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Why An Elevator Pitch Isn’t The Only Type Of Pitch You Need to Prepare

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Interview with Marie Perruchet Author of One Perfect Pitch

All this month we’ve been focused on the theme of pitching. We started out by talking about why many creative problem solvers shy away from pitching, leaving it up to CEOs, founders, and sales people. But, pitching is a really valuable skill that all of us need to hone in order for people hear us out, adopt our ideas, and believe in our solutions.

To help you embrace pitching, we shared the most common mistakes people make when pitching and how to overcome them. Then mentioned that the most effective and authentic pitches boil down to a powerful technique many of already do every day, storytelling. We covered why storytelling is powerful, how to condense a story down, and weave in our credibility.

By now you hopefully understand the importance of pitching, but you might be worried about having to pitch different audiences, and what to do in a setting where you only have 5 minutes or as much as 50 minutes to pitch.

Don’t worry Marie Perruchet and I have you covered! In this final segment on pitching, we’re going to share the various types of pitches you need to prepare.

You’ll learn:

- What to include in a long pitch

- How to condense a long pitch into a pitch that is five minutes or less

- How to modify your pitch to address different audiences

- How to practice your pitch, so you deliver it effectively

Need more help with your pitch? Reach out to Marie on Twitter or on her website.

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