer has ample skill to manipulate, create and also to differentiate between the relational and non-relational database by understanding the syntax of JSON/XML.
  4. Client & Business Stipulation: Deep mastery into the coding isn’t the subtle character of a full stack developer, they must also hold a huge piece of responsibility in understanding the requirement of clients and business approaches such as managing project timelines, architectural solution and especially the methodology one must possess.

So, now you are very clear with the subtle qualities that these professionals possess in order to bring the best outcome of your projects but wait! You will have to be explicit when it comes to the set of technical qualities and skills that a fine full stack developer must own if you are about to hire a full stack developer.

Technical skills for Front-end Development:

  • Ample grasp of Javascript development like Angular JS, React JS, Ember and some of the JS-based tools.
  • CSS preprocessors like Less, Myth, DtCSS etc.
  • Some Web fundamentals such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Front-end frameworks like Bootstrap, Semantic-UI, Pure, Foundation and etc.
  • Client based scripts like AJAX.
  • Extensive libraries like Ember.js, Backbone.js, Knockout.js, jQuery and much more.

Technical skills for Backend-end Development:

  • Database technologies such as Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL and IBM DB2 etc.,
  • CRUD Operations (Create, Read, Update, and Delete)
  • API Development, Designs and RESTful Services.
  • Server-side technologies — J2EE, Apache, Nginx etc.,
  • Some amazing server-side languages like PHP, JavaScript, Perl, ASP, Ruby and Python.

After a complete understanding of full stack developers technical skills, let us get into the personal qualities that one must possess.

  • Passionate about learning new technologies
  • Directing you in the right solution even they are supposed to solve the problem
  • Much aware of the development of last trends in technologies.
  • Keen understanding of business logic and customer’s requirement based on the state of time.
So, now you are wondering what would be the cost of hiring a full stack developer?

This makes bit logical where the cost of hiring a full stack engineer is clearly based on significant hourly based deals. There are multiple factors coated in hiring a full stack developer, the significant factors vary according to the location, business, experience and skill set.

Experience:- This is a kind of noteworthy that applies you to have a thorough assessment of a full stack developers area, technology and framework that a developer is a master.

Project Size:- A full stack developer is hired from startup to corporate. In accordance with a report, large companies hire a complete proficient engineer with a richer resource is to be hired with one specialist.

The Complexity of the Project:- Full Stack developers are based on the complexity of the tasks where each tech projects require more solution-finder rather than hiring a direct solution provider.

Recruitment:- All together hiring a proficient full stack developer is the most challenging aspect where discovering a really good coder could take more time, money and lots of efforts.

As of now, we have come up with some assumptions that would give you an intelligible idea of hiring a professional full stack developer.

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