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Why do we fall?

This is my first post on Medium so, I’ll try to make it an interesting one. The title of this post was made famous in the movie Batman: The Dark Knight when Bruce Wayne tells Alfred Pennyworth, “I wanted to save Gotham. I failed.” Alfred replies, “Why do we fall, sir? So that, we can learn to pick ourselves up.” You can watch the video below:

Most of us have also heard the saying, “Learn from your mistakes.” There are quite a few quotes on failure that sound motivating and communicate that failure is a good thing. Failing at something does help you understand what went wrong, but that doesn’t mean you can take it for granted. You read about entrepreneurs and how they failed at the start only to become successful later. They were successful because they learned from their successes and not from their failures. Once they understood what worked for them that’s when they realized that they should do more of it to be successful. You need to understand what works for you or your business to be successful at it.

A person who has recently started working on his first venture must believe it will work and be successful. He cannot use his first venture as a learning experience to start his second venture. Everyone does experience failure, but that does not mean a person can use that as an excuse to make themselves better. So, ponder over your successes and not your failures. At the end of the day, if you love what you do, you will eventually be successful at it, if you keep working towards it. On that note, I’ll end my first post here.

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