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Why Build A Brand New Product Instead Of Rebuilding Or Redesigning One

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Interview with Lisa Doan and Vera Reynolds of Pivotal Tracker

Happy November!

November is one of my favorite months mostly because I love Thanksgiving. Last year I had a wonderful time celebrating it with Meghan Burgain, Femgineer’s Community Manager in Bordeaux, France. We had a Frenchgiving, and had the opportunity to share how Meghan works remotely.

This November, we’re going to be tackling a new theme on Build: building a brand-new product.

If you’ve been building a product for a while, you know it’s natural to start accruing tech debt and product debt. And there comes a point when it becomes really hard to add new features without paying down the debt through rebuilding or redesigning the product.

However, there may come a point when neither of those makes sense, and you may be evaluating building a brand new product.

The Pivotal Tracker team recently did this. In today’s episode, Lisa Doan, who is a product manager for Pivotal Tracker, and Vera Reynolds, a software engineer, are going to walk you through how they came to the decision to build a brand new product.

As you watch today’s episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What spurred the conversation to consider building a new product
  • Why the team chose not to redesign or rebuild the existing product
  • What the team did to identify the problem it was solving with the new product
  • Why the team held off on coding and building and what they did instead
  • Why software engineers benefit from being involved in the research phase of a brand-new product
  • How to pare down customer insights and scope a prototype
  • How to recruit new teammates to help build and identify their knowledge gaps

Listen to the episode on iTunes!

You can listen to this episode of Build on iTunes.

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