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If you haven’t seen my last story on how to prepare for software engineering interviews, I highly recommend checking that out first so you have a solid study plan for interviews before you look into the job application process. You can find that here. It will help you find both for full time and internship job postings in software engineering.
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When I first started thinking about software engineering internships, I was wondering where I should even begin. It took me over a year to figure out which resources were the most effective for me and I wanted to share those with all of you!
Only one of these is going to be specific to internships and I’ve noted that in its title. I recommend you look through the entire list because I saved some of the best ones for last! :)
Before we get into the list, I want to share some tips.
I recommend applying early and applying often! Internship and new grad roles start going up in August and other full time jobs are available year-round. If you’re going for the former, start applying in August.
The sooner you apply, the better your chances for being considered. Jobs tend to be posted earlier in the week (most of them on Monday and Tuesday), so at least 1–2 times per week look for and apply to jobs.
You should target jobs that have been posted recently (usually within the last week or so). Even if you don’t meet every single requirement in the job posting, still apply!
The worst thing that will happen is you’ll get rejected, but that is the same outcome as someone who didn’t apply in the first place.
Many companies won’t require you to meet all of the requirements. That’s all for the tips and without further ado, let’s get into my top resources to find job postings in software engineering!

1. Glassdoor

This is one of my preferred job search tools. Glassdoor has a fantastic interface that is easy to use and allows you to easily filter for whether you want to only see internships or full time jobs. It gives you the option to browse company information, reviews, and salary estimates for the role.
You also have the option to have job alerts enabled to send you emails with suggested opportunities. I think their filtering options make it a very strong platform and one where you can find many job opportunities!

2. LinkedIn

I’m not talking about having a LinkedIn account, but about their job search tool. This is only accessible if you have a LinkedIn account (which if you don’t have by now, you should definitely get one). Having a LinkedIn account has the added benefit of being a public place for recruiters to find out about you.
You can set your job preferences to state you’re open for new opportunities and recruiters will be aware of this if they come across your profile! As for their job search tool, I like it because it is simple, sometimes allows for easy applications, allows you to set alerts, and shows which of your connections work at that company. And that’s a great segue into my next point…

3. Referrals!

One of the best ways to get a job is through a referral. Sometimes, companies might be willing to hire even if they don’t have a job posting up.
This is why it is incredibly important to network and get to know people who can submit a referral for you. It’s even more impactful if you have worked with the person referring you to the job before because it allows them to provide honest and personal feedback on why you’re a good candidate.
Based on all the statistics I’ve seen, people are much more likely to be hired if they are referred as opposed to applying on their own. So reach out to your friends, family, etc. and leverage your network!

4. Intern.supply (Interns Only)

Intern Supply is a website that is dedicated to showing which well known companies (both startups and public companies included) currently have job postings available for software engineering internships. For larger companies, it even sometimes details the expected interview process for getting that internship.
This is one of the best resources for finding internship job postings and I recommend checking it frequently! Be warned though that this should not be your only resource.
There are many companies out there who are not on their list, so make sure you leverage the other resources mentioned in this story.

5. Career Fairs / Company Events

These give you the opportunity to show off your knowledge and skills in person to company representatives. If you’re in college, go to your Fall career fair (the first one offered in the academic year) and if you’re in industry, look for opportunities near you! You should prepare for these by perfecting a few things.
1. You should look up companies you are interested in ahead of time and then visiting them at either of these events.
2. You should be prepared to ask questions that are specific to said company.
3. You should have an elevator pitch that’s short, sweet, and to the point at explaining your skills and personality. This should also demonstrate why you’re a good fit for the company.
4. You should be ready with a solid resume that is easily readable!
The job of the resume is to get you the first interview and without a good resume, you might find yourself getting rejected for jobs you may otherwise be able to secure an interview for.
My good friend Ryan wrote a great story on The Perfect Resume and I highly recommend you check that out if you want tips on this!

6. Company Websites

I can’t believe so many people forget about these! Almost every company will have a link to careers/jobs on their website. This is the trick that will help you find jobs that may not be posted to job search sites.
If you know some companies in your area, check out their websites and see if they have open positions. Sometimes, companies will have you email them your resume if you’re interested in opportunities.
When you’re starting off and looking for that first or second job/internship, you should go for every opportunity out there and this is a way for you to get to jobs that other people may not be able to see.
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